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There is nothing applicable as a need to make use of this opportunity to clear up my position regarding communists, as suggested either, as there is nothing to clear up, only a bunch of utter idiots deciding I was to fight communists in order to serve and please Celebrities for a living, I can only say that the other gits at Government buildings, who enjoyed pushing people into a stuck up with the home wreckers that was celebrity culture, must have seen everything that their stupidities wanted to see, at this stage and if not, probably wishes to see more. As for the idea my career had been completely wrecked, I am supposed to run a Bookshop that caused Celebrities immense suffering and pain at this stage whilst they ran a show business that tore up my finances to give the public and some criminals access to my personal life and career profile as a service their stupidities provided to get rich helping the crowd feel good, since I have not done my bits as well and they had gotten accustomed to their own, it appears I had made the mistake of a lifetime and now I am set to, an idiot had shared my privacy with hoodlums who show up holding my penis and anus whilst its stupidities built a narcissism media presence to push my schedule, which I guess happens because they would like to be treated that way, so one more time I clear out the gimmicks that stalls client involvement at the Bookshop and it is rebuilt, will set the stage for a beginning of something I am to do with the middle and working class insults like a history that they could reference in the future and we are not talking about ripping up the work that is done to protect the public from terrorism as to show up here deciding which was brave enough to keep careers they owned, that part only set to build up a sense I did something so wrong as to get me involved with their stupidities, showing up here to offer up opinions about me that leaves me flustered after investigating the law to a point where they were caught up in environments full of criminal activity that influenced them into committing their own crimes.

It is not true I have ended up in a hole I cannot get out of either – everything that damaged my career, my career profile, social and public life had been addressed by 2018, what has happened since had been a bunch of gits at the local council who thought that time spent on Unemployment support should become a problem in its own right began a process with abusive ideas involving a process where my age was mentioned each time I engaged with people over the career, the age mentioning, the abuses the come with it alongside the alpha personality channelling gimmick had already gotten me to pay the fees for their stupidities at University and yet for my feelings about other people I moved on, so we can see that the way to make progress is to ensure that the idiots ended all conversations and activities surrounding my personality and my age, which sets out the idea that making progress involved hurting them. It is incredible to say the least, the same early 20s gimmicks that I needed to wade and complete the academic pursuits so that in the face of whatever else they threw at me, I would be able to say I had something important on the foremost of my mind, it is continuing, intensely, targeting me, seeking access to my personal life, showing up on my personal space whenever I stepped outside of my door, making excuses to continue as they go along and there was also the practical jokes performed on my public image to help them keep the day job, garnished with the media narcissism that was the reason we were having this conversation at all. They do claim this was all a matter of other people’s freedom which I encumbered, which is utter nonsense as it did not make sense that a bunch of people claimed their financial well being was the motivating factor to perform practical jokes which purpose was to ensure I got out of bed everyday to face nauseating financial complications at the global and local market place. It is the same as they are always wondering why I was faced with an existence where I had a love-hate relationship with everybody I met, which originally started with parents thinking I was some family wise arse because I settled and always wanted the basics, building up to out right public place parental narcissism but what had really pushed it up into a problem was the way that I have never actually gotten an explanation from any twisted idiot that made a mess of my affairs, save when they told me I was born on a certain date that designated my Birth sign a Libra and they were my brothers who were born on another date - distracts from their twisted need, especially that of the famous who do not believe their interest in my finances will encourage me to rip up the Showbusiness, to put me to fools errands by picking up my career publicity for patriarchy and matriarchy gimmicks, as a method of villainous beauty that was gained from making the most of poor personal decisions by causing others suffering.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, February 29, 2024,

Eventually we end up living with the idea that the cause of all these were the fact that I had made my career too complicated for others to engage with – whilst we know this all started on the basis that somebody with public standing wrote a Book without thinking of winning an award for writing it, therefore hell broke loose because they always had a need to order other people’s steps, it seems what we now faced was to confirm they were not as clever as they thought they were. My career i...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, February 27, 2024,

On the matter of getting to better my career, it was a two part story of the fact that the idea my career publicity should be taken up by somebody who thought more of the British American alliance and driven into a state where I was made to fight communists so they may get rewarded by Washington, is not what I do for a living – I mean they were running wild currently because I am trying to reach clients and respond to signals but I suppose their stupidities have also understood the message ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, February 26, 2024,

I hear they say I am a traitor that has been tested and proven otherwise since but it usually sounds and feels amusing for people to do such things, reality of course is that they make a mess of public control processes here, so because they were pulling me in several directions, when they say such things, the people who helped them work their narcissism like a crowd on my door step getting imagination into my panties and abusing my privacy, took it to whole new stage. Then they claim I had a...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, February 25, 2024,

The new story on the streets is that I turned out very badly, I could never make sense of the thinking process myself anyway, if it was easier for people to live with a bunch of twats that helped them make money doing stupid things with people’s lives and careers, growing into characters that they had to live with, without setting me out as a point of solace, a source of protection, a shield for instances where the same character spoke to them as though somebody was in need for services fro...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, February 24, 2024,

They claim it was not clear if I was more Woman than I am a Man, what we know to be true on the other hand being that the problem we faced was caused by a need to work their rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks on me, finishing off with the idea that I can be relied upon to get into a fight with people on the streets in order to help others feel safe and help celebrities feel important, as if I had attained a qualification in being a low life, it was the ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, February 22, 2024,

It is never true I must have ended up in a life where I progressed from one calamity to another, as suggested – what is true is a bunch of incredibly stupid people who had a history with me that had lasted two decades of making public appearances and public statements to suggest that I had picked up a career that I ought to hand over to more worthy persons, having this nonsense lasted so long, we seemed to be living in a world where if I did not murder them, somebody else would do it. It is...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, February 18, 2024,

So it is said they were still bellowing smoke about teaching me lessons and yes they were – now I suppose it will cease ripping up my finances to run off practical jokes and abusive gimmicks where I am expected to get out and get into a fight with others, in order to show I deserved my career, as though I possessed a certificate on how to be a low life, when I put it down to their narcissism, they hurt themselves by it and built a crowd that will hold me responsible when I respond to it, th...

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Hermit and Wife

The feedback was that unusual activities were the result of a need to find out how my career worked – it is not plausible, as it is rather more of telling lies and getting stuck with a bunch of criminals for whom information about my career publicity was collected, such that they were working on an exit which appeared to be more provocative than wrecking overseas business interests, a plan which was developed on the basis that I am a coward that needed to prove himself to show I deserved my career. It does not make sense either when their birth sign reading activities was centred on exploring my civil duties to stand up for themselves the way that I did whilst serving their masters, whilst they really should be dealing with their own causalities for serving their masters who invent the ideas that I am a coward for narcissism, not come up with insults that the famous gits who cannot get famous without handling my career publicity and each time make sense of their financial well being by running me down and putting social labels on me, to leave me with causalities that I am not in a position explain. The distant violence and endlessly ideas for harassment, rogue landlords and corrupt private security, abusive shop keepers and the privacy breaches were clearly evidence of the way that handling obscurity matters from public service had been perverted into a process of building exclusive neighbourhoods, to show up hunting personalities they can handle abusively to get rich fast or get richer than they already were in the first place, through processes that pervert macro-economic factors – it is becoming fairer and fairer to put the abuse of privacy and the bum fingering gimmicks that come with it, to career publicity, so that it might all be handled in public and to hard wire the security that their famous idiots enjoyed to crime and racism so people may get murdered, it continues where it should stop obviously and not likely to end well. They cannot say that they have saddled the Monarch that obviously supports them with a problem that was solvable or that they have done the same to me but then again it had always been an issue since the reign of the previous Monarch, a problem with male society and a Prince of Wales. Naturally it is never true that the Celebrities got the better of me as such - the first time they came up with the Machiavellian nonsense which I am supposed to chase a cause and die to enhance their civil rights and I turned it on them to ensure my schedule was workable and that I had time for it people got killed all over the place - now they have started another with the help of a poof from Europe who does not want the publicity for his new sexual preferences, the same way his stupidities had not lost the bully personality since school and needed to ensure I knew its stupidities was irritated by the way I talked when it watched me on CCTV, so they get to steal the diet I devised to help me cope with their insults, pick up my privacy to build restaurants because when finished with their stupidities they had to eat and are now tidying up whole streets with my personal life, so I will need to respond it too as some stage. The purpose it seemed was a matter of complete strangers walking up to you on the streets to get you operating career, personal and social life in a way that makes them comfortable when they told you to do it and they do have a King that support them at this point, so I suppose they are set to build it up, get imagination into my pants and run off a community that fingers my bum, to a stage where they had to back up their big mouth or they will keep their comments to their careers and cease to interfere with my clients. it is as though a time period in which they were allowed to practice these abuses because they were planning to become self styled public figures that were famous idiots, which they deceived us into doing over claims they were tackling bullying was a big mistake that now needs to be corrected, as they are now the paid version of the problem, more insults from their stupidities in my direction then as such if they were complaining, as there would be no likely outcomes in which I corrected the mistake that is the insults accustomed self styled public figure that was their famous stupidities. Goes without saying they needed to keep the hands and imagination out of my pants, regardless of what state provided security might have said to their abusive gimmicks. I am told the mess of the matter is everywhere and I suppose it is due to the fact it is built up on the basis a bunch of Italian gits married into the Royal family and married the wife I should have married – the problem half the time seems to be that they ended up with half a wife, on the other hand seemed to be that the wife was mine first before they took her – so it is building up to outcome where I will stop their Italian narcissism hoodlum gimmicks rather painfully. My premise here is that I have had to reorganise everything to say that I had culled all the gimmicks associated with the fact I am single, and people can access me and my affairs any way they wanted with the help of women, once finished with it I will want to know how they planned to tidy up the mess that they have made. Generally however the problem has been that of Celebrities pillaging my finances, the claim made is that I possessed the means by which they could be free of social issues but the reality is the insults that have converted asset equity that I brokered with clients who built expensive products for customers that wanted to live with prevalent social issues, into a gimmick that covered their back side to make me a living – this one was Lewis Hamilton and has been driving cars competitively whilst clinging to my assets and ripping up everywhere here since 2011, another played football and a third was Taylor Swift who was a very hard working woman unlike lazy me living on unemployment support, their bits will never develop into the social issues about which clients had assigned me equities to develop for products that customers wanted to pay for and I do not wish to pay my Bills as a matter of freedom from their stupidities as well; I mean we are talking about example instances where I had to cover their backside for a living and if I don’t they would steal my work and cover the backside of the public and get paid for being popular as they would be the people who made me do it thereby providing a service, really loves to get on my nerves, then hang about the pristine middle class neighbourhoods where everybody is sleeping with everybody else claiming they were grander than the upper class to do more damage (so far they were reading birth signs up to the point where they thought they were public figures). My Books were not written in a condition where I had to accommodate their activities, the famous the better and I will have to sell them, so I really do believe the option to keep these activities to their careers would be best for all.


Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.
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