I am told what bothers the famous the most is that I had interests in conflict and war, which I could never understand having they been told for a total of what could easily add up to millions of times – facts are that I had to prepare for the result that security services associating themselves with my work allowed them to do the best for their jobs, then it progressed to an arrangement that involved new recruits and thereafter prepare for the changes in female roles, then we got to overseas friends and Governmental business interests but the point that really provoked the Celebrities would be the part where their actual job was to extract money from my public image and buy organised crime products, only to find that criminals were enrolling in security services to learn more about me because I was up their case all the time, hell then broke lose, the good work stopped and was replaced by Celebrity roles in the security services of which they have so far been fighting communists on my behalf, to leave me broke and surviving on Universal Credit, then get off working me for homelessness over it too. It is not to say that the work had stopped, only suspended to see what they had in mind, apparently we can see that they now replaced work that I did with security services over the generation gap and the birth sign reading gimmicks and the celebrity abuses and the ageist, with a male society abusive gimmicks where people got funded by communists because they were disenchanted with democracy to run practical jokes on other peoples careers, cling to income margins, tell lies and run off conspiracy theories – I mean we have since arrived at a stage where Gen Z want to run off the alliance with ageists to get rich fast on the Millennials who facilitate this nonsense naturally and I obviously had nothing to do give them, hence current action was obviously incredibly important; we older millennials and Gen X having done away with this cycle was obviously the worst possible thing that these twats had experienced, it simply had to be avenged. On the details I am left wondering if the threats they issued whilst clinging to my career publicity, suggestive of another instance where their stupidities got to marry the wife I was supposed to, only to follow it up with a global level crisis of civil disobedience associated with complaints that I did things with the wife that was reserved as an exclusive privilege for the person that married it, hence the incessant need to show up everywhere I am engaging with people at work and career, expressing all sorts of nonsense backed by pricks who will not currently respect their stupid size unless it went horribly badly wrong again, pretending to be my wife very badly, to such an extent Politicians were raising questions about whether or not I needed to be free of something. I have set out Publicity to show the silly communism – democracy politics around my livelihood and income was incredibly incompetent, we know so far their insults had progressed towards building communities that fingered my bum.

On the point that the politicians have raised about there being a loss in terms of people being able to make sense of what is going on with these people, it started with security services being accused of acknowledging the good way that I kept gangs and crime out of my career and finances like some respect that should be accorded to a bigger stronger person that was more willing to get into a fight with others, in order to enhance the fact they should be served because they were incredibly important, than I was, drags the gangs and crime back into my career and finances with a media narcissism and the stupid person decisions it makes to get caught up with it, then rips up my career seeking access to my personal life as a tool that will help it attend the restaurants and be able to eat on the go due to a busy life – this nonsense has now grown up to the point where they have once again stirred up the gimmick in which they provoked racists over my existence up to the point where racists attacked them first before I got into trouble and is now clinging to my finances, working press narcissism for a bunch of ageist idiots who were working me for homelessness alongside a criminality loving local council that spends peoples property on wrong doers to reduce crime and talking nonsense at me about its skin and the trouble I will soon get involved with. I mean I am dealing with so much financial difficulties because it makes these stupid decisions and shows up here to put itself in charge of my affairs as a method of correcting it, it was the way their famous career worked, they put themselves in charge and take credit where they had done no work and were entitled to doing so, which is now about to stop painfully as I am done providing clients with feedback that they were here looking for trouble, I need them to do this time and failure to will start a war with the famous, as I am unable to understand exactly why their stupidities were famous from here. hopefully it will try and keep its fucking fingers to itself considering we already had a history, I am about to begin an unreasonable process of demanding that they resigned from famous jobs upon incessant need to show up on the red carpet being overjoyed by a bunch of low lives were ripping up academic pursuits to work rogue landlord, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks on others and there will be several things on between, up to the sense in attacking their incomes because this was about people getting me into a fight to cling to my career and finances and any idiot could show up to work that nonsense as long as I had a career but if they knew their finances would be in trouble, there was clear evidence that it would end badly very quickly. The claim I struggled with the media and the famous more than I did with other groups of people is utter nonsense, since 2014, the business of managing ageist idiots with unusual interest in my career, meant I stuffed them with information about it to carry about like a second job but each time these fools got involved, they supplied these ageists with a media presence so it was possible for somebody to attack my well being on account that they closed the distance between me and my career before I did and were trying to ensure I did not take back the career I had lost; nobody knows why they did it if they were saying that their interest in me as famous persons was not provocative, neither have they supplied an explanation, more so one that is detached from a continuation of these gimmicks at my expense, for doing it, we are talking about doing it provisionally, this business of setting out narcissism media that people can use if they could claim that a brush with me in some way, had allowed them access to my career, to help them close the distance between me and the career before I did, several times a day there will be one of those before somebody had even requested it – so I want them to supply clients feedback that their interest in my professional publicity is to look for trouble, so that we can carry on with something else we were doing and if the deadline expires without any feedback having been provided, I will be at war with famous people – big brother is going to end up seriously hurt or dead for starting the gimmick of working corrupt private security to finger my bum whilst the famous idiots pocket security service communication processes to get me dropping out of school so I may get into a fight with people on their behalf and were now repeating the same over the Bookshop and the other gits that were always imitating me to spend all I did on themselves repeating the process and doing what I did, were the best reasons to attack the finances.

On the idea they have caused me a lot of suffering, most of what these goons did were activities that I allowed, I allowed them because whilst it was not difficult for me to pick up German influence funded media narcissism, the Politicians were happy to help them rip up peoples careers, then hang about government buildings listening to what they had to say about their needs on account they were financially comfortable, as shown by a bank balance which access codes they did not share with anybody else because it was a personal bank account, which we could easily reason was disastrous, considering that if the Prime Minister did so, it was the job of the education minister to decide what the schedule of people between the ages of 3 to 18 would be right across the Nation – so I have allowed by bits as well and the narcissism media has grown to such an extent it was possible to pick up local criminality and provide them a media presence to steal careers from somebody in the evening which had paid the bills 12 hours earlier, so that the Politicians can spend tax payer time listening to the ones that were the real trouble makers these idiots wanted to get on their payroll. It was a very simple problem originally i.e. if Celebrities hung about my public image getting paid for being popular and had arrived at a stage where they were being abusive, then they were done and if what I did for a living was a process where people picked up my work to get paid for being popular, they needed to make way for others who did not extract any money from it but wanted to – what we have ended up with instead is a process where the famous idiots thought about institutionalising their gimmicks, so they built a certain kind of entertainment that will rally the public towards forcibly making me do what they wanted, the fact I am not perturbed hurt their bottom and they built a community to finger mine and attack clients at a Bookshop and we are now at the stage where they were paying birth sign reading twats that did not plan career and finances properly to attack everybody else in return for either direct payment or football at a Business premises because their needs were prioritised at Government on account they were successful, with no logical reasons as to why that was the case. We end up with this nonsense all the time because these goons do what they do on account they were so narcissistic they enjoyed laughing at the problems that people who struggled were facing and then get off claiming that my position suggested that the successful were actually responsible for those problems – I could never understand why that question came up at all in the first place, whilst we know that they claimed to be the best thing on offer in the world of learn, do and stupid, they were the people who passed all the hurdles, without having to look at the way that their families were blissfully unaware of the nonsense others had to put up with each time they were at work, the way that the abuse of other peoples career and finances was completely separate from the jobs they were doing but could not be given up for a second no matter what. This for my part is me picking up the bits of what I planned to do with the abuses, the damage to my Bookshop, the German influence funded narcissism publicity which having become a form of happiness they enjoyed immensely does not make sense as a tool for attacking me to look for more trouble whilst complaining that people had died on this matter, the abusive communities built up to finger my bum, the short insulting videos they suggested was the way advertisement should be made, the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive ship keepers and of course the other characters who considered themselves the Kings thieves, over what is currently a 17 year career mess due to an unusual interest in my affairs and my property, the Kings thieves on the other hand being the people who work the fact that the Kings Mother got me involved in the Monarchy, so One ought to be betrayed by her son to the grave and beyond, showing up here to cling to what is actually private property, claiming I was disrespectful because I was hoping for support from Americans whilst the real problem is better explained by the idea that their interest in me was due to the Head of State leading security services to help me feel safe whilst I was one of the least grateful people in the Country for it, because it is really about underestimating me, the fact I do not live in the USA and there was too much stress coming from their stupidities, not least from the suggestion that this was about the way I should view the government there as well. We try to make sense of the reasons for these activities, the way they rip up lives and careers only to end up releasing they did not think about the backup statements and excuses that needed to be made, so we ended up in an incredibly provocative situation where they made up the reasons as they went along, we try to make sense of the way their families were not affected and the way these activities were not linked to their jobs but were performed as if keeping the jobs relied on a process of doing so, which helped to highlight the idea that they were truly evil and the explanation they always gave was to do with the idea that they were helping others to feel safe, security and live with some dignity, of which receiving gratitude for it was not a crime, speaking of the security they claimed they were providing, nobody knows what their problem with security service communication processes was, we know their interest in security services creates difficulties for work which was life threatening in such a way that it required too much energy to comply with their demands, required too much energy to comply with it whilst carrying out duties associated with the job and most of the time the instances where they decided to stop had taken up too much ethics and energy already too, just as much as we know that if they effectively wanted to ban and pocket it services communication, we were being pointed in a direction that suggested that they wanted security services to provide majority of its service entirely to serve their needs as a class of people and for private individuals personally when required, my point being that I want to know exactly what their problem with the nature of communication at security services was. So, if we do sum it up and arrived at a bottom line, we see that this was the fabled two law system where one law was applicable to the poor and the other to the so called successful and it will not keep away from my Bookshop, leaving me on unemployed persons support and running me down to convert business with employers into a bum fingering upstart gimmick, especially the Kings thieves, their quasi criminals, which motivates me to redress the balance in the stupid matter.

They do suggest the point of their abusive activities was to make the statement that other people were financially comfortable and I am not but first of all, it is not my career that is late, it is the finances and I planned it that way because I had Trust with companies and somebody picked up my career publicity for all sorts of nonsense, arriving at a stage where I along with the companies will lose money because we failed to go along with stupidities they had in mind. If placed in context it could be seen that everything that has happened is in keeping with the fact, I had done administration work properly and so were my Books written well. The details that are causing the problems would include the fact these idiots loved to issue threats at me and were working with some local pricks that allowed them to abuse my privacy, is the short version. The long version of the details include the fact they abuse my career and finances because Mr Putin was a Libra like me, and I think it plays into the way that former US President Kennedy lost his life, we know there were extracts of him complaining about public place abuses that robbed people of decency and instances where it complained about people not being able to properly account for the way that white House funds were being spent, indicating that they were working him, right down to the ageist Libra perverts, and suggesting as I would have conjectured, that he did unwittingly detach himself from any means by which he could have felt safe, after taking offence to the way that they had his life in their hands and so ended up getting killed for it – my point being that the lip flapping is running around again on the ways that they got Oswald to kill Kennedy, and I think those stupidities somewhere between David Frost and Julian Assange having joined the NSA, FBI and CIA, will stop shooting their big mouth at me the way that I want, especially on grounds that I really am superior to their stupid fucks like they clearly fear that I am. On the official stage, it is a matter of Scorpios forgetting all about their Police brutality issues, that were a product of investigating law enforcement on behalf of abusive society and after running down police officers for long enough, show up somewhere committing their own crimes because they were either forced to or were seduced into doing so by the way that criminals solved problems – Virgo on the other hand is the mean source of support for the way that the other birth signs and their famous pricks were always seen doing stupid things with my life and career, right down to the way they parked their cars at the super markets etc, up to the point where the abusive involvement of ageist idiots with my affairs, was the way that public transport was being operated and public transport was being operated by ageist idiots. It would turn out apparently that after showing up here to trash my academic pursuits and then my career and finances after in order to let ageist twats do whatever was needed with my affairs, these fools were born on a date and there was astrology to be done on those dates with social problems attached to the one they were born in as well; I was determined that one more instance of clients struggling with their stupid method of handling my career, would result in a process where I changed this entire planet with their stupid selves as the centre piece – the matter of the Russian President being a Libra as well is itself about to grow into something that they did to get on my nerves well enough for me to think that somebody really deserved some consequences that they would remember for a time. It is nothing unusual on the whole, we are usually fine until government office twats showed up making money on the basis that when we stand up for ourselves we were doing the wrong things, when we did not get into a fight we should be made to and when we stood up for others it was the wrong thing too: my finances are a mess because the Celebrities and some popularity narcissism idiots were handling the career publicity for a different reason that was based on manufactured accusations and each time I wanted it to stop it will make so many excuses and eventually arrive at the idea that the Russian President was the cause as being born under the same birth sign as I am – overall it loves to issue those threats but this is not their usual stupidity and I am fed up dealing with everything they have gained by access to my career publicity and by access to the way we public service operatives who were a walk over for them last we checked, organised ourselves to ensure we could meet dignitaries one moment and help tidy up the streets the next, without falling victim to any git that might want to bully us for it, unleashing its celebrity culture quasi criminals that spent their youth being tough on it, to shoot off the big mouth at me every direction I turned over some back up German influence money that bankrolled their media narcissism and its insults, the assumption their stupidities usually make is that they could handle me and I know they cannot whilst their home wreckers do need to cease ripping up my health to push me into a fight, if their cracked up out of my league stupidities were complaining about it, keep their fucking hands to themselves if they were complaining that it once did get serious. They speak of what I have done to earn their hate naturally but University drop out whilst I always hand things being said and done in my direction with abusive fantasies that grew into a sub culture and then a crisis thereafter, was perfectly fine – either way, it is those stupid fantasies they have whereby I had developed from being labelled a man that they wanted to secure or steal manhood from if they had to, to a man who was less than a woman and into whose orifices they would love to put things, each time like somebody handled children, I weaned them off it a feeder prick would get up a media presence and rebuild the process for them again and this is the reason I pushed them into such a difficult corner it did not make enough sense for me to be provoked that they thought they had finally achieved a result where they had moved into my right hand and my good looks should be spent being famous and gay, it is the reason we are now living in a world where it was so difficult for them and the stupid society that they were relying on Celebrities, whereby these insults meant that I had also gone on to adopt a disposition in which should I see that stupid society they will see it for the last time and we are about to see me adopt another one in tandem whereby any involvement with Celebrities will earn them wrath on my part. I can see the business of settling the insults that were a product of new stupidities associated with accessing my career publicity and stifling my financed doing so, to tell me my age affected my career which exposed me to more abuses, would create either an environment where their stupid children were so terrified of me they could not attend school or I will have created an environment that fostered well fare for younger people because I had – I mean my age was the deciding factor as to whether I deserved my career five years ago and it is again today but I am a writer and nobody is engaged with the Books, nobody currently is making stupid comments where it is appreciated, working publicity as the King’s thieves. I am not as convinced that they thought I was afraid of getting into a fight with them as such, they are always being abusive, to make the most of the fact they were lazy, dishonest famous quasi criminals and it is the gimmicks and narcissism associated with this, that had met up with my serious minded career which I worked by creating a simplistic product, the effect is therefore catastrophic, the finances had simply just stopped. Here they suggest they had some power over my career and I don’t – investors always want leverage to play with, it would appear my leverage was private intellectual property administration equity and I do sometimes wonder if I had chosen an overly complicated field to play with as well but each time I sit down to work and write, it was not that difficult for me anyway – I mean they have been at it since 2013, ripping and tearing and I cannot simply just walk over the fact that my audience faced the risk of street violence on account that I was being used as human shield to cover a bunch of famous pricks over the bad decisions they made in their lifetimes, whilst the same issued threats at me and worked middle management narcissism on my finances and well being, only to complain about ways that localised and international terrorism got the better of them as they clung to my income margins (in their defence they would like to listen to my pleas for them to stop but it was the one where I got off fighting National enemies or accept a position that was inferior to their own, which brings to bear not just the way that their Men society who hijacked my career were solving the problems it solved through men's lifestyle quasi criminal trading gimmicks, abusive communities they built to run me down and trash my privacy and Celebrities clinging to my Books as a method of feeling good on the red carpet and hosting talk shows, about which their stupidities did not pay for anything they used, currently not a problem until I made it into one). Fair to mention that on the matter of disrespect towards people that can solve my financial problems at any time but two decades ago it was the ageists making a mess of my career to spurt these sorts of statements and I think they had enjoyed it for long enough too - it is not true that there was no freedom from it for me either, they are only a bunch of home wreckers and gold diggers that have started a conflict, even my state provided security provoked them last time we checked and so they think that what I am doing with them as well was some sort of reality; on the point that there was good probability that I will get away with it however, the story behind that was one in which they handed over their right to step outside and pursue their concerns without interference to bum fingering upstart immoral society rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, now because they sought to make the most of the position they ended up in, they worked those abuses on me until my career stagnated, whilst the only way to step outside of their door and pursue their affairs, was to rely on my own right to do so at the same time - it hugs my career publicity and anything that allowed the public access to the Bookshop to run talk shows, men's world trading gimmicks and famous insanity simply because it felt good, does not pay for what it uses, runs me down and issues threats.