I am not worried about foolish men and the entertainment industry; those are the kind of men that make up lies claiming I steal things from them and try to write it in a book and sell it and will never stop detaching me from my income with money they have earned somewhere and saved up for the purpose of age discrimination, so they can sell the entertainment off quickly before I recover and do it so often I never recover all together with a big mouth. I just have to concentrate on writing my books and selling them and they will mean nothing, except their women get off seeking house, after they spend all their lives doing money. For which I am a Christian and do not like money because I like God instead, am a writer and do not write to get rich but if people attack my income it is another story; so there is no means here by which I can give up house to them pray any other opportunistic fool that thinks when he attacks my income and makes up stories we exchange social status (due to some money he has but then even though he does cannot leave mine alone) because my aesthetics have been made to catch up with a condition of poverty for me.

I am not a worthless person who has no use as such, which is what those who feel buying a book is so complicated they want to help me all together talk about. I am an equity trader and try to sell them as much as I can, not busy my head in the matter fools that want to be superior but attack me from a direction where all I can do is let them get some too, which when it happens too often and for too long casts huge shadows over their superiority all together, where their noise about taking my income from me, is entirely a function of whether or not I am paying them any attention.

The part where I sell their society, open the homes of insolent and foolish women who bully me all the time and move into it with my boys, then ensure businesses do not pass to the kids of those who own them when I grab and cut it to pieces to extract equities to sell my books like they do my market place, is all things I do because of big business winding me up. America is the centre of modernization it seems but cannot leave other peoples cultural progress alone. Now they think they have exasperated me and dragged out my thoughts and scattered it all over the West as insolently as possible, hence America has it now.

So there always seems to be something that means somebody else deserve my money more than I do, way too regularly, every time I have earned it and the only thing they have to show that they do is pain that they can cause people with secrete society perversion based powers, used on anybody who does not let them have what they want which Politicians and certain Royalty and big business, make sure the idea it is working is created.  At the end of the day I want my empire back; the one I built and set out for arguments sake that I know America is the centre of modernization but my priority is clean environment and climate issues which was adopted and occupied by manufacturing industries all over the world before the matter of the fact no body knows who the hell I am because the foremost issue on everybody’s mind and want to earn from it otherwise it will end very, very, very badly for every stupid clown in this world. These is no such thing as Her Majesty’s Loyalty being questioned here:- no other Royalty in this country has a Royal and family Crest that gives them the right to liaise with businesses as a function of their job, so when people do it on a voluntary basis for example, the only way it is not my income is if they deal with each company and business directly and individually and in the world of advertising; not when they do it for the country-so they can really get a feel of what is happening with the middle class.

I do not give services to the far right, even if I did there is nothing they can do about it anyway but I do not, not especially when they are the one trapping a Prince whom they desire should have a career in the sex industry to pay his bills; which if they are understood currently, no matter how hard he is fucked in it, will never be paid enough to actually look after himself, as if I am one of those stupid little girls whose lives they give to some witchdoctor that has promised them wealth and glory, as a gift he can abuse how he likes, when they know my parents give witchcraft idiots freedoms over my life behind my back to no effect except idiots bring it up through Politics or media or any other means because they are looking for trouble. They do the devils work for him with their own hands and then get right round and serve the devil, having seen he cannot even do his own dirty work by himself, then once they realise all their time has been spent doing that, they then start earning my income and will not get lost; now I am the one serving the far right, while they look like they are oppressing a minority with a big mouth

Okay they want house I can understand that but I was obviously the custodian.

They think they are awesome idiots and I am the one whose successes are so important and hence delicate such that the fact they are stupid means they have power over me, especially those other republican scum in Northern Ireland for example-who get support from the US when they bomb people all over the country claiming the reason to be those whom their wives are confident cannot satisfy them in bed are leading the Nation, while getting support from the US Government that does not even want to feel that the problem of Islamic terrorist is its own and not the worlds problem. They think they will split my property between me and them, I think I am waiting for them to do their revolution so I can take all I have and go somewhere else to find another job, except they want a blood bath. As I continue to reiterate, they live in this world where rules can just get off and become archaic for absolutely no reason.

The situation with their Politicians all over the world now is that they are in as much of a fix as I am, since last they set up my finances as a plaything for them, with no way out whatsoever and those that are free are those that are likely to buy my books, which is where we have some who think they can do work based and fight based oppression on me as well emerge, so I can make the choose sides since they are stupid and they can hate my guts for the rest of their lives for it.

They tell me they have my literary archives -to me some people are so stupid they have other peoples literary archives; it was all a trust issue i.e. can the University be trusted to have my archives on a know what is happening basis because they are all over the place just because I went to their neighbourhood to study and people were getting hurt on the streets too, for me the benefit was that I could have it in a place where all the books I could possibly need each time I worked on it was just a few steps away from a computer where I placed it. What they used my archives for was get businesses to come to their University to pick students and what they used it to do for me was push me out of my studies and appoint the Queen cousin as a top official. So the battle lines were clearly drawn and the only thing I give them credit for is going on and on about it, so it is everywhere; hence I have my hands full in terms of my career, otherwise each time I fail to hit the right notes they would have a problem.

For me they are all damaged goods now as they cannot tell me what to do with my career except they are telling me in the right way. When people build their empires the money goes else because people have habits, which I guess is so because they have apparently got an alternative planet.

They tell me I will have children as well and I feel they can go there whenever I do, any how they like. I already know everything they do is based on getting attention from me, especially the one that is about making their money some kind of god that others cannot do without especially me, which is not to say I am still not selling their culture and society so I can give them information which ensures that pain they put up with which makes no senses gets to their blood. I know I am a Christian and should not punish people so with their own evils but these ones are starving me because my books are Godly books which can help them escape their wickedness, hence they want to read it and gain the benefits without buying a copy and feel they should make followers out of the entire planet doing so.

All I have here are liabilities; when I write books about them, for no good reason it is scandalised and used for all sorts because people tried to extract glory from my life by making me give it up on a daily basis on account they are some kind of social or Political majority and wish to have tribal Politics moving into my right to pervade my relationship with my God because they feel they can punish me for the consequences while making news , then tell me later I am the one serving the far right .  When finished, my books go somewhere to gather dust, never get sold, while all those things I thought I had gotten away with not giving to idiots by allowing them peddle my personal life and my faith gets extracted from me from and by alternative means:- if done with my career, then because it never blossomed Pedophiles get power, if done with my personal life, then big business evil men get power and will not get out of my empire talking nonsense at me all the time and if done with my faith homosexual get power, then try to become priests as well etc; what are they thinking, that I will not do anything about it?

What annoys me most is how much they waste my time because there are no slip ups on any of my work that will allow them take advantage of me in anyway; I know this for a fact because I designed it that way. So why don’t they just get lost and when are they going to do so?

Isn’t it nice that we can all now we can all get on regardless of our ideological differences and I will never be far behind them at any point in time; after all I don’t want to kill anybody, neither do I want their big mouth to extend to such things for their part or the hurting of another human being which I am certain they will make out is also my fault anyway. Before they think they have found new stupid royal commitments, spiritual and other wise for power an for wealth, which ensure they do my job on the global scale while I do culture.