I am told I am after something at this point it is the same generic issue – it has become incredibly important that on a schedule the famous and media gits must be made to make sense of exactly what I am saying, if the process of fooling around with my career to feel good about which they were entitled because they were badly treated men and women who were actually incredibly important, had not improved due to the actions I had followed up to counter the idea their activities were performed due to the idea they were convinced others did not possess the intelligence to put it to a communication that human beings could understand and they were able to make sense of a threat I issued in terms of what will become of an instance where they had successfully manipulated their employers into systematically paying them for showing up at the job to hurl insults at me and I believe the threat was clear enough for anybody to understand. Beyond this, I think I will want the Bookshop to work for me on a schedule or we will get to find out whether it belonged to them instead.

It is nothing out of the ordinary – the men attack women in restaurants for being part of what they claim suggested that the USA does not rule the world, the women announced to everybody that they were the people good at getting famous by claiming credit for my Government services work; they were all home wreckers and it is not true I am vulnerable to it either, it’s the other git from the USA, always out there with some money by which to get on people’s nerves and this time has found a bunch of a idiot to satisfy the need for people to trade and buy as if I had lost something important.

They do claim that in the end I never listen to the idea that my Books were unworkable but they are not, they are workable for the CEOs who provided me the broker equities at the existing Trust to process, especially that which I had to process on the basis that a bunch of gits who knew nothing about industrial offices were out there taking up those offices by pushing people with using Media, Celebrities and social interests, only to employ local criminals that helped them keep it. These gits will show up like so and cling to everything making a mess and it would have become obvious that I have ended up with the wrong publicity for the job and the career, only for me to fight for my survival on the basis that they had converted an interest in a Book into an interest in my personality, to satisfy a desire. Not really an old story in any case, Celebrities always had a history of attacking connoisseurs, when people were victims of something and they got involved with my affairs as part of a process of ensuring life continued as normal after justice had been served – I have tried to work it through, found that the idea that such persons posed the bum fingering upstart gimmick threats to Celebrities that the famous complained about was baseless, found that the idea if Celebrities attacked them they were a greater threat than the society gits and quasi criminals, to be without foundation, on seeing that the famous were doing it for self-reinvention, I must accept that it was one of those things a bunch of really evil, twisted and rotten to the core characters who think they were God’s gift to this world, considered to be worthy activities, the fact that they had politicians getting in on it was simply confounding. We can even see the idea continue that they have in this discovered my secret but as long as I am a person with a personal life, the secrets are actually endless, so I can only explain these kinds of responses as twisted evil scum doing what is usually linked to the fact they were so corrupt that they were suffering obscurity associated with enjoying too much of the limelight. It is matters such as these that created the sense that what people thought of Libras was the scariest thing in the whole world but I mean the extreme opinions of me were concerning but mostly, it is a matter of somebody leaving Industrial Office to show up running me down and bothering me as a matter of entitlement every day, such that we could see the scary part was due to access they had gained to my personal and social life and therefore things they did to ensure they did not lose it, at the same time they had a problem with the so called exclusivity of my personal and social life altogether, as if I am mean to know more about what they did to make a living than they did – so I do let it run and when it reaches that stage where they had spent enough of their time on me and I was never going to give it back, the big problems begin and I looked like something that came from the neighbourhoods into the City, to ensure jobs were lost and people were destitute and homeless but if I did not do, I will become the person suffering it as they would have become an outstanding problem, that solved the issues associated with the way its personal decisions had caused it suffering by wanting to live in a world where I made exceptions for them, every time they attacked me; it is nothing more than an example of the way that their upbringing gets them into trouble.

In the end it is said I seem to be oblivious to the fact that the way I worked was excessive but it is not excessive at all, simply keeping to a schedule, its attitude towards my affairs is to say that a certain schedule from a certain period of time should be unprofitable and it was not simply an opinion, so if I suggested that the plans for that period of time was wrong, I was likely going to do some serious harm to myself; I mean I continue to reiterate that they needed to fool around where it was appreciated but I am now at a point where I am going to control their lives for them because of it.