On the matter of living in total hopelessness, I am not, it has become more a case of people running off abuses at me that came with fantasies about how to handle my body parts, those fantasies were then developed with the help of some rogue landlords who had access to my privacy, corrupt private security who had means to ensure the business of dropping out of school to get into a fight with people on the streets as would make famous idiots happy continued, the abusive shop keepers were then able to make me into something I am not with a community that could meet in secret and order my steps in public – what then causes this to grow into a crisis is that they gradually become so vindictive and so filthy that those abuses and fantasies about handling my body parts where then narrowed down to my anus and my penis, which ruins everything for me all of the time. I can respond by pushing back which makes no sense or living in my own world where they were a bunch of goons who were not faring well with the letter of the Law and Celebrities who goad me over their existence suffered for it publicly or there was the option of wanting to have fun in terms of what I thought of their Homes and the front door, so that the more abusive their nefarious activities towards my privacy got, was the more I paid for it with fantasies that were projected from their front door and became ever increasingly intrusive in other areas of their lives. When I had not done such a thing, they had already made a decision that went so far as to build a broadcasting media presence for a narcissism that will target me on the streets and became and outstanding problem, that was different from every other challenge. I could never understand why the other pricks at Government buildings so enjoyed making up ideas that I am the person doing the wrong thing, whilst complaining about them and ripping up my career and resources to make me do something about it, keeping their own jobs and making the assumption that their corruption were so matured that they would get away with the money regardless of whatever results came from doing so. My point being that it is not complaining about me in an institutionalised manner and therefore will not keep its imagination away from my penis and anus thereof. As for the story about some woman that said something to them at the Monarchy and Government, as was so provocative they needed to embark on a campaign of wrecking my career, I feel as if we have arrived at a stage where I needed to respond to matters about bettering myself in context of their narcissism that were channelled at women, which were now being transferred to me, considering they did not face consequences for being useless men who work women with narcissism all day long and therefore we now doing it because they were famous, and so have a gut feeling that according to current resources I can spare just 2 more opportunities for these stupid comments, to tolerate their gimmicks towards women who respond to stupidities that would have first attacked local services providers and then the legal system thereafter.

The Politicians have raised the question of whether I knew why they behaved in these ways but it is largely the millennials – what has happened is that they had devised as a method of making money, lurid accusations they threw at others and action they took to befriend the older generation in order to dominate their victims, the older generation that have taken to them being the miscreants that is, so they claimed their actions were some sort of freedom drive, wrecking everything here whilst it had nothing to do with me, never mind the stupid history picking up from the fact it took a certain amount of brutality to do harm to a person and they did not have a history of controlling the activities of the sociopaths who befriend them, get under their skin and degrade them as a method of making money or the psychopaths who wanted to know the extent of their power simply because they mentioned something about enjoying their social lives, like their big mouths have suggested. What I was faced with up to the point where I went to University and dropped out paying the fees for them, is these activities, coming from the City, coming from the Media, then it shows up in the locality as rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers whose nefarious activities famous idiots were overjoyed about on the red carpets, absolutely no direction in which people could turn whatsoever, I dropped out and they passed their exams to become greater problems, now are handling a Bookshop because the business of being able to feel good by getting involved with me was a matter of entitlement that was due to people who were as important as their stupidities were, whilst the way it affected me was to serve a lesson on how the successful treated the unsuccessful. I could never tell especially for their Politicians, why it is that my career and professional history was to tightly mixed up with their own as though they were likely ever to fund, support or bear witness on my behalf in a civil litigation or indeed represent my interests specifically at the Unions but there is nothing yet that had convinced them I will stop this nonsense badly, they were even making money suggesting that I am working with communists, whilst complaining about my response to the narcissism of it showing that they channelled it at me because their wives were unable to challenge them, to the effect of pushing them around so badly that I had driven them into a corner where they could get into my affairs and look to see what they found in there, announce after to the public if they found themselves or found some communist leadership.

It is really now coming through to a point where it needed to be clear that I controlled my Bookshop and by showing that they were not involved in such a way that I publicly attacked them to make the point– primary premise being that there was originally always a tendency to pick up every good looking young women that get involved with me and take them to a studio to make money with popularity culture, so I infiltrated it to such an extent the best popularity culture they could make was one that caused wrong doers the abdominal discomforts, to which effect since nobody wanted to go to prison in that condition, there was less of wrong doers following people around. The new problem I am facing is the stalling of my Bookshop for lewd useless men society narcissism that they were not satisfied peddling at their women, going beyond tackling me over claims I am said to have won a great battle that I never did, which usual effects were that they then needed my personal and social life to attend restaurants because they had to eat once done with their stupidities. Now I am simply retrieving the wealth politics equity processes and its crime control publicity, so I can do the work at the Office entirely on my own and also keep the money entirely for myself as such, the question that Politicians were having to take into account at this stage concerning the fact that since each time I got a job the work relationship was converted into a bum fingering upstart gimmick and my Bookshop was being stalled, whilst I am told my property belonged to the government whereas it otherwise belonged to me save when I belonged to the government as well, why indeed I am currently living on Universal Credit.

The protest being that I described them as stupid people, the history was rather that I got out of bed one day and from that day on, what had originally begun of feigning ignorance that I was being targeted by abusive career crime communities who made me feel sick to the stomach, because it was a problem I could easily solve with my blood, offering them selected conveniences, had grown into something of a damage being done to my career, whereby I then had to spend resources on recovery and on fighting back, only to end up being made to understand that recovering the career that had accrued a history of pushing back at them, was seen as a threat to their safety and well being, which will be resisted at Government buildings and National Media. We have not even begun discussing the damage they had to do to careers, finances and livelihoods, to arrive at the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper practical jokes that they were overjoyed for at the red carpets. For my part it is still a matter of the way that they have moved public security leadership away from security services leadership and set about doing it on Media and on the Shop-floor of Parliament, complaining and looking for people they can convert into destitute characters to feed a vanity that they conceived without reason or purpose, claiming the reason to be that my actions led to criminals and wrong doers turning up at the security services whereas that was what they actually achieved from what originally was a process they obviously could not live with on being elected by the public to lead everyday – a process where which the fact security services liaised with my work encouraged the wrong doers to do the same and they fight tackled me, then became obsessed with me but at the point where they needed to liaise with my work the most it failed them and it fails them because of the fact that in failing them the social conditions they had created by their actions would have helped to draw attention to the facilitation of an environment that was conducive for very young people or enhanced an existing one, so I suppose the problem was the level of insults coming from famous idiots and Political gits. Then we hear that the Americans could not have enough of making me serve them which was nothing unusual around here, since it is the same group of people who had conversations that sounded like what people said when they were undergoing an exorcism, except in their case there was no exorcism causing them to manifest, rather the fact their country ran an empire and I was a subordinate who was meant to serve them and relieve them of any work they needed to do for money and to support their families, once they started creating the idea that I existed in a social condition where others should not care what happened to me, then we faced instances where their civil rights stupidities will end up suggesting gun crime in their country was due to my actions back here in the UK, considering the way that such matters got completely out of hand in the USA very quickly. I do not think it is a crisis, they are a spiritually evil people and were manifesting their evil over claims their country was an empire which evil we have witnessed being manifested by people who were undergoing an exorcism, the problem is the famous goading me over public control matters which I am aware is not a compliment as well, that it is a punishment for an historical good deed but then again so it is also true that they were not paid to start, that tackling me and wrecking everything I have was not the activity that was set out in their employment contract. Here the point is raised that the far right makes use of these people as well and yes they do, understanding these matters is the part that had allowed me to push them to dormancy – like when they say that these white twisted spiritually evil scum with ideas about their country running an empire and a need to stifle my personal, social and family life in order to make me serve them whilst they extracted the best things in life for it to show they mattered on social media etc were entitled to protection from them, usually before they got off claiming that other people were the schizophrenia defiling their country in the best of cases and in the worst deciding others should become memories. As for the Celebrities, if I said that in view of the fact I am expected to drop out of University and spend my life getting into a fight with people on the streets, I wanted to pursue the famous and drive them into criminal activity, their downfall would occur very quickly indeed, therefore worth reiterating that I did punish the University fiasco satisfactorily in my view, my next response to their gimmicks will go beyond the regular suicides and operate as something of a finale on the matter. The claim that I am unable to control what happens around me cannot be substantiated either - it was originally a lifestyle in which those who entertained an unusual interest in my person did because they must be in possession of something I can spend or waste to improve my situation, so there has been a bunch of idiots, holding me down to make the lifestyle ineffective, I had to get out of bed and respond to doxy society and its immoral society mandate on their behalf and as we can see they have not yet learned to keep the practical jokes restricted to their own careers and were telling narcissism tales about the idea it was all my fault, alongside their Muslim friend who were currently telling Saracen lies, before it looked like something that needed to be conquered often, that made the most of a male society that provided them a support which meant my response to their narcissism fell on deaf ears - hence we can clearly tell that just bothering me and making my existence unbearable was the main interest in me and they felt good doing it, which we know has already produced several results in which my responses showed that I could do it better and leave them somewhere pushing back at Police in riot gear but since this leads to property damage, I put my hand up and confess to being blackmailed, just as much as I have set out the warning clearly that it was important they kept their comments to their careers and worked their practical jokes where it was affordable and appreciated.

It is then said that I lived in a society that was way into the abyss of corruption that they were nearly irredeemable but this is the reason I am doing what I am doing – as I would have nobody to sell Books to, if everybody was part of this gimmick where the work market was not the place for financial problems to be resolved, since I am also a public service operative, it makes sense in terms of the fact that it is work that needed to be done and nothing unusual. I mean the evidence is that in order to ensure that they managed the fact they were so stuck so deep in their popular culture mess which provided alternatives ways to make a living, that there was no way back, is to get as many people as possible stuck with their fear of work and this was the reasons they set about trashing my personal life, social life, picking up my career publicity for celebrity gimmicks and eventually a consequence in which there was such a mess of sociological and even criminological matters surrounding the fact I stepped outside of my door to attend an academic institution, that I am now in a state of requesting permission from them, to walk into a business establishment and tell those who owned it, that I had the ability, means and was capable of doing a job, it is however the job that I actually created for myself but building a Bookshop which had formed the reason for people to attack those I might get work and business opportunities from, convert my work environment relationships into a bum fingering upstart gimmick and get their local council friends to work me for homelessness, that is about to set the stage for the fact that I did something unusual to them because of it.

On the matter that I am stuck with it and there was no remedy, I am not – the work I did at Private security industry resonated across the middle east and the USA, nothing associated with the gimmicks that now trashed my finances on the basis, I am supposed to get off work and career to hang about the streets getting into a fight with people, I am aware people were still making use of it each time I got out shopping for my groceries and I am still contending with the old influential and abusive primary governance quasi criminal narcissism advertisement and involvement corruption civil rights idiots. As mentioned, it would appear they expect me to obtain permission from their stupidities if I wanted to access my own private security industry history, which fans the flames in these matters anyway. They do claim it was a matter of the people affected by what I did at Private security industry which is the point being made on my part i.e. that those who had a problem with the fact I was seen shopping for my groceries really should come down from Head Office to tell the people serving me that the fact I am shopping for my groceries is unacceptable, stop hanging about somewhere claiming that the support I got from the Monarchy was too much for me, hence reasons I am struggling as there is a tendency for me to perform another series of activities that will cause them to lose their positions of leadership or their shares at the company all together. Their friends on the media were complaining about a lack of respect on my part naturally and we know I did not create this nonsense where actions I take to assure people my career publicity and professional history is not tangled up with their own, whatever it is that popularity gits were getting up to, into the idea that I am happy to eat shit – I mean it has evolved well enough, from the weight of obscurity that beset them due to an excessive exposure to the limelight, working on Media, which really does express how evil they are, onto the idea what I am doing with career publicity and professional history was really a matter of their need to abuse my privacy and therefore built up to where shit could be found and ideas that I would be happy to eat some, none the less, I will not engage with extensive conversation about the matter, just expect them to run it to a stage where they complained on behalf of the country themselves.