We end up having this conversation about the way that I am the nice person and none can actually make sense of the reasons these people attacked me all the time, which is not exactly accurate – the truth of it is that they followed me about with practical jokes and I dropped out of University, so I created a world where the society gits and their superior sons had no access to popularity and fame, such that those who did lived in a world where they were past it, they have since resolved in live in another world where they dreamt constantly that there was a crowd behind them, to tackle me for ruining the lives of youth. There are questions remaining unanswered thereof if I ended up starting one of my own gimmicks as well, considering that the assumption this result will bring the whole thing to an end since it helped to explain how my time was spent at university, has remained an assumption and nothing more.

The scenario being one in which I spent some time in the private security industry, so thereafter upon paying an idiot to rent a space, he built a crowd that will finger my bum and get me to fight for his property and interests on account I knew what to do about problems, which for some reason was deserving of a National Media presence bubble, thereafter which I have never really been given an explanation as per the reasons that people complained about me all the time but I was never free of insults from famous idiots, chief of which was to engage in a process of running me down for months and boasting about forcing me to serve them like a slave – I mean, it is a given that an A list star would have time and money for it but I do not write their Books in this place, assuming they wanted something to take their complains seriously. Progression is that a bunch of idiots will pick me up in my own private and personal moments, to share images with the boys from the streets and the mental institutions, then show up here to finger my bum and grab my penis all day as an answer for all their problems but it is not their lives either and I am certain that I too am allowed to step outside of my door regardless – otherwise there was an even greater need for information on the reasons famous idiots loved to pass their insults at me, if they were complaining about consequences. This was then an issue that it is said I found difficult to resolve but I don’t – a simple matter of making sure every fool who showed up here ended up thinking of what I was thinking, assuming the famous idiots will not build them a bubble to claim they had stolen my career by, so when it shoots off its big mouth it would likely say something that I put in it, such that we could see that we were doing this because the narcissistic pleasure these idiots get from the way I am affected by their activities was more a matter of some need to ensure that I was made to suffer. Started at University when I realised I had unwittingly exposed the fact I had talents and skills that could make me financially comfortable if used properly but ended up with a pathological fear that I will become a character that lived in a world where people made a lot of money and lost it, except in my case, I would only end up with the mentality which I never made the money at all – what we are now doing was rather a business of these idiots ruining my small business to help boost profits for bigger and more successful businesses, to claim it was my fault for failing to recognise those businesses were bigger and more successful, on account they worked for it – eventually it all built up to a sense we were living in a world of endless crisis and I probably knew what I do which I do naturally, save we didn’t know if they would accept the solution to it i.e. it needs to show up here only to read something I had written, considering that using its career publicity to make such a statement instead of paying for my own PR, meant that I was just as lucky as its famous stupidities were, whilst the other goons who had enough money to pay for many life times back to back, needed to pay them off considering the work of ruining small businesses to help bigger more successful businesses because they were preserving an insolent job, shows they were stupid enough to engage in situations that will get us all killed, personally, we are show business and do the same things you do with industry, except our own is more about fingering peoples bums and violating peoples privacy for gimmicks that allowed up to cling to residual social feelings that were gained from other people’s income margins and to make money from it, says is perverted interest in me was more a matter of the pleasure of causing me the hassle, when it had not committed suicide yet. It has so far progressed from picking up my wealth equity public image to make money and is no longer an American or American led popularity idiot who shared the money with a community that regarded its importance as an absolute reality, it is now member of fraternities, whilst the other idiots who kept making statements about how having a good looking woman was the same as printing their own money at my expense, had since progressed to complaining about the relevance of what I did in the world of espionage, so I do put my hand up and accept that when they go from the sense that I am a sweet character about which people attacking me did not make sense, to the idea I am the absolute worst, it is probably fact. I mean the Nazis could have orchestrated a form of nepotism which ensured that people got to tell me that I would get into trouble if they found me at an academic institution again, whilst each time I attended on, they took my fees and made my time there incredibly toxic because I was being developed into a character that had a mentality which made a lot of money and lost it without actually making any of the money, as the smell issues looked good on me and others had grabbed the financial structures but social and socio economic wickedness had not developed to such an extent at the time obviously – it needs to spend its famous idiots time somewhere else, unless it is putting its own twat on the line for it. It does eventually feed into a sense I thought that appeasing Putin in Ukraine would solve the problem there, whereas we can see how it is that this nonsense should build up to an outcome where a famous idiot got to kill themselves for example but did not because Russians always interfered and the complained later.

Five years have passed since private security work showed I knew what to do to protect them and should be forced to do it while their stupidities kept the earnings and became bullies by doing so, everything here including my personal life have in this place stagnated because I am wrong and they were right but too stupid to explain, therefore I had to take up the task of doing so, the entire time keeping its salary which had made its stupidities into a bully. Hence the questions above considered before I began providing a response too, not yet clear why the famous insults continued to come my way as such - all I know is that every fool who shows up here to handle me had deviated from thinking what I am thinking and complaining about a lack of respect, coupled with a process of saying to me what I put in its stupid mouth every time it wanted to shoot off the insults at me, to a process where they were making progress with a process of wrecking their lives to ensure their problems relied on me, by grabbing my penis and fingering my bum in public venues. We have ended up with a scenario where they come forth to claim my actions were unbearably stupid, which was exactly the same as I am saying here as well – they were incredibly stupid but are clearly not because they passed exams in school, so they do read the star signs as well naturally and should know I am a libra with a tendency to multitask, which I can now do to any extent that I wish to. There is no end to suggestion they had more power over my concerns than I did whilst it was so stupid it complained endlessly but could not make sense of what it was doing, enough to explain it to other people – they have no power here, just issues that I allow to fester because they existed in a world where they could be allowed to produce results which showed the ecosystems that people built up to tell people in charge what to do and order the steps of regular members of the public but when it complains, especially if the men did about women vice versa, normal persons would have taken it a sign that they were not in charge these however are incredibly stupid people with a media presence and a need to cling to other peoples income margins, I am always dealing with their insults especially from their society gits and their famous fools because they had the privacy and social life to pay for it, generally otherwise, since last it decided I had learned about security industry and it was entitled to be protected by me and have been wrecking my career to make it possible, the idiots have not been paying the bills here, which is the main problem. I have no idea why it is that no matter what is done and said about it, people only tended to make sense of the one that specifically relates to the ethnic group of the person saying something about it, so we can tell all that blabbing about attacking others which might happen if it had the opportunity, beckons instances where people blind folded it and performed a life changing five minutes or waited for its stupidities to take the necessary risk. It even claims that I bring it upon myself with a tendency to get involved with them, derived from a process where I attended University and found myself getting involved with social activities associated with people who worked Governmental Offices, also my path crossing with a bunch of female journalists, I mean if I attacked them initially because they damaged my finances, it would have been a product of moral or religious fanaticism, now it would be a product of becoming a certified low life; what has not changed is that it has not yet progressed its gimmicks from a business of choosing friends for female colleagues to damaging my career to chose mine, where it will need to tell us what it wanted to do with dress above average, lose boot laces, go out for a walk at midnight and rape some woman who stayed behind to do paper work etc before returning home, whilst it had not yet decided what the actual premise for a need it had to earn more than female colleagues for the same job really was, as for its perverted interest in my career, it has not stopped yet, it rather had a media to make statements about what was my fault the whole way. The start of it still being this two lives it has - one filthy, the other tidy, where it tried to keep the filthy away from the day job which allowed it to become a bully but it never stopped building a crowd that tore down my career over insults to do with how unimportant I was, so it since arrived at a stage where it decided my life was tidy enough for the filthy bits of its own to end up in while it kept the tidy one for the day job, claiming I possessed something important which laid the blame firmly on my door step, which was the start of it.

There is this method of explaining everything that involved reading the star signs – they claim I am a Libra and we were indecisive refusing to take charge which is utter nonsense as then they complain that less powerful libras who had difficulty with personality issues fucked them over for it too, all which was entirely avoidable. The facts behind it were that the need to handle and make use of Libra personal life which is something going on for them in their abusive societies and fraternities gets completely out of hand before it comes up with its stupid statements that refuses to recognise Libras who are being indecisive were making decisions by being indecisive and those that did not take charge were taking charge by not taking charge because it was better to feel controversial, eventually arriving at the stage where they seek out some social corruption which ensures that considering that when it comes down to it eventually what people seek from a business is what other people most use the business and its owner for, so it decides to run me an abusive interest in my personal life, which was to do with people using me for sex – the less powerful libras were the ones they complained about because somebody fucked them over properly, the more powerful libras like myself will likely begin a question on whether this will have proven homosexuality was genetic or people were born that way, resulting in a society were lesser and lesser people were willing to be homosexuals and sex workers, so when I do kill it eventually, somebody will ask me questions about the fact somebody was demised. Then the story is raised again, that this was a product of the idea I am a coward who refuses to get into a fight – reality being that they faced the same problems I faced but whilst I thought every git that shows up to bother me needed to think what I am thinking so I could put words in its mouth when it talks to me, the idiots decided on Celebrity insults and a process of sharing my personal life with criminals, hoodlums and mental health institutions, in order to share the process by which I handled the issue, the entire time it was not paying the bills while my time was being wasted in such ways, issues the stupid threats and famous persons insults everyday, looking for somebody that will get into trouble with Police for attacking bully’s big brother, which scenario most people only foresee when I am talking about the same group of idiots in my own ethnic group, the insanity from my own ethnic group which never works unless the neighbourhood was customised for it. I can never feel as if I have kept my clothes on when the famous idiots were able to shoot off their mouth at me endlessly and yet the business of the foolish men who share personal images of me with mental institutions and build communities that finger my bum had nothing to do with them, just the insolence that their media self exhibitionist stupidities were more important, killing off my earnings. They do claim it was an issue I could not resolve whereas it was rather as simple as the idea that those who have done these things could protect the personal life and social life from me when I needed to use their own for the trouble they created into mine, if they had cars, so it becomes a process of public daily announcement about recent actions of what should be seen as a society of stupid men for it but my finances were a mess because a bunch of idiots had access to publicity and it cannot avoid the need to invent a way of hurting me to make money and devising current and or historical reasons to suggest it was of my fault. I mean the current state of affairs had since grown from a case where I put words in the mouths of every fool that wants to shoot off their insults in my direction, to a process of setting them a profile which suggests that when they get fucked they spent more money because they are always grabbing my penis and fingering my bum, like their famous friends, I possessed something people wanted to get rich by, as an alternative way to get involved with my career which completely bypassed the books – this I do because they had wives and children and I did not start the abuses myself anyway, so I am said to have built a future that would make me vulnerable to it which is utter nonsense as I do not have a lifestyle which brings it on either. It will then suggest that I had not worked hard enough to deserve my career – what has happened being that Books were finished in 2009, since then it had become too noisy for people to engage and by 2017, I began working on the noise, to end up with a financial structures that famous idiots had built me a profile to move elsewhere by 2020. The other statement people made was to do with the way I never talked about it as evil as it really was but it is a simple matter of crashed academic pursuits and finances because famous idiots were entitled to forcibly make me take charge of situations where their lifestyles called for it and people fingered their bums thereof, on the other hand everything I did was followed up with an insult from feminist idiots who had ideas about the way my finances will never improve until I did some for women too and no matter how much I complained, in fact the more I did was the more I fuelled their narcissism, currently keeping the salary and the fact none interfered with it had not taught its mean cunt anything important yet. It will not stop even when it was clear that using their career publicity to make a statement about the reasons they should show up here only to read a Book and make stupid statements only when referring to something they paid for, so I have to prepare for a business of making most decisions on the basis they do not believe that I will stop it badly and I had to prove them wrong.