The ever increasing danger here is that of helping people who do not need help. 

For my part Politicians and Diplomats will never be free of me as they are so good at enjoying prerogatives people give them at my expense with their television cameras even when they do not know me, which seems to be the point anyway. The result is unleashing idiots on my money, my books and my friends that are very good at making a living, living off the perks of other people's jobs. That however is nothing compared to what they have done to get to this state which is; make everything about normal life difficult such as health care, employment and working practices and of course education (the top prize). The result being the recession they have created, blamed on the banks and now they know we will need at least another 20 to 30 years to recover, so they have decided to get themselves into powerful and arm twisting positions so that they can ruin it all, all over again when we have; just like their society idiots claim there is no point being prudent with public funds when the slave race that always work for things and obey the law hence brand everybody else evil by working justice will come up with another one anyway, which is how they unleash their women who pretend they are not part of it on the rest of us arming them with Political arguments.

They tell me I complain all the time about people taking over what belongs to me and then doing it for women, which then shows I have been beaten at my own game. Whereas it has been clear that after years of 'violent, insolent , enemies of freedom' girls (who are cowards nonetheless) have been bribed for the things they do to people in society with the use of public money to employ them in the civil service (for which the rich must get richer and the poor must get poorer and people should be able to sense their time on peoples career after which some were designed to fight racism and must be made to do so when they have neither the intelligence or muscle to push such a privilege of enslavement) and whatever women do not, fall into the category running campaigns about how all other women exist for the purpose of domestic abuse, which of course is how they sabotage female leadership, serve Criminals and become Politicians, then gorge themselves on this endless attempts I have to put up with of being treacherous on or with my work and career and earnings etc; that each time I say something about welfare and they find ways to incumber my resources, then create more problems than these resources can cope with and spend it on themselves, it means that their Union rubbish has something to do with me (the I am somebody else's employee and like to mess up your life all the time for reasons of the new beauties I get from it and tell others about and of course a good feeling about life bit) and that I have told them what to do to fight for the rights of the same people.

Of course it is always incredibly corrupt; there are just a few facts to recognise one being this is not their property to be corrupt with, the other being the lives their daughters live and the violence they practice as though they can stick up for it says it all and I am not tolerating any of it. 

I am not suggesting they are a lot of trouble for me; all they do with any attempt at living off the perks of my job is simply creating me PR everywhere so intensely I cannot control it and the purpose of it is to divert custom from my books to whatever rubbish they are selling-usually their open show of how much they can abuse their own leaders especially those who fight for them because of what they have gained by creeping in among such a person's friends, people and so on. It should not hold sway over me, they know I am an International statesman and it should not but are just being incredibly disrespectful.

The real problem are those their men who are always finding out the next things they need to do with their career on what other people's career is; they love the public sector where you can sense your time on people's career easily if you are connected to corrupt Politicians and think all of life including other people's lives should operate in such ways.