The actual economic crisis we are dealing with has something to do with a question that economist ask these days, which is what we think we can do to bring about a process where the economy recovers to where it used to be. The fact to this is that we are not making sure the economy recovers to where it used to be, it is just a basic fact that if all businesses have a fair share of consumer purchasing power out there the result will be job creation and the effect of job creation will be even more business for businesses and consumer spending power and the peak of this consumer spending power is the real health of the economy, otherwise we do not know what is going on with it all. After this the only growth we can get beyond this is when something amazing happens to our economy overseas or the government prints more money which it will have to back up with making something amazing happen overseas as well.

Now the financial crisis ended with all the money there was circulating in the economy ending up in the hands of a certain group of people and now the government has done quantitative easing as well as bailed out banks and provided social security for the most vulnerable; it is clear they earn more interest by spending this money, storing what they spend it on as well if they want to which they can sell on later than they do putting it away in safes because they do not trust the banks, causing it to gather dust and inflation unto itself. So the trouble with this of course being a certain group of people who plan to continue to make themselves incredibly rich as they did when the economy was doing well which was partly responsible for the boom and burst effect. 

In this they must be made to understand the pound is not their money but the Queens money of which I own the risk and they have the signature of the Governor of the Bank of England authorising people to give them what the amount of pounds they have got is worth, which is really what belongs to them. Yes of course they can cause all the consumer purchasing power to move overseas I am aware of that and I have taken steps against that accordingly, in the same way I have done to make the internet safer in case they needed to sell on what they had purchased and so cannot work out exactly where they think they are going to run to. All the money that circulates in the economy is now theirs, it is always what they wanted, some of them were even tired of being other people's employees so now its time to step up to the plate and provide jobs-the country needs them now, the economy needs them now. 

If they wish to cause the Queens money to gather dust and inflation then something has to be done about it; it is where they tell me I am proposing and trying to force them to spend their own hard earned money in ways that will please me which is tyrannical but this is where they will be talking straight to me over social justice and showing me exactly as compared to others who have most of the time worked harder than they have, why they have earned and the source by which they have earned the millions they have. Besides which there is ample prove out there that they had done no work to earn it just find somebody to hurt and look out for demographics and ratings. 

They complain what I suggest has no real academic backing but it does; I can either tell them I don't want my seasonal discounts from the shops to disappear or we can all get together and decide what name we want to give to inflation. They also suggest I am always doing something to benefit big business but all I am doing here is making sure people get jobs otherwise those who attack the market with alternative leaderships be made to offer them money instead by holding on to the currency to do so; they are all the same, they all do it-I mean playing seniority on people's property and getting rich by so doing, some even suggest the government need help them get the best jobs and knock out younger people because they will retire early and therefore need all the money they can get for security, which they conspire among their age mates to achieve; usually it is not a problem as long as they are providing everybody with jobs, which the government then helps people get with social security and by which it also supports those who have not gotten one yet. 

 I am a perfect example of the fact that the take and take and take culture does pay off after all but right now I feel the government can no longer do the benefits which were supposed to be temporary and there is prove that it cannot but even though if it could, they would still have been required to do what all those who have all the money which circulates in the economy do. 

 They cannot be allowed to hold unto the currency. 

If they do not play hard with me I will not be compelled to play hard with them.  

One moment I have been stealing their culture without consulting them first or paying for it as though they cannot see I am older than a lot of them who make such claims, the next moment my parents or any black person out there that wishes to play their stupid games has choices of Political involvement and orientation and it means I am their slave (???) but before then I was stealing the freedoms of their civil liberties by being a writer without consulting them for it; which are all things I try all the time to move out of the publicity it has gained from the media (where people who spend a lot of time finding somebody to hurt in order to put an end to looking like losers work and get to do the devils work for him with their own hands when all victories had been gained over evil thereof) which has something to do with this idea that they hurt people because they are trying to make money and not because they are sadists.

Otherwise my usual approach will be to make sure they repent for it and depending on how much tolerance I have left for being bullied they apologise as well, which is something they always tell me they will never do anyway.