The media and market controversies never cease to begin with the idea that I had lost everything I had for going up against them – reality is that it has been 8 years since a bunch of journalists had organised the career to let them play with mine through the press and nobody has yet confessed in all the complaining about my behaviour, that this was the problem and that it needed to be shut down. It does love to lip flap how I never had a chance, knows nothing about me as the probability of it ending badly is such that we will do the Hospital visits just as much as we will do the ways that the organisation which employed them was incorporated, as much as we will also do the professional bodies that govern their conduct so I may get a break from their stupidities and I will get away with it all too.

It is never true that I was playing with the problem, I can solve it at any time as per if I broke it up into sections, to say that if my bottom hurt society suffered and if my penis hurt I tore up their finances etc, the problem will be nipped, however duty was more important so I am meant to ensure they played out their gimmicks publicly, so that when public leadership complained about it, the fact they engaged in such behaviour will not continue to work in the minds of the public life a mystery. It is the same tale of gangs and crime issues that the men were obsessed with and then its stupidities shows up here with a life that it and its famous idiots were tired of, to perform exactly the same series of activities that got me dropped out of University on a Bookshop, before seeking to decide who was the innocent party in the matter – when I speak of it in terms of details in the paragraph above the question becomes whether they tackled me because they could take me on or did because they got accustomed to the abuses, looking like big brothers who loved their little brothers to run them down, way lay and attack them on the streets all of the time.

I do not think it is a matter about which people should feel uncomfortable either, it is a simple fact that wealthy people are usually a distraction for poorer people, such that poorer people would like to stay at home and get some rest but had to attend work and somebody else lived in the lap of luxury, the problem is that they are always so disrespectful of my person in the sense that they caused all these claiming I would be Royalty if they allowed it, so I appeared to have need of public image where I already had one provided by the Monarchy, and when women think the part where getting involved with me hurts the tummy and I can only hurt my tummy as well when I take on other people’s problems, was largely a matter of respect and consideration for the burdens people had to bear, everybody will want to be served by the women whatever it took, this is largely the funny bit which we have now sailed past literally, so we have arrived at the serious bits – looking to crush me on media with fame whilst I already possessed Royal publicity, which is impossible. Reality is that the same me who engages with duties and society gimmicks, was the same me who got around show business easily, I cannot say that I cut out a part of my existence and then I buried it, I need to be allowed to spend them with people on my own social level. Like they claim that I am simply lucky whereas the reality was that I am a serving Royal, likely to do extraordinary things successively, so people end up thinking it is a right place and right time, history being that the Monarchy itself actively engages in picking up some of the best talents in the Country for its cause, so they were now at this stage, thinking about entering into competition with somebody who had a talent for it and was given the correct orientation. I believe we are about to enter into a phase of this matter where the fact they were not paying for the damage they did to my career was of prime importance and the cost we have seen had grown so big that I will be pleased to build them a personal finance blackhole myself for it as well.

On the matter of facts which suggest I had lost everything, it was a simple matter of saying that if on average people on reading a Book would take up to 3 days to come down from and digest the information, still some will read the Book several times over the course of a week, then we must think about the sort of environment required for a Book written by a Royal Prince to be accepted by the Public, the environment has been built properly with a network attached but each time I mitigated the society abuses which may pose a violent threat to members of the public that display their copies, it is the daily Celebrity interference, I am in my 40s now so I think I will need to do some harm on the matter. They were picking up the assets and the equity to race each other’s seeing how wealthy they could get and if I had any dignity left their society gits will spend it whilst they tore down my crime control publicity to make the gimmicks effective, looking very hard for some trouble.

There are fears now, that I suffered from some sort of mental illness, if the ability to do what I am doing was to be justified – I actually don’t suffer from mental illness at all, the problem is Politicians building a weakness into my career which can be exploited by media gits and quasi criminals, the Media and Celebrities wanting to build one as well because they considered themselves important enough to dominate other people and another group of idiots who use NHS sirens to maintain a neighbourhood atmosphere linked to this which is meant to ensure others got to push me around and tell me what to do, meanwhile the damage to finances, career publicity and social life had meant that the other git was working me for homelessness at the DWP, over ideas that I was conducting social security fraud all together – the dehumanising 20 year career mess to arrive at a point where they can fool around with my finances and well being like they currently are everyday and we cannot be free of their need to complain of social injustices either. The crucial indications of mental illness are that a sociopath was an emotional parasite, typically a character who would not mind hanging around street corners to smoke pot at 10.00am whilst he prevented children from attending school and gets to recruit them into the organised crime business – typical psychopath will face questions about reasons he or she always had difficulty with the fact others were linked up to nature, only for the victims to face lies about abstracts and questions about the power levels of such victims which had gotten people to ask questions about the abusive involvement but does not like to be abused in sexual context as well. What we have at the bottom line was these goons making another mess of my career like they did at University where the tummy ache was incredible and I could never tell as the doctors did not diagnose an illness and there was only so much pain killers in the world, then I dropped out and discovered three years later, that they were responsible, this time I appear to have arrived at my forties, they appear to have deployed a media presence for whatever it is their rogue landlords and corrupt private security did with images of my private body parts considering I rented spaces from them, to share the celebrity and media money handing it over to hoodlums on the streets that will build a public face for the fact my privacy had been abused and I entirely deserved it, with a millstone on my legs preventing me from finishing what I began with respect to my first degree – builds up to the question of having been informed that it was all a matter of what people did if they felt that their victims did not pose a threat to them at all and we know that those instances where they knew where racists lived and were likely to bother people to a state of violence, if exploited by me again, will lead to disastrous consequences – the racism itself being a matter of white young people being dominated and somebody showing up to decide what they had to do to defend themselves, considering there was nothing in it like the events which caused the second world war, to which effect so many millions of people died and nobody on this planet today is able to maintain an argument that racism is not an evil thing. Then again we hear them also suggest that I irritated them whereas they were the ones leaving me to feel like vomiting whenever I looked back at my history with the tax man, solely because they want to play with my career until they had to catch their breath, then spend it to pay the bills thereafter if not complaining about me too – then there were details of reasons they were irritated by me being that I am Royalty and they are not, so they have gotten themselves entangled with a lofty disposition that they can never have whilst having to pursue their careers but will not stop fooling around with my career publicity to stifle my academic pursuits and other business with clients, there is also the conversion of intellectual property administration work into a gimmick that produced an outcome where they hung about making a certain kind of conversation about which I had to step down from so many important social disposition to make sense of what they were saying in my own understanding, where I was no longer working with industry Office holders who knew what their Offices did as opposed to idiocy that worked a gimmick concerning a need to be the right hand person and left hand person at other peoples careers, burying people in fake news, trolling the entire world and leaving Politicians to worry that I might be suffering from mental illness which posed a threat to the delivery of my duties, for which I am a low life with an opinion and they did not expect such a thing to churn their tummy as part of a process were it irritated them as well. It has been 20 years of trying to get me into trouble with racists and gangs and the police and if I did not they got into trouble with all three on my behalf, to arrive at this stage where I am definitely a tool where their practical jokes were concerned because they were in a position that affected my finances, they claim people had died and this made my disposition worse with a big mouth, always complaining but always being so abusive and there was nothing wrong with the fact I was being left with poor book sales numbers, such that if it wanted to be free of complaining about me but did not know how to stop the abuses, I did give them an exit, to make comments about their own careers and keep away from the Bookshop. On the matter of actual opinions I had about them however, it has always been the ways that I ended up looking mentally ill myself when I had done a few things that left me to oscillate between sociopathy and narcissism, in the sense that I had also built a weakness into their careers which I can exploit and the frequency of exploitation would decide how narcissistic I got, to which effect the ideas behind irritating them was developed on the basis they expected me to be ashamed of my social history and yet should I detach myself from it and observe from an external party point of view, even if it was the worst of the worst history which was not a criminal history but was the worst in terms of dress code and an inability to get along with the famous and the popular, it would still have been insignificant compared to their disgusting personalities they thought the Public had not taken notice of, like when they think some people should be prevented from attending areas of Town due to dress code and at the same time complained about racism for the entire country. Eventually which was a matter of their abuses having arrived at a pinnacle where the same ways they felt distracted because I lived in such a lofty setting compared to them, was the same way they distracted the poor with their money, that said, they were the only social group in the country who are a problem for the poor when they have no money, just getting about distracting people from careers and daily pursuits on a provisional basis, in case somebody wanted to pay them for it and those who have made some money since have made the atmosphere unbearable to live in, including the hijack of any state of affairs that helped to highlight what form the provocation a person took, only to explain their position as something they were entitled to do because they were successful enough to dominate people. These are as such the test facts, so I suppose that I am not suffering from any discernible mental illness as such, we have witnessed the claim I am able to justify anything, nothing yet about a 20 year amusing career mess, not that I did not work on the career every day in any case, because others thought that I was weak enough to be physically overpowered.

It is like people think I am never clear about what the Celebrity fiasco was but it is a simple matter of the fact that nobody here had business with abusive shop managers, rogue landlords, corrupt private security and quasi criminals, only Celebrities did, that said, any little thing I had done to aid them from the Office had been destroyed, for the sole purpose of showing up with a means to forcible coercion and tell me the correct purpose of my career was to cover their backsides for a living, every other occurrence is simply a matter of me digging out the reasons that they had behaved in such a manner and some answers had been attained where we find the endless sense of entitlement showing up here to complain abusively about what they created by suggesting the quasi criminals, rogue landlords who take advantage of people’s privacy to share their Celebrity money, corrupt private security and its German influence idiots who will help them keep any careers they stole and quasi criminals were nice hard working people, whilst they stifled by career over the fact there were hoodlums on the streets and people were banging walls and doors, claiming that I was a low life trying to rub shoulders with them.  Those in the know have suggested how bad the activities of Celebrities with and over my property was and yes I am aware too – since the system was developed in such a way that I worked it via people turning out to play some role where they pretended to be my mistresses, they have access to publicity and make up on their bodies, gone about wrecking it for no reason save their abusive greed, shows up here everyday to make a mess over ideas about ideas concerning what their famous stupidities thought themselves entitled to, wrecks the finances and shows no signs of stopping amicably so far yet. This is clearly fame as far as celebrities were concerned, not a process where they thought they could and got about looking for trouble.