I have been told that every person that comes in contact with me ends up with tummy issues and there is no real explanation for this phenomenon but there actually is; what happens is that I have always organised my life to go when I go, so the way I run my concerns and what I chose to delay does not put me under any pressure, what does all the pressure that has grown into something deadly of recent is other people deciding who gets involved with me and it is done on the basis that if they respect the fact I have set myself out as somebody who does well with himself when he is not disturbed, it would mean that I am important when I am irrelevant. It is so easily avoided if they were busy doing such things with a small amount of respect which meant they were not making silly comments on my livelihood and public image with media every day, but this small amount of respect is missing entirely. So we have ended up with questions on why being disturbed churns peoples tummy, reason being that their whole lives are developed on telling lies about the fact I am being bullied by society and culture trouble makers, explaining away their activities with my academic work and other things I do for a career – so it then settles up as what they have power to do because their community croons spend all day heaping abuses at me and filling in my time with those abuses, to such an extent that an atmosphere emerges and they can deploy such an atmosphere for whatever they wanted but the disadvantage is that this sort of nonsense is then open to all other forms of adult imagination. For their part it has become exceedingly important to assess the money they have and use it as a tool to ensure whenever I responded to their activities they topped up their position to stay ahead on it with the money and the process involves preventing me from having any – this has given them a sense that I am being oppressed, they cannot do without it and I have ended up with a mindset that says in order to get rid of this nauseating nonsense, their families must now get regular updates on the nonsense I have to put up with each time they get to their Offices. Hence a need to pay attention to the fact that they do believe they are very important naturally but reality is that they get involved with people and spend their time building publicity around what they make of themselves with peoples property and career instead of who they really are, the same is then extended to any persons I got involved with and always developed on the premise that everybody else was more important.

So the other part of the story is that I prevent people from fighting the good fight which I don’t, my state provided security is based on surveillance, this means I am more conscious of the ways that avenues for the corruption of the UK Armed forces are developed and do what I must to ensure it does not happen on my account. Discussing this at length only ends up exposing how closely related the activities of Celebrities are to that of neighbourhood criminals, so it might be said that I am coping out but I have not really run out of ideas on how to get them enlisting in the armed services to fight my battles either. They do claim that I am completely unaware of the sacrifices people make for me behind the scenes and its utter nonsense as well; the only thing that has been happening is the usual thing such as the assumption that keeping from gangs and criminals, bearing in mind you are not enlisting any to attack them whenever they must make comments that leave you with nauseating financial complications and then find your disposition amusing every day, working that stupid social co-operative that is used to help them add peoples acumen to their own in order to show profitability when profitability was never mandatory for them since they never got real jobs or did businesses properly. So for the very young especially, you might have thought that keeping away from these bad elements was your right, except that you must keep away from it in a way that does not cause those who supply Celebrities the organised crime products that they spend show business money on, to push up prices. I am then said to have broken their hearts which I have not in anyway whatsoever, what is really happening is that they had all the time in the world to organise their show business in a way that has nothing to do with me but preferred to take advantage of an intensified interest of culture and society idiots that American secret services had recently developed a habit of fooling around with at my expense, to tear up my career everyday in order to make themselves better off, so if my whole life came to a stop so they might withdraw, it would be a third time that my whole life came to a stop because a handful of fools were famous and I am not accommodating them any further. They do say that it’s a matter of the times that The Queen has been unhappy about my activities and yes it has, there was always risk of that if I had to start pushing back as well.

The other case is that there is huge controversy around my activities, so massive that the Government wants regular explanation. The truth of it is that most of my activities are found to be supportive of the Civil service where secret service operatives work, so those who love to fool around with public matters are finding out what I can be when they are unable to appreciate the pressures of work where people have to be professional and not professional on the spot and during which time things can kick off into deadly violence at any stage, like nobody introduced Tinker tailor soldier spy to those who have jobs on TV. Eventually we have ended up with this scenario where they appoint themselves bruisers for the Queen which is all good if they do not make a mess of the civil service i.e. I am a Hermit in service of a Government where the Civil service was actually a professional arrangement contrary to the publicity the Media and Celebrities who are completely detached from processes and procedures associated with civil daily concerns, jobs, careers and academic pursuits, so such an extent you can even go back to a case where it is possible to intimate them to matters associated with the times when the school teacher pointed out talents among students, of which what they said was not very far detached from the talents we are exhibiting today while mine is being held back through media comments on account the way I respond to nauseating financial complications caused was said to be exhilarating i.e. if people realise they are making a mess of the civil service, need stop it, not hang around somewhere putting out ideas they were a threat to those who were already uncomfortable as a result of outcomes in which socialist mistresses got on media to pass insults at others via short videos in which they claimed advertisement was being made. The Russia issue is the one that got me acting on the matter wholly all together, as it was said that they wanted to take all I had from me because some persons got hurt or killed in Russia, as a clear disparity from the fact what happens when ask soldiers to solve problems is that they get into a fight and if they come to harm we then have to follow their trail and pick up the jobs they tried to do, what they tried to accomplish and what got them to take the risks that they did. Some will ask if I think that people took unnecessary risks which I don’t, what has happened is a case of Media making a proper mess of the jobs they did because of the risks they took to do it the way they knew it and it will take so much work now to clear out. Hence we find that Mr Putin had at this stage relinquished some powers to the Russian legislature which should have been a great result when added to the work that service operatives did on the matter, bearing in mind the part of my work they find most supporting is the part where I do not think overseas wars help since the Countries we invade are actually full of people that work hard trying to stop the gimmicks that the trouble makers invent – that we should support them but not so as to drive them into getting killed as such, which leaves them the means to do their work more efficiently. But we can see Media entanglement means that Public leadership has not got a clue what has been going on all together. The other story being that I am afraid of the smell issues which are a matter of US Culture but I am not – its one of those matters that bring to bear that I need a wife and partner to support me on the State duties all together since it must be kept from entanglement with the other part of me that does not get a lot of attention i.e. that I do not like the Celebrities and Media goons at all, although they assume that there is a way that I get to accommodate them in a wider sense.

They speak of a great mystery where Government operatives are unable to tolerate the Media but it usually goes far beyond something of a need they have to be the careers that get into peoples lives to decide how people should exist because they are incredibly important, alongside the Celebrities while being completely detached from processes by which things are done to ensure that the least to the most dangerous career is handled in a way which allows people to go home to their families at the end of the day alongside their society gits who never get along with anything the rest of the population does and has not got enough compunction to see that following me around with it over how my public image should be used, until I dropped out of University, would make me angry enough to seek vengeance, depending on their attitude. So the outcome is that the family finances and social lives of the general population is always under constant assault from the Media and they do not have a direct way of making money from it, so its all provisional in case somebody that wants to bully others because they were rich, wanted to pay the Media for it. It gets to that stage where no matter what we do, when women talk about war and peace, its difficult for people to hear what they are saying and terribly confusing, then there is my party piece which is all linked up to the way it is said that I am not keen for people who fight my corner at National service to do their jobs i.e. the small people who get away from big bad people and is therefore in the interest of society to protect them in order to get one back being hounded and hunted down with sex and alternative lifestyle.