The story continues to fester like a sore, of the idea I am a small man who always tried to do things that I was too weak to accomplish – I could never tell anyway since it is supposed to have been a product of pillaging the finances and wellbeing over a period of years, in order to ensure I had something important to lose to their gimmicks, arriving at this nonsense where the men made a complete mess of work that was being done by security services because the conditions that allowed the type of work that protected the public from local and overseas terrorism was one that could enhance the idea they were unrecognised but incredibly important people who deserved an award for social activities, just like they are always in need of access to Royal publicity and hospitality that was set out to entreat Politicians. I mean I can only say that they may continue pillaging those things whilst issuing threats at me instead of decide whether the lack of access to it was one of the telling points as to whether or not I am a weak person as they have claimed, until the point where they got to annoy themselves well enough to try handling me physically as well, instead of continue to rely on what ageist idiots can do for them with an abusive society, rogue landlords and corrupt private security, then will be find out. The women on the other hand were not an emotive story – for some reasons I ended up paying the price for insults endlessly because the fact they brought something to the table when in a personal relationship with other men, had something to do with me. All together it was obvious that we were running out of options that we could play out on the matter of their abuses and insults and if they had more options to play, then they may continue getting on my nerves, if not, I suggest they move on.

It is the one single problem that there ever was in every turn, the fact that this is a Bookshop and they were neither here to read Books or were they prepared to allow those who wanted to read Books engage with the shop, so we have entered into a stage where they underestimated how far I will go on the twin problem of consolidating the stupidities being exhibited in my direction to a point where I can tell the clients that the problem was being solved and of course the things I had to do to be able to tolerate it. We can already see the claim I am an understated threat will not suffice at this stage as I am no such thing and they have performed this nonsense for long enough to move on, just as much as soft power allied to me overseas was being attacked by Celebrities who trashed my crime control publicity because they assumed that I was unlikely to pose such a threat to them as caused them to lose the Celebrity jobs. I am also as such told the main problem was to do with the fact they did not believe in me but I do not care what they believed in – save I wanted to live the way they had set out for me to, where a profile from my career publicity was devised to match social activities of criminals and people who had done time, right up to the stage where I talked the way they did after a 2 decade career mess that brought me low enough to listen and try to make sense of what they were saying without success and government function in their neighbourhoods tended to enhance the idea the insults were the only things they learned at school – it physically hurts and is the main cause of the tummy upset that also predisposes me to their society and media narcissism, but when they build society in which they had to get into trouble with the law, to show that they deserved what they already owned, it was possible that they were being paid to do it perhaps, whilst the Industry goons have progressed from complaining about me because they were spending a lot of money on Celebrities who are obviously taking advantage of their abuses to build vacuums of what could be off my work and office that facilitated barely criminal show business, set to get to a point where they needed to stop spending their own money to make me uncomfortable and the Celebrities will enter into a stage where they and their society gits faced contributions I made to their wealth and social inequality problems.

We  know when I leave these matters to fester, there was the underground world developed epidemic of sexual context and sex based crimes that will have done its worst before it arrived in mainstream society, just as much as the police can only act when it had done its worst, we also know that whilst it enjoys the way the price for its abuses were very high for me, should I keep the stupid history where my profile matched that of criminals and ex-convicts to bring up each time it tried to pursue its daily affairs, each time it tried to get a job and each time somebody wanted to do something violent, the results would supersede what they were currently complaining about, whereby state provided security provoked them but it definitely wants to see how the business of its gits picking up my Royal order to get involved with and make a mess of security service jobs which was the first time they got something they wanted so badly that they complained about getting it, talking nonsense at me on Media where it had since become an impossible task to get the truth and the facts that were relevant, not industrial trauma gimmicks and fake news whenever people informed the public about the affairs of the day.

It is naturally never true that I am out there pursuing women that did not like me, which explained the rift with famous people but this is not the case – the reality is that the single most important role I played in public security for instance, is to ensure that those who worked the services enjoyed an upper hand against public threats, they are neither security services, public threats or on my side, they are simply nosing around where they do not wish to get into a personal relationship, pillaging finances for gimmicks that will get corrupt men to share money with them and causing royalty personal life schedule delays, building up to this question that I will never actually get to fulfil the most important Royal duty outstanding. It is as they have built up a sense that it was impossible for people to get into a relationship with me whilst they clung to my personal life abusively because the abusive stupidities thought the gimmicks were all very well hidden – I am not unlovable, just a matter of somebody I cannot live without, to spend the rest of my life with and we see clear evidence that there was none available, even if there were, they would at this stage have practiced and gotten quite good at carrying handbag for celebrities to make a living, those who have had the Celebrity handbag jobs taken were being made to do something that pleased the male population for a living, hence sex work was the best option – I simply need it to cease showing up here screwing around, stifling my Bookshop. It loves those insults that I ought to behave more like a man and would not spend a better portion of its time having stupid conversations about personal improvements, with men that it actually got into a relationship with naturally, like something I will have to stop badly, considering according to my websites, I am actually doing better than they are and left the finances to be resolved in a matrimonial setting without which it will be impossible to keep an equal relationship with a wife. The setting is that I do not find society abuses provocative, it is something that had no meaning or purpose, only provocative when a stupid famous gits consistently trifle with my finances because it existed – the way this plays out in a personal relationship is that women who liked men that did not find society abuses provocative were likely to be women who wanted to be independent and this also meant they liked to jousting that accompanied the fact that they had to provide for themselves even though they were in a relationship with a Man, so normally if she had her finances sorted before we met it was better for her but it seems that any women in such a position would be subjected to abuses and attacks by radio wave lesbians, finished off with idiots talking nonsense at me on media with an inability to keep their imagination off my body bits, to an effect where a criminal and ex-convict crowd gathers to take advantage, hence the problem we have recently ended up with, something I will need to stop painfully and badly too. My finances are not in the bad shape they made it out to be because they robbed it virtually every day, there are a lot of people out there who think that doing financially orientated activities with me brought them good winds, it is a good future for a matrimony and the famous gits with their American socialites who were ballsy, excited for their bad behaviour and entitled have not yet learned to stop getting on my nerves, they have in fact picked an alliance with German influence twats that I had to be afraid of developing stupid opinions about my existence that none asked them tom such that I felt flustered, and these I certainly will have to kill as it were.

It seems that they will not give up on the idea that my person and possessions existed in a social no man’s land, to be done with as they please because I had come to an official profile as a coward. It is not linked to reality in anyway as it was largely a simple matter of standing in a premises to prevent people stealing from it over a private security industry job I took up. In that time, they came to the premises to mess with the work I was doing, it became so messy that every day was concluded with a new type of mess that they had created, which at some stage became so stressful for me, adding to the fact their public transport idiots fingered my bum the whole way from home to the premises and then bullied me into forgetting when to touch in my oyster card, ending up with fines and a county court decision as a result but in terms of the cowardice itself all together, we were talking about the idea that simply preventing people from robbing a premises had to be handled in terms of the unusual characters that showed up at the social activities of politicians, to complain about gits that would not keep the hand and imagination to themselves and since I had done no preparation for such a contingency to carry through a private security work, I had become a coward and it will not let go or go away, hence we are now in a situation where it was clear that their famous idiots making a mess of my finances constituted people I felt like killing but their stupidities were the people that I really wanted to kill. They do say I do not come off doing nothing at the job either and I did not, as it eventually played into a case of setting out their male narcissism society and its strong youth gimmicks as the main reason that a premises in my care might be seen as free for all, what they are now saying is that they want to go home and I obviously do not care, hence it is war here waged by corrupt private security idiots and rogue landlords using free security work from a security guard that is not working anymore but the security work follows him everywhere, putting up those stupid labels when their gimmicks had not yet stopped very painfully all together. It wants to go home and does not care that I did not care, wants to go home yet for all the trouble its stupidities had created here, it had not done a thing about communists yet.

They do claim I lived a precarious existence which I don’t as it was as simple as being regarded as a writer by those who got involved not having to deal with all sorts of abusive and messy nonsense associated with people building a thousand and one purposes for my public profile. It was a simple matter of this being stopped otherwise those involved recognised that I will consider the thousand and one ways in which my public profile could be used as a thousand and one things I had to do to protect a Bookshop and my person too. The cowardice issue is much the same, Politicians reaching a point where they raised an issue about claims I am a coward placing me in a social condition where my person and possession existed in a no man’s land, the reality is that Celebrities had begun to make statements that my most recent attitude towards their addiction to my property and public profile was one of those things about which somebody was set to fight a National enemy on my behalf for the purpose of media abuses, a statement being made as though they had learned everything there was to know about this newly made enemy. Here the story changes towards the concern that people thought I am tough whilst I am really not, the stupidity being that they used to be afraid of me but are not anymore, since last their goons developed a habit of picking up my Order to engage with security services work and never ever doing it the correct way, which by the way is not the business of the famous. This is what my position actually looked like and the reality of incessantly screwing about with my affairs had come to bear in terms of people building wealth and fortune from the fact that I am single and therefore cannot prevent access properly, feeding into a process where an extremist might have understood that should his career fall into my hands as well, I will be using it for financial purposes too. They do claim they were confused about what a royal order was, so I should state that it was a series of facts about the way I stood up for myself and others, such that if a crest was created for me at the Monarchy, it would have been built either on this basis or on the basis that there was upon this foundation, something that was required of me and my family going forward. They claim this was for everybody as disrespectfully as possible every day, then complain about feeling sick in the stomach which I am meant to mitigate, leaving me with no right to smell nice. I mean the issue with my royal order was not necessarily a problem as I enjoyed making strategy video games patterns with it, like when I am bored and the point of stress was these sorts of gimmicks as a matter of security services leadership, outcome is usually that I was having fun and somebody hated my guts intensely for it, therefore there had to be a reason but it talks too much and is always abusive.

They do suggest it was a matter of overestimating my strengths which I don’t, an example of such a condition would be that I knew of unusual characters showing up at the social lives of Politicians because some people could not keep the imagination off peoples body bits, if I said that since I had done nothing to ensure that I was ready to go at any time, I was actually ready to go at any time, then I would have been overestimating my strength but if somebody said that the fact I am aware of these matters did not count and I would be squished and walked all over, it would be an underestimation of my strengths as well. It apparently was something we had to do as for people who did not complete the academic pursuits to secure the good jobs, it was all our fault, so we had ended up with a profile that matched the social activities of criminals and people who had served time. There was another in which they would say this made me a dangerous person as well all together but it was largely a tendency to ensure those who threatened me ended up in the same none preparedness situation as I was, because I had to help myself on their account, so beating me down achieves nothing whatsoever, it is a total waste of time and I would fancy they stopped wasting my own time as well – had to pick a fight with people for no reason and run it off endlessly, wreck the career and finances, eventually when the fighting kicks off not quite up to it anymore.

I am now told that I have ended up in a very bad place which I have not in any way whatsoever – it is simply not feasible to run a Bookshop where some people did not get a service on account that they were Russian and those in the authority who picked up an envy at some stage on account that doing so created a sense that I had the world at my feet and they did not, only had themselves to blame for the outcome and effects. It is the same problem as normal where a bunch of gits decided that they needed a public condition in which engaging with what they were doing at market was a must for me whilst engaging with what I did at the market was put to a perhaps question, shows up here to get addicted to handling my personality every day, taking advantage of my up bringing because it was unable to raise its children any other way save the narcissism way building communities that will finger my bum but then again it is not clear exactly when we lost sight of the Celebrities and what the other goons who got me stuck with home wreckers but did not fancy the way I responded to the problem were really looking for. What we know about the Celebrities at this stage is that they would do anything for the fringe benefits of getting on Media alongside their stupid fans, to pass insults at me like something they were entitled to do, something about which their parents did not deserve a feedback over claims they were incredibly important, when we were not yet living in an environment in which they were too afraid to attend school because of me. The others who get me stuck with home wreckers on the other hand are supposed to be older people at the system who apparently believed that an alliance with narcissists at my expense was the best way to deal with curses they picked up due to their civil disobedience and the fact they had been fighting everybody else in authority right up to the point where they picked it up themselves. It appears that these three groups of people would do anything to get what they want with respect to the narratives they had built around my affairs, claiming support from the King who had been fighting his mother throughout her reign over these issues for it at the same time, suggesting that I had ended up in a bad place, like they would fancy a response for the fact the 20 year career mess they have caused is amusing for their stupidities on Media every day. They have become incredibly good at stealing peoples time, all the way to the point of a need to hunt people down track them and get them showing up in a work premises to operate for a payment in an environment where whatever they did for money was rewarded with a payment that made sense in terms of them getting less than they were worth – at the same time that we saw whole generations raised to make sense of what their stupidities got up to when they abused peoples private with rogue landlords and corrupt private security, becoming very good at stealing property equity, making stupid statements about whether or not they had arrived based on the money that wealthy gits who spend it making other people’s lives difficult had put to their popularity, stupid statements about majority of the law being about property, which none is asking them to inform people about, just as much as my own need here was to see they stopped wrecking a writers public profile and ceased interfering with a Bookshop if keeping their incomes had made them bullies too. I mean living in civil society was swell but there was a problem of obscurity for people to surmount, so they built a society that fingers my bum and when I look back at my history with the tax man to feel sick to the stomach they felt it too, got support from the King, became popular with my public profile and came up with a suggestion that I had ended up in a bad place – loves to lip flap ways I cannot wade their stupidities whilst current response so far had gotten them to do politicians the favour of controlling neighbourhoods by causing people to suffer diarrhoea all day long, concerning which the communists were factored in as well; for my part which I am certain it must have heard me mention that it needs to cease making a mess of my Bookshop or we will face an outcome where I got my hands on the society and they did not get to see it ever again. Where the system is concerned however, it seems that making a mess of my bits tended to help the older generation deal with curses they picked up due to their need to endorse civil disobedience at other people’s expense, so I am now being attacked by a bunch of gits that needed to get a real job, now show up here to enforce the Kings will, contrary to those gimmicks that I had problems with authority – it is just a bunch of narcissists and it needs to stop getting on my nerves.

They do claim I believed I could change the rules to suit me whereas it never stopped abusive practical jokes it claimed added up to a game of power, when I had to explain to clients that product development processes has been interfered with, they did not wish to end up at Industry with such a profile either, if I worked with auto companies they bought cars that they drove around with families that were raised to get better and better at stealing people’s property equity for celebrity culture, making stupid statements about the way that majority of the law was about property, building communities that fingered my bum, if they were doing these things I was in a bad place, I had become a character that life left behind and such an idea replaced my real public profile, stifling my finances whilst their local council idiots worked me for homelessness because I was living on social security.

It really has nothing whatsoever to do with power, 18 years ago a bunch of idiots developed an unusual interest in my person and possessions, it has since gotten worse, they are now friends with the King, friends with the Office of the Head of state over it and their tummy hurts as well with a big mouth. So, it seems that the King who kept fighting his mother on the matter now knows what parental narcissism looked like obviously, he has had a lot of opportunities to get out of it but none knows if embracing it was part of leadership, just one of those matters where time will inform everybody eventually. I for my part have done the parental narcissism issue all the way to the security services, so the claim that I am impatient on public policy was valid. They do claim the reasons people tackled me was more complicated and yes it is, I speak of it when my interests are affected, does not imply I am unaware it is about the way that current system tells me what to do and the country people had in their heads, also ordered my steps, I mean that I had organised the personal life properly, not clear why I had to do it all the time and reasons that career progress had suffered whilst they got to cling to my income streams. The claim that I would do anything the authorities desired is utter nonsense too, as we know it is largely about the degree of corruption they had built up to affect HMRC, whereby they had to resolve the way that some people were bigger than they were and others were smaller, criminally, never mind that security service operatives allied to me were predisposed to instances where I could not beat them all, so people had something to do about security service staff on that basis, feeding into the way that people in HMRC were not big enough to do security service work and were not so small as to require assistance from Celebrities. It appears to be a preferred method of dealing with the fact that they were supposed to accept responsibility for their own social and political views, not show up here with a pretty face as well for those who had one, to screw around with my finances, such that they had a society on their side which ensured that my methods of responding to the gimmicks were ineffective and my career suffered for it, needs to fool around somewhere else, not complain seeking privileges of injustice to befriend what it believed were powerful persons, building up wishes that I was vulnerable to economic abuse as if it was possessed and its stupid ideologies made sense, the rest need to cease running me down and show up here only for the Books, not insults on how I should be used.

The excuse I had fallen from a glorious position is absolute nonsense as these are all narratives that they were not being asked or paid to peddle. The story that I am a little pipsqueak who continued seeking involvement with security services and had no clue what war was about, is the most provocative of them all, and it is now about to produce a result where it is not a matter of what I could do about Celebrities peddling it to trash my career and finances but a matter of whether there was an option that would provide a better result compared to an outcome where I tore up their Celebrity careers, so that we ended up in a social situation where there had to be an explanation for the way I faced nauseating financial complications everyday over wars that they had won in their heads. They raise this point that it was a matter of people making sacrifices which does not make any sense from my point of view, if my overseas interests are inundated with people who complained about unusual sexual activity – so what has really happened is that they enjoyed picking up my Royal order for security service work which availed them to people involved in working my overseas interests; Women in China who could provide them endless pleasure because their soul was steeped in my interests and it would be fun to see a process of putting them through a sexual activity where they got to make sense of it, their identity, my social standing and a personal decision, overall however, the overseas interests is now such that if I attacked the people who worked it, it would have been a failure of responsibility on my part that caused such an action and likewise the people that they worked with, so it is never clear why people who were never satisfied that a need to copy security service staff, handle me and my affairs to get involved with the services for gimmicks were offered their gratitude for taking part in National service, would continue to get involved with security services in order to get around having sex with people who worked my overseas interests, lip flapping sacrifices that they had made – what is clear being that they are not in charge and needed to cease handling my finances. This is a matter that is getting worse and worse in its own right, the disgusting media personalities having since arrived at a point where the need to pick up my public profile for gimmicks that would get them paid for being popular, had provided them money to buy private security without which they cannot stand up for themselves a portion of which is now being set out to explore the options of attacking me for a payment over a lack of co-operation with the way they felt about handling my personal space – a group of idiots I have observed for 5 years straight and on no occasion have they ever once done something with the press which was fact or truth, whilst they made stupid statements about the way I appeared to be champion of the press only at face value – we know that champion of the press social disposition was never the issue at hand as such naturally, since it was clear that a government was always effective if it was possible for get at least 60% of what it was doing, into the hands of the public, since what is in the hands of the public cannot be corrupted, these are not engaged in such things as we can see, what they do on social media meets up with what they did on mainstream media and it was all lies and fake but it really loved to pick up my Books for it, trash my finances and make out my response was amusing, so this part where people were being paid to attack me because its bottom hurt the same way mine hurts over what is now a 20 year career mess, is usually the beginning of the end for an instance that had developed into a lip flapping gimmick, progressed into an outcome where I showed up in its well off neighbourhood kitchen at 9.00pm uninvited, assuming it would go well if I intended to scare the shit out of its stupidities but ought to bear in mind that it could go very badly wrong too. It is so stupid that it was good at starting such gimmicks and our main problem now is that it did not know how to stop, but so have I provided an exit that it needed to make its comments about its career and stay away from my Books to no avail and its stupidity is now the one issuing threats – so the threats are being issued in an atmosphere where it is said that it was sad that what I did with the famous had come to an end whereas I had nothing doing with them in the first instance, just a process where I looked out for a public office by opening up state provided security to younger people who got involved, had to mitigate the issue of the best looking faces being picked out by goons who never stopped abusing my privacy as though I was doing time, put labels on when I looked like I was, to arrive at a stage where it clung to my public image to cover its backside with and was paying people to attack me, picked up to go off and make money handling my public profile, to which effect a structure is devised to prevent the criminally minded following people around to make a mess of career when they were professionals and to make a mess of academic pursuits when they were students and to ensure the Government was effective in the public policy that maintained it, considering that people usually needed time to finish their academic pursuits, amass a certain amount of savings, to say that they were confident enough to respond to society abuses before they became active politically, especially in terms of the criminally minded who had at some stage gotten the Police involved in their affairs, the danger of some girl who got involved with my affairs making music from it etc – this is an example of the working structures which are being suspended by these fools so I was unable to function whilst they claimed I am to cover their backside for a living and any aspect of my career that should be secretive meant that I was in league with communists, to get money from Washington, the abuses getting worse and worse, no chance I will take steps to ensure the bottom hurting for them never stopped at any time and then I will end up hiring somebody to do the hurting them myself or end up in their homes at an unholy hour expecting it not to go badly wrong, it is not in charge and needs to fool around somewhere else. At this stage it is simply amusing for me the degree of crisis that they faced suspending my working structures and finances for their gimmicks, simple crime control publicity like these leading to outcomes in which it became a survival tactic to tackle me on the basis that they brought something to the table when they were engaged in a personal relationship with a man, making out it is what form reality had taken, whilst the men continued to think they were in charge, picked up my order to perform some involvement with security services, never doing the job properly at any stage. They have now progressed from security services incompetence to security services corruption, blabbing nonsense about sacrifices that they had made: here there is a sense I want to be separated from it but I don’t – security services staff had found that handling my position always came with a need to do their jobs by making their own special statements, so if they worked as a team they would make the statement as one and if they worked individually and as they team they made two separate statements, I cannot therefore see how the accusation that I did not handle my affairs in a way that helped to curb extremism made sense, if an extremist can take up a security  service work without troubling other people, the risk being that he may travel overseas and make a silly statement that gets him court-martialled, these goons however as stupidly as the idea of ripping my finances and running me down to a stage where somebody would want to get paid to attack me, have been getting involved with the services, handling my order because they saw security service staff do it, to pursue the interests of the male population, which then questions all together my rationale for having this conversation at all. My point thus being that it gets what it wants and needs to do its own bits whilst it left me to do mine without interference. It is a two part world where on one side being rude and using swear words produced a result where things occurred and you were not quite up to it, whilst on the other you could bend the rules, so if I am spending a lot of my time in the one where I could bend the rules and I am said to be a fake hero, I believe I deserved congratulations for it.

In the end I am to take it the story is mostly to do with the way I am not strong enough to accomplish anything except making people uncomfortable and manipulating them – I could never tell anyway, these gits are always seen messing around with culture, as if it would have meant that their stupidity was the way that culture actually worked, would it then have meant as they had claimed, that if the government tackled the people that have had enough of their abusive gimmicks, the problem of sex based offences would be solved? If they have discovered that the idea they were bigger in size than I am, was the solution for all their problems, then it ought to be let to rest, I ought to be free of them if they had found an obvious solution to their stupid problems. I mean it is an example of what people talk about all the time over these kinds of matters, it is being paid to start like this the last time we checked. It has always been a matter in the mind the whole abusive dogmatic orthodoxy nonsense by which ugly people get to enjoy a period in which they were thought to be beautiful, its corruption of deciding what my personal convictions were and making me into a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy over the way it chooses to build publicity for my career and public profile, looking for a degree of trouble only its stupidities could, adds up to a sense that it is sucking the life out of me to be beautiful whilst we are not actually in a personal relationship, needs to fool around somewhere else and cease handling me. It is true that they have curbed my abilities the lip flapping endlessly; police racism, police brutality, street violence, mass shooting in the USA linked to me, the so called ways I had organised my career to make others take risks with personal safety curbed and all problems could be linked to me, my personality and enviable career in some way, an environmental atmosphere that had already been colonised by sociopaths hence the sexual context abuses that had developed completely out of hand, no way that I will start over and pursue their stupidities up to the retirement. Their pleasure same as their famous gits, is that they were causing me a difficult time – the outcome is that it has hijacked my schedule and labelled me a person that life had left behind, to cling to my public image and had added 6 year mess to an existing 14 year career mess, to express its stupidities about the ways that my personal space should be used on via media, nosing around, causing financial delays, seeking vengeance for the fact they cannot get into or keep their own relationships as well due to involvement with mine and tried to tell me that my birth sign was the cause, whilst the health problems associated with the abuses did nothing to suggest that we are hoping it does not expect politicians to listen to its famous feelings when I respond too.

We have seen these sorts of nonsense being taken further, where they claimed that the Media believed it could do anything it fancied with my person; I could never tell anyway if it was talking about something I may have done to make their stupidities uncomfortable in terms specifically of the job that got to their heads, such as if it gives me 24 hours, I will terrify its stupidities out of the saloon cars, concerning which none is paying them to cover the distance between home and work by passing insults at me every day, unless it is a matter of blabbing endlessly, so that their criminals would have something important to listen to. The Media interest in me is unusual but never been explained naturally, the simple explanation which had always been that it was opportunistic; started out with a sense they wanted to be business men for prestige and the barrier to that was the fact they feared the markets, so I was a character nobody cared about, to go out and get people interested in products for them to be business men with, even if I was unaware that I was doing or being used for such a purpose, as it would have ended up at the behest of a red button somewhere in a studio, which progressed onto a sense that I had more acumen and every important person they interviewed was to be personally befriended up to the stage where their children were friends with the children of their guests for connection, beyond which I was randomly being punished for the wealthy people I disrespected, now it is simply hijacking my schedule, looking for more of what it was complaining about. It is always well for it to talk like it was possessed in my view, i.e. I had come into property it had never tasted, so it will now go home to find out if I had been responsible for a punishment its stupidity had to endure, like it was possessed by a demon, needs to refrain from issuing threats at me so its criminals can hear it blab, as it is a 20 year career mess here and they were complaining more than I was. The Politicians have raised the point that these unusual interest people showed in me was deeper than I suggested and yes it was, as each time I had business with a company, the purpose of being employed by that company, would be to decide how my assets should be wasted, then it progresses to a stage where the amusement was to rip up my career and use my market to make the company more money just to find out how I planned to recover the career, among many other forms of industrial abuses, this the result as such, that over 80% of their career and professional energy had been spent on me and I am not giving it back, just as much as it loved to suggest it knew where my Royal Estate was situated and when I do get my hands on its affairs personally, the wealth and social inequality issues it complained about would end up existing in an entirely new sphere. It has been a 20 year career mess and the Media with its gimmicks about the way everybody else had failed to tackle me successfully whilst they had gained the most success at doing it, needs to employ people who made comments about their own careers all day, cease picking up my career publicity and their Celebrities need to lay off my assets and figure out how on the new history of disenchantment with them, they wish to consolidate a history of building a career with showbusiness by handling my assets in the first place, considering that the opinion of me was so low.