I am told I did not possess the social disposition, authority or recognisable involvement motivation for the activities I engaged in but whether or not I did have these things, it has been a 20 year career mess here, about which I can either spend all my energy tolerating their abusive involvement or I spend it keeping them away from the career, we know that either way, they were in control of the career if I did, so the best way to progress for me is what I am doing. Apparently I am not exactly the dunce at the back of the class that everybody liked to bully, they were and had since taken time to avoid chores and show up on my social life to attend school and pass exams, now that they have succeeded their stupidities and its abuses knew no limits in a world where the idea I was that dunce, did not hold up. In any case, I take it to be information they were worried I might patronise the meaning and benefits of such behaviour and want to ensure they were not affected but we are still dealing with people so stupid that if I were proactive in managing the way their only interest in me was to do with the aspect of my Bookshop where money and Books changed hands and it was being used for all sorts, reasons to use it made up as they go along, stifling my finances and getting violent over ideas I might resist their needs being met at my expense, talking nonsense about being famous persons as well, so it is now so stupid I can only handle them by removing the theory in my head that doing so was not only the wrong thing to do but was likely to get me into trouble with the Law. On the social front, antagonising a Libra, antagonising me will not solve their problems, no matter how much blame culture was attached to it, of which we know the stupid blame culture is always the go to answer for all problems they had created for themselves and for other people until they ended up in a situation where they had to figure out an issue with police in riot gear. Besides which selling me to Celebrities and building communities that finger my bum does not prevent me from selling them to Celebrities and making out I am the innocent party in the matter – the idiots were worried about this and so there was a way they were twice my size, all I said was an opinion, hang around street corners smoking pot at 11.00am stopping children from attending school bully characters that were not shed since school, talking nonsense about the way I promised to take them down whilst they were clearly bigger than I am, thinking their stupidities was the look that fame took on this planet. It cannot be that difficult to say the biggest problem here was a statement that I am supposed to get into a fight with people on their behalf over ideas they were important, so anything I did about public control problems that they stirred up, creating a mountain of issues from thin air for me, by which they caused me health issues as opposed to my career that people told me was tough but did not cause me any illness – finishes off making out it was all my fault over the way that security services responded because others were affected too, the first time they organised their career to get me working for market that they used media to hand over to big businesses in order to get rich, after that they were using my career to familiarise with wealthy people and build connections for their families, after that I was being punished on behalf of the wealthy people I had offended, just in case somebody wanted to reward them for it, it seems that this business of hanging around somewhere with a perception over my affairs that suggested I thought the famous were important people and since I am Royalty meant that I was paying the price for that importance, hence they could not have enough of trashing my career for self-reinvention, is not going to be shut down amicably, this is the source of all our problem. The rest were supposed to be a bunch of idiots with ideas about anything between me and people reading my Books being the answer to all their blame culture problems, issuing threats and yet when I suggested this was not their lives and they did not get to tell me what to do, the whites I can get into trouble with because they were racist, the rest I can because they are not in charge of anything in this place, it did not register like it would to normal people, that I too had issued a threat, had since figured out a preferred option of not ceasing its well dressed hoodlum need to run off its stupidities around my career, get involved with a Bookshop and not pay for what it uses by a Media presence, so it built a community to finger my bum, makes the most of its criminal streak getting idiots to bang walls and doors at me and runs public transportation a certain way over my social life and yet, it suggests I did not have an authority or recognised motivation for the actions that I did pursue when work that was relevant to church and state became something they made sense of painfully, to begin with, and lip flaps the way that I promised I could handle the problem whilst their stupidities were the only thing doing any fighting around here.

It is a simple matter of running a Bookshop without further social interference with the finances or their neighbourhoods testate to the fact I am a writer and they had to pick up their bully personality that churned the tummy alongside their well-off neighbourhoods and show up to prove themselves with it. I mean they say my Books are an antagonism naturally, but it was not during the first 7 years after it was completed, it was once they were ready to make me tortured talented soul for their stupidities, lip flapping about dominance that was naturally whilst not paying for the damage. It is the idea that my career and time should be used like this, which needs to be punished until I am able to control my Bookshop, especially where the famous were involved. I am told I never address properly the idea I always started a fight others had to finish but we know I am so much better than they are, I am able to drive them into a corner where they built an abusive society and picked up my public image to get popular and famous in it, so much better I am able to push them into such a complicated position they were forced to complain that the fights they got into was being done on my behalf, so it had become rather obvious as much as these social matters needed to be achieved within my lifetime and on a schedule, that it was either somebody knew what the Office of managers and CEOs did or was an idiot that never stopped showing up on my career and finances to pursue the interests of younger people abusively because the stupidities got me dropping out of University so they may handle my career, showing a history of gallivanting around the world making a mess for money and therefore became the answer for all their problems the first time around. It needs to stop running me down when I am at work, keep its media comments to its career, cease linking me up with its German influence idiots running off their dirty mouth for violence at a safe distance and shut down the abusive lasciviousness that its quasi criminals made the most of over civil rights gimmicks that will forcibly make me pursue their community interests over my race with a big mouth or there will be a second story to the matter. It could allow the public engage with the Books for its gimmicks, interference and parental narcissism practical jokes however, its stupidities and that of its fellow idiots with government office careers were simply too narcissistic to permit such a thing and its trolls will help using social media and mainstream to ascertain the amusement of the way there was something to tell the public as a suggestion that it was all my fault considering they did not need to be afraid of me.

The question that Politicians have raised was one of whether I was blaming others for my problems but technically I am, the assumption was that the worst of it occurred during a University fiasco when they built communities to finger my bum among many other things I have stated but it was not the worst, the daily abuses are replacing my experiences when I attended University whilst their middle management stupidities will ensure the hoodlums who made the most of building me a profile that matched the social activities of criminals made me into one of their own abusively. The Americans are usually more forth coming in saying that I am waking up to the fact they were powerful people concerning the civil disobedience of handling my work and property as tackles the clients and keeps them away from engaging with the Books and it explains why they had so many guns in their country because although this nonsense added up to practical jokes, they were keeping their own jobs and the results were serious. In the end they say that it would not have been tolerated in the US, that I was able to talk through to them whilst the problem is that they have hijacked a court of female journalists to talk through to me and are causing me health scares to get what they want with it, in essence from a professional point, a version of me now exists on their stupid media which I did not create and cannot control and it is at such a stage that their stupidities do not fancy that I joined in on the conversation having their fun gimmicks for which they created it being a process of working financial market fraud for fame paid off so well. In the end I have never seen anything so stupid, a bunch of people with ideas about what others lost when attacked, that incentivised the need to visit violence on people who possessed something they did not, I am just fed up being target of their stupidities and about to set up one for them as well as will allow me pursue them up to their retirement. It is not living on foodbanks literally at my expense and so its stupid communities need to stop exploring what would happen if I hit somebody so hard I ended up in prison, keep its mouth shut, stop sending out low lives who had nothing to lose for daily provocation that made the most of their famous idiocy and criminal streak, show up here to read a Book or get lost.

They do love to boast that I have been beaten down and humbled which is utter nonsense that never occurred – same idiots with ideas about people losing something important on being attacked by them therefore incentivising the violence but it is the way they cannot have enough and had taken steps to damage the Bookshop which had motivated me into a position to pick up their neighbourhoods and work them for money in similar manner, provided I cannot catch up with my schedule because it is still fooling around with my Bookshop. In the end there is the question of whether I found what I am doing painful which I don’t – the threshold for keeping an intellectual property administration establishment is no longer a matter of patent breaches about which I can consign those who committed the property crimes to a social history that I constructed with publicity or to say that society showed an abusive interest in my Bookshop and can keep it whilst I worked it in their possession, to find out what it is exactly they can do about me, it is now an abusive matter of whether somebody gained access to something I kept secret which a group of famous fools that dream of getting me to face the consequences of their personal decisions for them, could make use of on Media, secured via civil disobedience that were channelled at other people’s property, as listed above, it is the 4th time the idiots have organised their careers like this, need to shut it down and make it last or I will.

It is said I never handle the matter as a function of the disinformation, fake news and abuses but it was the part that calls on people to do very bad things, not just career destruction over claims you think in your mind that you were superior to them, about which Politicians had to listen to their feelings at the slightest response on your part but also insults that affect your career so badly that the clients who worked with you previously under a Hail of insults from them are not as important as the clients that have worked with you under it recently, so since the people who show up in your career to leave with traumatic experiences were becoming more important, you were moving up in the world. It calls on me to do bad things as per there was a way I could show that the wealthy and powerful and wealthy or powerful can be oppressed by the poor, backed by my own perverse broadcasting community and a need to respond to the career and financial damage brought about through being treated like sub human in order to convince managers and supervisors at the media studios which establishments were clearly incorporated different from the way that my Bookshop was, indicating we had nothing in common professionally as a matter of those insults and abuses they appeared to have gotten accustomed to, would thus award them easier and favourable contracts as well as higher bonuses for the excesses they engaged in when they left the office, such that I would stop it painfully and the details I have previously supplied, especially one bearing towards the way most people were better than they were in the sense that it was not clear why they always attacked people who have not wronged them and used a bunch of idiots who only learned insults at school and complained to Politicians endlessly when their insults had met up with Government functions, show up here threatening me whilst they cannot cover their backsides, will have shown how they had a track record of catching or stopping me from doing such things all together. like we hear that my career was stifled because my Books were ridiculous and be that as it may, we know that we had no clarification as to the reasons clients did not get their products and a company went under because a goon who always had to be the right hand man of every business owner on the planet wanted the office of the CEO – in my case specifically the desire was strong enough to want it even when they do not have any shares in my Royal Estate ripping up everything around here to lip flap at me on Media, so I need to make sense of what more punishment I had to dish out and what suffering every fool that stopped me for gimmick or to become a fair minded judge deserved, with respect to the fact that ridiculous or not, being a Book that handled ridiculous matters, the engaging public was listening to their stupidities instead of mine. At the bottom line they claim this was all me dealing with a life I deserved because there was now no prospect I would get involved with the armed services, I could never tell anyway as this nonsense is rich coming from gits who fraternise with me abusively because security services fraternised with me, either way they signed up to National service and should be appreciated for it but this was the work that had to be done i.e. that a bunch of people who should have no business with the way that Heroism worked were learning how it did, since they did it fraternising with me and more so against my wishes, it had become a responsibility for me. It is here suggested this showed I was not a minor Royal but I am not, it would mean that when the King is Head of State and Commander of Armed Forces, I was consorted in some way, minor Royals do not enjoy Armed Forces loyalty. Here it is then said that the business was Celebrities was not as bad as I had made it out to be but I have not made it out to be bad in anyway whatsoever, simple reality that on one hand people are meant to sort out their finances at the work market, on the other those who did not were socialites spending parents and relatives money around my public life in a way that was of National economy importance, the rest are not important people as they basically feed off my finances and are currently not doing a good job of filling a role that a mistress would have if I had any, annoyingly, here it is obvious that it is not as difficult as thought for me to find a spouse but it is not, if I settled down with the famous, I would have to do all that messy business concerning rogue landlords and corrupt private security and then the abusive shop managers too, the problem being that they never listen and show up here detaching me from society abuses which since they began had made the society abuses worse but would not take a hint – the other questionable one were the types that came from wealthy families who generally did not think the version of me that engaged with duty and the one that wanted to do what I liked was one and exactly the same person, so they always did the same abusive things Celebrities did, never mind going the extra mile to suggest I lived in a part of my life that was all about duty and that the messiest aspect of the duties were the places that I spent most of my time, in their view does not actually mean they did not respect my person well enough to get involved with me on a personal basis, hence quite the issue.

What happens to bring these matters to bear was always a long standing problem where there is so much abusive activity channelled towards my career that people were able to attack client interests and damage the finances but what kept the problem going was a vicious and abusive form of career piracy where I learned that the only thing that passed through them at school were the insults, such that none is aware I wrote Books for a living anymore because everybody is caught up with insults being channelled at me and the idiots responsible seeking to live in a history where I had done nothing about it, a financial blackhole which is similar to one I have created for them in response where they will absorb the costs and damages they have done here with their red carpet and public appearances, the difference being that whilst we are having this conversation, I am not being seen deploying my own financial blackhole every day because I am a person with a conscience, however this is set to change considering that if we are to take them at their word that they were not famous and insane, they have to be a group of incredibly stupid people looking for a good response from victims. Eventually we find them explain their position as one to do with Politicians getting to respond to the fact I had difficulty listening to what I am being told as a matter of my Office but it is never clear what they were saying and none knows exactly how low I had to go to make sense of the present continuous and past participle insults, save a sense they had a problem with state provided security all together save the aspect where the security got to serve them so that they might not feel as though security service operatives were able to get their activities under control; the history is one in which a group of gits had a need to stop me and then fail to figure out what they wanted to do with it and this history first being applied to a need these fools had, to cling to my career and groom me for racist attacks, where we had a few atrocities committed by people who claimed they were racist and their lives were over in Europe, much the same as the US version of it was endemic, is set to be applied on Celebrities as to achieve a state of costs and punishment which products such a result as there was an equilibrium which allowed me to concentrate on my work and not face conditions which got me to think about the insults all day. American Politicians on the other hand were so good at looking for trouble that the practical jokes caught up with my finances like the celebrities are saying that they were entitled to an existence where the damage to my finances were entirely due to their ideas on how my career should be used and they were waiting for a time when I will suppose they were to pay for the destruction so that they might show they were too powerful to do so, that is before we had to listen to another stupidity that served a good use of my time, where they got to suggest I failed to listen to what people were saying whilst we know a human being could never make sense of it. we have to think about what actually made sense from their gimmicks being the idea when I talk the way I did, extremist got to make use of it, at the same time that I am attacked due to the fact their need to make use of my personal space and get involved with it for all sorts of reasons, especially the means to talk through to me with a big mouth on Media, whereby their main problem was to do with the bag log of people whose finances and career is damaged by the fact they thought others should be paying the price for public security that they were too important to, so it is clearly their problem but apparently, I do not love to assist.