We have seen since the need to make the statement that gets people to explore the matter of how much help I needed, it is utter nonsense naturally as the main problem is still the crises associated with Celebrities – the change has been that Queen Elizabeth II gave choice to respond to Celebrities if people felt that their concerns had been damaged and destroyed to such an extent that they had to respond to the abuses but the process was removed from Monarchy and generally a personal matter, whilst King Charles III has a Prince’s Trust where it is expected many vulnerable people received support, so considering it is heavy with Celebrity involvement, the implication is that we will have to respond to Celebrity abuses as a matter of public policy. My case is that there are now schools of Industries, employers and professionals drafted into this business of preventing me from accessing my public image and shutting down my personal life, it has become so desperate that they have drafted in children from school as well, hence the situation is that if I attacked them I would get my mobility back and if I attacked the Children I would recover my privacy. Speaking of privacy and mobility, I am now happy to live in a world where I did not generally wish them away; whereby if I engaged with people a folk will exist but once they found out what we were doing, a crisis would emerge and there was a certain way they would do our concerns, in my case, it has now developed into a process where it picks up my concerns any time it wishes, builds a media presence for its gimmicks and it will hand it back once it is finished doing whatever it wants to do with it, mostly of which involved peddling celebrity products, it has become so desperate considering my responses, where it will pick up my concerns to make its own money and I will build a history behind it, so when the abuses begin, they ended up in a situation where the tummy churning issues was a problem of their own making but even then there is so much disrespect, it has built me another profile and one more so for my concerns, to ensure that it did not have to deal with the tummy churning issues whenever it abuses it, so now I have incurred two separate history that I needed to chart, if I wanted to ensure they arrived at a stage where the tummy churning issues affected them – then there is the public control issues as a whole where engaging with people produced a folk whilst their involvement built up to a crisis that involved some stage relationship between me, them and the idea they were not getting enough security by involving as much criminal activity with my daily concerns as was necessary to get a response that made their narcissism profitable, amusing when they claim it was an acid test for the fact that I am a low life below them whilst we contended with an arrangement that was of them, me and criminals, which they controlled for their own interests but it eventually then builds up to the part where they would get me wrapped round their fingers, by picking up images of me in my most private setting and got about sharing it with the people from mental institutions and prisons, except it was easy to say they were doing this and I had a public control problem save the lies told by the Celebrities who were also complaining that the bottom chasing abuses affected them, hence it does like to boast that I am in a difficult situation but we know that this sort of nonsense does not tend to improve, save I saw their Celebrity culture in extreme light, which I am aware a residual state of mind that does was usually the only times I felt that I had my clothes on. It boasts endlessly that this was a product of a European connection which is utter nonsense, as the European connection tended to enhance the fact it should not be happening, as European Royals do not interfere with peoples businesses first of all, then we know that if their world was made up of business interests and insane people running other people down in public places all day, there was no need for Mr Grecco of Grecco and Sons, who had his name in a big lighted billboard that adorned the frontage of his enterprise, even if he had hoodlums bullying people all the time because he had a business and was an outstanding member of the community, to pick up my public image for the purpose of selling show business products as insolently as possible, and I could have it back when they were finished but are never finished even if they were finished. The European connection emphasises  the reasons I should not allow any of it to occur, it does not do the opposite. The point of call here is that which I am told I never really work as evil as it looks but I have – as they believe we do not notice they wanted to live in segregated and posh communities where they could come down to us for a raid everyday and had to do my public life the way we see them do it all the time, looking for people who would think of their communities as the evil sect of British society I suppose but having made a statement about what my Trust looked like, I needed the Public image, so I could avoid prospects of interfering with Royal business, which has developed into a clash with the famous who had to do it this way and I could get it back when they are finished, no chance I will stop it badly. The Public image itself speaking  of people saying I never tackle in terms of the evil that it is, being built around a wealth equity, many things happening in the interest of the public, where we catch up on behalf of the public each time it seems that Celebrities preferred us to solve our financial matters, not by the academic system and the jobs market but by a process where they got to decide who was low life and who was popular in the local communities regardless of what people achieved or did for a living, so that some may be picked on by the popular, to befriend the wealthy – we know that for somebody on minimum wage, 5 years spent negotiating this, meant five years of not earning £12,000, which adds up to 60,000, so the Celebrities not only needed to experience somebody doing something to catch up for the public but needed to be fully informed of the situation, especially as government will have to face the Public and tell them that the jobs market and academic system was the way to do it. The extreme part of their evil being the part where they cannot be trusted i.e. the jobs market is a place where there are no moral qualms for saying that you trashed a small business to extract market that will help preserve your job and that of your colleagues in a big business that was already successful, because you needed to meet targets and impress your boss, the logic of ruining a smaller business to help a bigger one will not have applied at all but then in a wealth equity structure where we got to mitigate such things, there was uncontrolled involvement from Celebrities and Media who converted my public image into a profile which made me a character people can bully to befriend the wealthy, leaving the social effects for gold diggers to run me down on social media by everyday and simply will not go away now that I am finished with the crime control drive, that was the only reason I tolerated their involvement, needs to do my public image the part where I could have it back when they were done running the days music tracks with it, to avoid bottom chasing issues associated with damage they did to my career to create fame products the first time around.

This statement is then made that I thought I was doing the right thing. Nothing here having anything to do with what I did but more a matter a bunch of people saying that their Homes and Cars and clothes were destined to be a good reason for me to attack them, as it is the main stage upon which they get out of their way to get involved with my personal space, call me names and run my life with social activities of criminals, then let me have my public life only when finished with what they wanted to do with it – at it had now occurred, we were talking about it because they were interfering with a State Funeral (The laying to rest of Queen Elizabeth II) and claimed reasons for their behaviour was linked to me in some way. Furthermore is also the claim that I made myself out to be this character that won some great battles but am just a pathetic figure, whilst the business of what I thought of and did with security made them feel so inadequate, it was developing into a question of whether their celebrity security guards can protect them from me.