15:45 pm 22/7/2011 Explosion in Norway and I am Linked to it already on every single network by the Media.

I must say they really love this idea of connecting me with some violence or terrorism somewhere because they have been grabbing my earnings and this feeling of superiority must be guarded no matter what is happening to them as though anybody asks them; whereas in actual fact the truth about it is that they compete among themselves over the kind of beauties that kids have in their different countries and try to make sure these kids and exchanging the beauties to smooth the relationships they have with each other but the problem now is that when there is need for economic leadership the fathers who are always older than everything will provide none of it until they destroy the livelihoods of the kids and grab money for their little princesses and then when they hold out and refuse to provide this leadership because they are not grabbing enough stuff until things turn out to work of their own accord they claim it was their doing damage it and continue to destroy the business of the kids; I am happy to be a part of any violence that hurts them let them die and days when they don’t die they should put it down to Christmas after all as I am aware they are not the only ones that serve the devil in this world. As it stands, try selling a book and you are in a crisis, try getting a job and you are dealing with a crisis; crisis was a word they invented, it is their middle name and for being a democrat that has successfully provided for women and made his career work they must have that beauty as well while making money with crisis as their middle name.

What I am saying is that I am not worried about this their so called difficult world they have created for us the kids to try and survive in and that rubbish and the continual insistence on it will land them and those their Satanic businesses in a very bad place yet because of me and by and through me: I am the democrat that successfully provided for women and kept his job at the end, progressed his career, kept himself off the streets and held together his Royal Estate as well and if they have got it, then they can steal the beauty of that; crisis is the middle name they say; for causing things to go contrary to the way God intended it in peoples lives which they describe as a fuck-with their insolent pompous money which they probably extracted from my property by the way because they were born into this world first.

They claim I force them to repent and follow God against their wishes and I do not apologise for doing so, like they wreck my finances to force me into homosexuality after lumbering me with perversions I cannot control to restrict my relationship with God and encumber my heart to detach me from all that is holy, telling me I have no choice because everything I do to recover will only end up giving more freedoms to people that are likely to be oppressive and violent and of course they really enjoyed it when they spent time paid for by the tax payer to make it happen no matter how long it took as if this is their own life (in fact it is the fact God had given me wisdom to recover which I do for my own life that is costing me my income as a matter of what they need to enforce on a daily basis and do according to them on the prognosis of lest I escape; hence either lost to a process of destruction or a process where it passes to somebody else that endured some of the things they have attacked me with in the past, using Politics and Media or stupid Royal Privileges that they do not really have here except through strange Political spin). They think that when I have forced them to be Christians they will have revenge by forcing me to be wicked like they were and in a world where they are Christians and I am wicked combined with their discrimination, life will be a bed of roses basically. I do not think so for my part, I think that when I had forced them to repent and they had pushed me to whatever edge they wish; all that they will think belongs to them will be the glory of God, not some kind of thing they have any right to deny others from having, so they can become fascist all over again and make public affairs of other peoples personal life to claim peoples property is the same thing as their country with their evil media 

And of course the idiots that they spend my earnings and potential on never stop doing something that makes no sense to get rich with which they tell me what to do and try to put themselves in my heart via some demonic violence that they toss everywhere after years and years and years of trying and practicing how to cheat God out of things (especially on the media and its evil commercials industry that does nothing but detach others from their friends if such friends are rich or important and Music industry where they do these things for the purpose of getting my attention in order to peddle the Glory of God) and of course I do the things I do to them because this is not their own lives; they need to repent. I make it painful when they mock me after hurting me-as I said, this is not their own lives.

They claim I restrict their right to be famous but all I really want is them to get off my books and market place and stop preventing my securities from being sold due to my affiliation with the Royal family. The Queen on one side and we on the other and the rest of everybody else is getting Governed by both sides which also has to do with access from Politicians to my Office for insults that this High Diplomat will sit back and tolerate; normally it is dismissed as a gimmick until I find out I am the subject of financial discrimination on my own property by a collection of emboldened cowards and on my own property as well; having all sorts of excuses which also include claims I rob them of a chance for a successful revolution.
It is always a movement for them; when they want to be decadent it is a movement against somebody somewhere, always some kind of movement against somebody somewhere on a call to wickedness and robbery. They have been holding out on me over my book sales which I need to make happen to finish this job for the last 3 years since the books were written, I mean 3 years so far and no body knows if they are mad or something. 

Of course they are British, helping Germany to rule the world as well probably and I must have given them the URL of my market place sometime ago because they were pretending to be a consortium of online entrepreneurs but are mostly actually corrupting Morals with ideologies they get from the East and corrupting people even further with drugs, Alcohol and club life for a living and cannot do anything else but get involved with gangs, which their insolent children also do for them when they are much too busy to, then get on media to send other peoples children on errands that are too great for them.