There is now a sense that this was a massive mess and I needed to make sense and get out of it but there is nothing to get out of, it is all a bad decisions made by other people and I am not for one moment suggesting it is not harmful, just making the point that since I do not have a massive ego like they do, not only do I tend to respond to the same social matters that motivate them to perform these activities by getting rid of my problems but I only realise I am an important person whenever it turned out that they could get those bad personal decisions to rely on me up to an extent where they made a decision to say that there was something left that they could peddle to make money from doing so as well, thus the question of whether I want to protect the public image by adopting an ego like they had, on account a German influence prick will show up to bankroll their stupidities and say that his criminal size allowed it to invent all sorts of stupidities and push them into my career until it came out the other end of social life whilst complaining about the implication of what I did when I worked a private security industry job. The harm it does on the other hand is for instance the fact that it is now picking up my actual livelihood as the tool that helped it to manage unhealthy social interactions in a way that it claimed added up to complicity with racism on my part when I acted in such a way in the past, such that it was suggesting its stupidity was so important that acting like that in such circumstances was the correct thing to do, therefore indicating I can be relied upon not to do physical harm to famous idiots that were convinced nothing serious will come of need to follow me around and push me into windy difficult circumstances. They claim it was all due to the fact somebody was fighting my wars for me which was something the King did and does not really exist; the King did it because he did not get along with his mother over decades of consistent support for a group of men who wanted to perform on everybody else, crimes that were beyond the letter of the Law, I was caught up because they claimed when I got caught up on account they liked me, it was due to the way that I was the thing they needed to handle and copy to be real men, when I got caught up because they hated me, I was caught up because I was the thing they needed to attack and steal from, hence could not win either way – The King had then decided that these idiots fighting communists not because they tore up my career and created circumstances where communists were unwittingly bank rolling quasi criminals in Europe, who claimed they were disenchanted with democracy, therefore had to tidy it up, but rather because I am too much of a coward to have it done myself, I waited to see how this would be paired with duties at the Office of the Head of State, the King struggled, so I bashed it and they now want revenge. I could never understand the part that the famous idiots played in the matter, save the one nagging issue where I had won a battle that they claimed was an accolade that was befitting of more important persons or characters that were more willing to fight people on their behalf, runs off this nonsense to such an extent it rips up all the work I did to keep the criminals and hoodlums off my career and then realised they needed access to my privacy to attend restaurants because as soon as they were done with their stupidities they had to eat and set about pinching my diet recipes, followed up with threats that they will soon have to back up since I am increasingly encouraged to make sense of reasons I am living on Universal Credit, as a matter of the fact that their narcissism is actually the part of their personality that explains the fact they were nothing but a bunch of hoodlums that got into expensive clothes, along with the Industry, politics and fashion gits – may continue running off the famous peoples insults and issuing the threats, whilst it is approaching the point where it may have to back itself up over it.

They do suggest that they were not convinced my actions on them were likely to be effective, just as much as I had warned about the fact it will eventually come to this point i.e. I am set now to sit down and do something about their German influence narcissism happiness which facilitated them handling my person and property abusively to resolve their stupid personal decisions and were in too much of a hilarious mode to listen to my feelings about it, then get off running advertisement on the process whilst the happiness kept them confident enough to work market and secure client that helped them pay their way in the world – on a personal note, I have no idea why it had come to this if the idiot had found a happiness that actually made them the money that they were always hurting other people for in the first place. At which point it would be said that the facts I have mentioned indicated I am not the person losing the fight and I am not, they were currently having revenge for the stress whilst the abuse of my finances, mobility and personal life continued, whilst the insults ran off to such an extent that they needed to work with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers to find out what the size of my penis was, on the basis I am too much of  coward to defend myself from them anyway. The accusation that their colleagues who never listened to other people’s feelings just as much helped create me is another way that their narcissism can be understood by those who wish to delve into it, since it was the colleagues that encouraged them to show up here running me down everyday and ensure that it was near impossible to achieve an environment where products that people consumed when they were at their most leisurely such as a Book was providing its creator with some success, then hang about taunting me with gimmicks where I got to fight my enemies over what they knew I could do from my private security industry work, if I needed to show I am brave enough to deserve the career, as stupidly as it ever gets. They had a problem with the idea that criminal interests in me resulted in people staying away upon realising that there was an increased prospect of ending up in prison with a tummy issue, they had a problem with the fact that I was not struggling with public control matters and I could be bullied into sharing the secrets, they claim that with the incomes they were earning, they had earned the right to do anything they liked and we are about to find out what I am allowed to do as well if I held a Royal Office for my part, we are about to find out what is required to ensure that no amount of money on this planet will be enough to cover their backside as the abuse of my finances and person continued. They do suggest it was all a matter of what was happening at the Monarchy but it was just as much as I had warned them about making up their own version of it, the opportunistic insults and abuses channelled at me is something that their disposition as a bunch of poofs have always wanted to do; I could really do without having somebody attack my Bookshop because I tried to get it running again, claiming that I had already attacked their incredibly important job because of the Bookshop and if it was running again, its stupidities would face a greater threat but we got there in the first place because they had already attacked the academic pursuits and the Bookshop, an example of what I could really do without, just like their most recent trend finding gimmicks that involved finding out the size of my penis and building communities to touch it and finger my bum over claims I could be relied upon as I am too much of a coward to do something about it.

They do claim somebody ought to stop me progressing with this matter as I am underestimating huge dangers involved – there is no danger from my point of view, I need a feedback by the end of June 2024, that their stupidities understood exactly what I am saying to them about the Bookshop and the environment that is maintained to ensure a product that was being sold to people to be consumed at their most leisure was working for me on a schedule, when this deadline expires, I will assume that they understood what I am saying and anymore difficulties associated with their stupidities will cause me to take the necessary action as to ensure I got to find out what it is exactly their three times my size Willard, well off neighbourhood poofs can actually do about me.

I am told that I am clearly being forcibly made to do what I am doing but I am as per people picking up my career publicity to get the public making sense of what I did in such a way that I am expected to do what they have gotten the public to think that I did with my career, so it was the version of me that they made up, being forcibly made to do what they want, like a bunch of gits who needed to make more of what was already a personality that basically gets out and walks down the street looking for trouble but had no wish to find and keep the trouble that its stupidities had found, especially the modern and famous versions of it. It is now building up to a result in which the Willard well off neighbourhood gits wanted some of mine and the Celebrities will keep their imagination out of my pants and stop goading me over public control matters painfully. It is not really a complicated matter, I have ended up in this situation because I had to engage with wealth and social inequality problems i.e. the real problems where the way that family matters were set out is such that as a person had grown up, it turned out that in their social condition, they had about three opportunities to get a job and if all three were spent, they were doomed to the sex trade for instance, these birth sign reading, narcissism media, abusive immoral society mandate gits, suffered wealth and social inequality on the other hand because it was self-inflicted and I never want to get involved with such conversation because it was counterproductive, however having now arrived at a point where I had little choice about it. The Scorpios were told I am a Libra and that they possessed a National right to dominate me, the stupid politicians then came up with a love for their street yard, road side low brow violence because it was in agreement with a Political career, to suggest that I was meant to hand over to them so they may serve everybody with it, the way I stood up for myself when attacked, so being attacked therefore turned into an industry and the Politicians were now fed up paying the unemployed persons support. Its something the Scorpios were told as per their perpetual sense of irresponsibility, claiming that others were never fully accredited in what they were doing and therefore was incorrect for anybody to take a moral high ground on anything, coupled with the willingness to take more risks with other peoples safety and well being than they were willing to take risks with their own, they were told that they had a natural right to dominate a Libra, whereas from where I am, I found a lot of Scorpios in environments where people were making Holidays or going on Tour, so this must be the Scorpio who had decided that if ever there as a famous prick with a need to ensure my career was covering their backside for a living, I would be held up in immoral society destitution in order for them to attack me getting paid by famous pricks, want to play the game about which I am now well provoked enough to join in abusing them to sell products to Celebrities over what was as simple as a process where I ought to keep my freedom from their insolence and had the right to get into a work place, complete the days tasks and go home without being beaten down by their radio wave lesbians. We are now at the point where these people will either now pocket their ego and exhibit it at a distance from my Bookshop or I will progress to ensuring every bad experience I got from them was reciprocated until it was all tinder combustible at the neighbourhoods. There was ingredient everywhere that it would turn out like this; being a writer in an environment where some of the stupidest character society had produced, such that the way I have described it here, shows how stupid they were, never mind what is now building up to a result where they had spent so much of their professional time on me and I intend to use it as a tool that helped me inflict enough suffering for the parents and families to get a feedback for this nonsense I had to put up with for decades, were busy living out an existence where no single 24 moment would get by without an act that forcibly made people do things that others did not want to do, hated by women because nothing ever got done on time in other peoples families and it was impossible to talk famous idiots out of clinging to my career publicity, to breach my patents and goad me over public control matters – now what we have is that considering my Book title, there was a risk my audience will face street violence for publicly displaying their owned copies and I plan to progress this matter from the previous results where I allowed the abusive activities as part of a process of ensuring every git who wanted me this way got me this way, right up to the Politicians that are now fed up paying the unemployed persons support, onto the part where I ensure the famous and their Willard well off neighbourhood idiots paid such a price for this nonsense as would ensure this problem was averted. Books are items people pay for and consume at their most leisurely, if people are aware of anything done which might interfere with this, they should also be aware that contrary to the idea I want to be heard and therefore am subjected to narcissism, this was going to be a problem. I mean they do say that my confidence about being able to handle them was false and we know for all that lip flapping that in cases of extreme violence where somebody had to make a decision to ensure they died a violent death without suffering, their social position would have been that they were not nice people; it is a simple matter of people saying that they need to find a person with a good career and devise a way to gain financial leverage and upper hand against such a person over his or her career, in my case they had decided I was good enough to avoid it, so they bashed academic pursuits and ran me around rings at the work market, arriving at a certain age where they would get a lot of support if people were running me down and calling me names to make money, I have allowed it to occur as it also meant that they had spent time and schedule doing so, therefore giving me the correct social position to fuck it up properly too – I must think of a result where they had not given me a feedback that they understood I needed my writing career and my Bookshop to be respected, therefore take steps to ensure that as a community, I got my hands on something that was important enough to allow me make them suffer the way that they inflicted the gimmick orientated suffering on me, then customise the applicable activities specifically for each separate ethnic group – it is of course likely to get worse, just like being run down every time I go shopping for my groceries because these idiots and their Celebrities decided that would cover their tracks for these abusive methods of handling my person and career by making my Bookshop into a tool that covered their backsides for a living, thereby doing even more damage, I have to think about the way that it allows them to extract money from my financial structures to frequent holiday and tourist destination, breach my patents and make those stupid defunct comments that suggest it was all happening because they were wealthy and I am not and seek to have sex with women that associated with me. We are essentially doing all this because of their ego and a need to live in a time period when there was no response from me with respect to these activities, always had a need to abuse other people, always had to find a way to be put together for doing it and there had to be that struggle to ensure it does not progress onto the point where they got paid for a job in which they did it, so it would apply that doing it was the job that their employers were paying them for - we are doing this solely because the famous will not stop handling my Books for back covering gimmicks after ripping up my career publicity and will not stop goading me over public control matters. This is all 2008 when I dropped out of University, to 2023, I must consolidate everything I have done to make sense of these matters and move on but it would seem that they had come up with another idea that will stall my Bookshop on the basis that I could not decide that I was in control of it and those who were not paying for what they handled were looking for trouble and this time I am supposed to have set out another period of time, to consolidate an improvement of their social position, that involved afflicting me with consequences of their personal decision by building a whole community that relied on me by methods of fingering my bum and touching my penis, bearing in mind they were never invited into my affairs and I dropped out of university because I had failed to option permission from their stupidities before I engaged with sociological matters alongside their female colleagues, to work matters of public mobility and domestic violence - it is not developed on a false confidence at all that the idiot who started this extreme abuse of my privacy should either be dead or seriously hurt, alternatively they kept their famous peoples insults and hands to themselves. Like they think the idea people had died because of me would give them lee way whilst we know people died over their abuses and insults, they were shocked that I was prepared to get around this problem the way that I have, with a need to ensure the abusive activities went all the way to the tourist destinations they frequent to hang about running me down and ripping up my finances in Europe when White, Asia and India where applicable and Africa where it is due, since I clearly cannot be free from the school of Dad where I have been stuck for two decades learning sexwork. On matters of Official nature, they claim they expected me to do something during the 2023 - 24 Israeli Gaza War but we were all able to see the vandalism and tearing away at my public image that a bunch of gits who claimed they were pursuing the interests of Gaza performed and the way that the evidence showed that they were gathering resources for terrorism, the way that the resource gathering for terrorism intensified, never mind reading my birth sign to make statements about the irritating characteristics of a Libra, which also showed that they were interested in on a religious basis, organising communities to systematically pass down psychopathy from parent to children and claim that others were being disrespectful, even the psychotic Libras were still working the balance between right and wrong and yet it was the fault of the healthy Libra that they were losing the fight. Here in the UK it seemed that the Men simply had to do something and so what was originally a process whereby a bunch of idiots ripped up my career and facilitated instances where communists were unwittingly throwing money at criminals who claimed they were disenchanted with democracy, were according to the King himself, fighting communists on my behalf because I am too much of a coward to do it myself, thereby creating the current crisis at Government, especially in terms of their need to pillage my career claiming that people have been fighting my wars and the German influence idiots that always came up with a stupid idea to insert into my career every direction I turned over gimmicks they worked on the basis that they were bigger ans stronger, which I believe I am now motivated enough at this point to end very painfully, thereby requesting this feedback that their stupidities can understand what I am saying to them about the Bookshop and doing so would decide my next schedule, otherwise I will proceed without asking; they have always wanted to perform these activities, so annoying for me that they tied it to the King's coronation, secured legitimacy for their position clinging to my career and personality to feel good about the consequences for their personal decisions and got on with it.

I could never understand why people would not give up on the Scorpios dominating me gimmicks - it had become rather clear at this stage that the domination occurred because the authorities and Politicians were giving them the money and social disposition to facilitate it. The social disposition in question being that I was living on Universal Credit and open to people pillaging my self-confidence and or coming up with ideas on how to handle my expensive public image, I regularly engaged with the work market and they got to make it into whatever they pleased and there were famous idiots clinging to my career, ripping up my Bookshop and furnishing them with Press narcissism. That said, history has shown that they have been desperate enough to pry into my privacy and develop a hate campaign over my diet, they needed it, they needed to survive, considering that it was the case whenever I was hurting myself to handle Scorpios abusive involvement, I would be engaged with activities that meant I took little interest in how my time was used, slept with women and wasted money because it was easy to blame them for it but for me it served the stage that allowed for a good enough response to the narcissistic talk of the town insults that usually comes when they wrecked my marriage, in order to continue abusive involvement that they claim was indicative of power they had over me, hence not that much of a process of hurting myself as such over all and we know there were worse things I could do. We lived in a world that takes this form over the stupidities that caused me the biggest problems around here, in the form of Celebrities ripping up my finances to goad me over public control matters because I was not struggling with it – started when criminals began to sign up to security services in order to find ways they could better handle me and the work that I did, claiming I awarded something to security services that created inequality whilst they were doing something that posed a threat to the public and because Celebrities were handling my public image to make money whilst surrounding themselves with German influence gits I would be afraid of lest I took back the career that was taken from me all together, they took an issue with the security service operatives that came from small principalities all over the world and some of those who became so provoked they behaved like some sort of abomination. I then arrived at a stage where I thought I was at fault and a little delving into the facts showed the reasons for this behaviour was that they had their own regularly organised crime product suppliers along with statements about whose fault it was that they were consuming class A drugs on account that they could afford it but by then, they had already laid out a process of breach my patents and rip up my Bookshop helping their fans make sense of personal problems they were too stupid to explain in their own words and decided my Books showed my real talents lay in covering their backsides for a living, claiming that the so called criminals were nice people who could easily be taken off a life of crime if somebody gave them some money and that I was the real public problem; as though they was famous and stupid all at the same time, came up with the idea and started, such that after years of failing to get through to them over their famous persons insults, I am now picking up the problem of people using the social security issues, the employment market issues and media narcissism, so that that they were fathers and I was one of their son and when people reported things about me to them, they would lay down the law and cling to my Bookshop finances to make it work, touching penis, fingering anus, talking nonsense about the idea it was the way their culture worked and how provoked their stupidities will be if others handled them the same as well, generally when none was asking I.e. the reasons I need a feedback from them that they understood what I was saying to them about my Bookshop by the end of June 2024 or I will have decided they already got the gist that I am not responsible for the follow up course of action that will ensure they stopped goading me over public control matters regardless of the size of their ego.