So the main issue these days is a matter of a lack of strong leadership for my part and the way it is put forward is that of intolerant selfish unrepresentative and uncaring leadership. I have no idea what it is supposed to mean anyway; but I know that we are still facing the main problems that those who challenge my authority wrestle with i.e. the fact I am black and also a Christian but they have claimed I am racist and will never stop claiming it, now after years of doing so, do not wish to deal with matters of the far right and matters of racism anymore, what they want to do is talk so much rubbish in public and lie all the time, which is what this is all about, lots and lots of socialist lies.

I had signaled I will never relent on the matter of forcing them to, so that we can find out what that demon that possesses them and niggles them all the time for the purpose of their vandalism and abuse and insults and destruction really look like and I will not change my stance on policy on this matter; let them do far right, do extremism and stop lying. I mean since the started their games it has been clear it is racists that have turned to Christianity that are killing people these days, so it does not seem to appear to them that anything is urgent at present.

They claim I have stifled their lives and not given them the lease to be free and to move around of course but that is a matter which exists as a problem from two directions one of them has to do with radical sector of my faith so they can be corrupt and the other has to do with their insults. With respect to radical sector of my faith; they want to move in and make sure they are the radical sector of it, so that they can stay off somewhere to get as corrupt with my personal connection with God as they need in order to detach me from it without reason or provocation and that is how their movements because restricted by me and the other is their insults which has to do with throwing me at me every single time they want to feel like they are privileged, which of course is all the time, so that I happen to put it back where those their stupid jobs and privileges are as a problem they have to deal with hence not my fault that their space is so crowded. In my view of which if they need the space, they will clearly fix the problems and make space or they will use that media to create some but it is not my fault it gets crowded because that is where every insult from them will end up along with the problems that they create here too.

I mean, no body knows why they always want to have conversations about what kind of ideology of evil that racism really is anyway; but we can clearly see that somebody who wants all the money in the world for himself and is a personal and corporate interest idiot for the purpose does not see that he is a closer thing to what the far right is than a Christian let alone the fact the Christian is black, when we know that racism peaked in the Nazi Era and all they did with their time then was murdering Jews. It brings us to that old matter of threats I face as a result of the activities of private and corporate interest idiots which do not exist; all I have to worry about is whether or not they have found ways of making money at my expense so that they can buy shares in companies that I am involved with, to get me to listen to their perversions and meet their needs on it but clearly if they were that clever they would know I would do such a thing in hell. All I try to clear up these days for the most part is how playing around with my equities and securities and products gets to mean that when I mention manufacturing industry for example because they want the world but cannot go out there and grab it, it means I am referring to their business which they always want to ensure controls industry that other people work in so they can compete with me over royal privilege and lifestyle to keep it all going, the result of course is the notion that I am referring to them whenever I say or do anything so they can turn up here to address me as if were are mates. The only problem that exists here is that there are people who spend money on them and those never ever listen of course as it were; it is people who have big money big banks that are the real problems obviously when it is these idiots that expect people who should be their slaves to be poor until they own banks of their own so that such people can meet their needs of perversion which will detach them from a faith and a religion and bring about wickedness satisfaction that they must have created themselves money that can buy by such a time, it will never do apparently, it is the big bank owner and his big money bank that is the problem that their small town business has got, all the time, in which case it is a personal problem of mine too in their view when they spend their money on the contraptions that these fools put together and name as products.

It is the same thing together; let them do far right and extremism and stop lying.

For those of them in industries close to mine like writing and film the ageist fame freak bullying has developed to a point of trying to steal my work all together, which has failed and reverted to the alternative of accusing me of forcing on people what they must believe because it has been impossible for them to be superior through doing this, which is the same thing anyway i.e. radical sector of my faith and the adversary will never give up unless he has my income keeps his fame usurps mine and then becomes me with all the financial incentives and has it established on Public places that he is superior to me and it is all they do with all their time, which is not making any progress so they make it up on media and get off to abuse me violently, which is what the problem we have now really is.

In terms of large broadcasting corporations I have attacked in some way; I mean somebody has a broadcasting system with about 100 channels on it and 600 of those are shopping channels and he does not know what the consequences will be on somebody else’s royal Prince if he had decided to let his people use the profit margins and business cycle of his private business to increase their stretch their advertisement profit margins to controllable levels, even to the point where it becomes a sub culture. Besides which if you have up to 100 channels in your broadcasting system and about 600 of those are shopping channels and they are all interested in earning money from making advertisement for people using the business cycle income margins of somebody else’s business, how many of such advertisements do they get contracts for per period bearing in mine we are talking about a human being at the other end and how many of such advertisements do they put out for every given day? You see it is always said people have media empires, I am a statesman and do not actually think of it as something that respectable.

As for the BBC, those always act as though opinions I have about them is something they will force me to change with a big mouth but their problem is just the same. Here is a corporation with such as impossibly iron clad job security i.e. broadcasting funded by the license fee; this also means that work that goes on in there is unfathomably ethically free. What do you do at the helm of such an organisation, initiate the ground work for the most intrusive and destructive and biggest career piracy programme ever to be seen or heard of in the United Kingdom? They speak of my opinions and mention how much the existence of those opinions cost them but cannot measure how much their attitude is costing me with respect to income, from how much my limited opinions on certain areas of my affairs where I need security, it just seems that when there is a thing that can be done because they have created possibilities with insults, there is no reason that it should not be done.

So we already see it play out; media desires to have no respect for authority and those in it and I am like a test case of how they will kill off the idea that media is supposed to be respectful of Authority.