I hear those threats these days more profoundly which I suppose is so because those who issue them have become clearer in their intentions.

"I just want to teach that Arch Prince a lesson" and the question; why on earth would you say such a thing? and the answer; because men who should be doing violent things for me have been finding out another life to live.

I am a Christian for goodness sake this is supposed to be the effect of being one, not that their violent adultery does give them a chance anyway. 
They seem to seek me out wherever I am, follow around wherever I go as though I am their equal which is very embarrassing, their media trouble makers report the worst of their culture as an affiliation to me and when they have run out of evil cultures to report find out something about my work build up pervasion from it and use that to make out new evil cultures to report in such ways and their Politicians speak of the priest that will prophesy wealth for them each time they have gotten their hands on public funds and wish to invest it to get rich and become business men and women; this attacks my hospitality and make anything that makes my life worth living a source of pain and struggle such as my fame which should actually bring me comfort and good health, culminating in political conversations on my intellectual property and securities because of the things black people need done in the world while I am broking them with businesses as well-claiming they want confidence that they ought to get from prophesies of future wealth but as usual attack my job instead and doing nothing to get anywhere near the faith from which they claimed they will find and get prophesies of future wealth.

Now they tell me criminals that get caught by the system of law enforcement are hopeless and that good criminals never get caught, knowing saying such things will offend law enforcement and when Law enforcement is offended, they send their media idiots to pass insults at me involving how Law enforcement have expressed their dislike for my method of running things not to mention the fact the Monarchy and not me is in charge which explains why they always want to order people around, which further helps them to use their insults to send me on errands for the fun and power of bullying which enables them to create themselves false senses of being in the right that strengthens their stupid discrimination with the hope of distracting me as well (with strange powers too I guess) after all the damages they cause me by it as it were (which they think they will get away with).
I on the other hand was under the impression that if I allowed the music industry that is all about having somebody's career out there from which they are prevented from earning anything for the purpose of taking up idiots from society from time to time and then making them quick millionaires selling music CDs of songs they make and getting a reputation for it (how evil is that?), not only will will-of-God  bashing insolent older men get all the crime they seek but it will also show that they can buy anything. 

It must be asked: were they expecting me to suffer from some of those crimes in the first place anyway?