The idea behind the unusual interest in my person has been one in which it is suggested I spent time on things I should not be doing, we know this not to be the case as what is set out as things I should not be doing, was largely a claim they used to be afraid of me but are not anymore, since last they enjoyed the feeling that hospitality set out for public leadership was available for them to cover their backsides with whilst they were popular and it developed into an outcome where they trashed my Bookshop to build communities that finger my bum and teach their stupid children to do the same, none of which I have prevented, just the part where they cannot seem to make comments about their own careers on Media because they felt better talking about me, developing into an outcome where I could not pay my Bills. The problem behind all these all down to the idea that I did not have a chance in a fight whilst it is not yet a fight so far, as they would have required an announcement if it was, is that Celebrities got involved with my crime control publicity, since younger people were using it in such a way that some people worked popular culture and others sized the opportunity to do well at school, to set about fulfilling all their financial desires alongside a need to defeat their enemies, much the same as they have converted a wealth equity that provide means for the public to build products for gits who spent the money attacking the public was converted into a means by which I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and then they claimed after the damage done, that it was best any history they had accrued from involvement with my wealth equity became their property which was unacceptable, so it turned out involvement with me felt good and I had an effrontery to withdraw it. I have been informed that tackling them over the wealth and social inequality issues considering the sheer number of Virgo and Scorpio twats that were willing to attack me to befriend them and share the fame, was not necessarily a bad thing but I do not have to attack them as such, besides which I am in danger of losing my original vision, so what I might have to do is set out a controlled environment in which processes of soliciting services between talented persons and industry property owners was not converted into a tool for tribalism raids that allowed them pursue large salaries at other peoples well built companies whilst running off self-improvement seminars in which large numbers of persons were trained to make money by showering me with insolence and then it will become a real fight, but entirely avoidable if my Bookshop became an income source and not a tool for their stupidities to access me and my career publicity for popularity practical jokes. It is simple really: I dropped out of University because of them in 2008, I enrolled with the CILEX by 2011 which went to hell too, by 2014, I was doing private security and by 2017 private security ended due to health issues, the Bookshop had since 2017 been subjected to stupidities performed by ageist fools that want to make me into one of them while they picked up my career to pursue better things, now followed by famous idiots who build up a media presence for people to turn perceptions about picking up my career to pursue fame into reality. It does entertain the feeling that it was important for its stupidities to progress from its well-off neighbourhood children making money by investing my assets as insolently as possible, to a stage where careers were a matter of status, which it is assumed, will add up to a contention that I will not win. Particularly in the circumstances where the main problem is that they were more important than I am and enjoyed showing up here to put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about which left my finances in ruins and helped them out in life, fighting my battles at the Monarchy too, it cannot be that difficult for characters this stupid to keep career comments restricted to their own, especially when it was being made on Media and I had not sanctioned them to make comments about mine, especially as they clearly knew much about it to say the least.

They do claim it was about lost position at the Monarchy which it isn’t – but the idea is that it is all linked, although the Monarchy is a completely different issue, the only link being that we had a new Monarch and these idiots have always had dreams of handling me to fulfil dreams, so this time it was about an environment where they could be real Men and it had turned up at the Monarchy whilst its famous fools stifled my Bookshop, to dream of owning my possessions. They do also say that the King does not like me which is true as these idiots were responsible for me dropping out of University, I mean a person is so stupid their involvement with you causes you to drop out of university when the stress of having your thought pattern attacked had eventually developed into illness, now he has simply become friends with the Head of State so for no apparent reason, my small problem had grown into something of a proportion that was public interest capacity, hence I had to do something which ensured the King hated me. It is not really an issue, they were doing these sorts of things to ensure that some incredibly stupid characters became public idols due to an engagement with popularity, which would create an environment that allows them to exist as if they were real Men but it should not be a problem for me to say it had nothing to do with me and I do not wish to be a part of it, should have been this simple save the idiots having fantasies about my possessions. They dream of a fight and it is one yet apparently like if it were, they would have required an announcement. They do suggest it was always about attacking the famous, that I did not have as much control of the matter as I used to, and it was a case of consequences associated with a lack of social respect. All three exist in a fantasy world naturally, as it is never about attacking the famous as it is about people who put their business into other people’s business to take whatever they wanted without being nice or having to ask problem in the west, complete with people born under birth signs that will co-operate with their needs. It speaks of a lack of social respect and will explain an interest in me where it got to try dominating me and ordering my steps as something to do with people born under other birth signs being more dangerous than I am. The matter of control here was largely one in which if I had built a system of wealth equity to help the public create products for people who never stopped making money for the purpose of attacking others like this and the effect was a result where I was no longer able to control the problem of being harmed by famous fools every direction I turned, then I need to defend it or shut it down in the case of latter option which I will not be able to do my work as well as I usually do it. It is incredibly good at starting but soon becomes a character with a community and it made so much sense to attack them and pursue all the way to the retirement, for the time being which a Bookshop can be an income source for me if their stupidities existed. We are all operating on the basis of a schedule, it needs to show up here making a mess of every part of my concerns as a famous fool that can always get its business involved with other peoples business and get away with it, talking nonsense about slangs such as gaslighting and ghosting etc, can take whatever it wants and does not need to ask or be nice, thereafter it will need to extract money from victims, engage in such exotic foods, perhaps pick up hospitality reserved for public leadership so it may feel supreme and safe from the sexual harassment associated with its immoral society lifestyle and then it is prepared for a fight with completely innocent persons because the force that drives its stupidity was greater than the one that drove such victims to preserve themselves – I mean if ever there was a motivation to tackle me, it should have been that they were paid to start. The problem in question which I solved as a fake hero being that famous scum like these always tended to cease tackling people when the cost of doing so was greater than the risk they took to do it, so it needs to provide some protection that ensured my actions did not prevent their popularity twats on the streets from the incessant need to handle and or tackle my career.