When people make out the idea I fall in love with women that are older than me but cannot bear or put up with the pain associated with it, I always have no idea what they are talking about-besides the understanding that being a Christian was supposed to mean I am old and sad and should be associated with having sex with women that are older than I am for the pain and violence that comes with it. So my usual reaction is to say the same to them but about the fact they fall in love with younger girls but fear the commitment and the pain that comes with it too, then we both dig in and people simply become confused about what to believe all together.

The real matter had always been that they have hurt me and are now making stories of it on public media, for which they hurt me and then as if that was not bad enough make stories out of it daily on Public television while Politicians fund a process by which they hold me down in very difficult financial conditions, by destroying anything I do for money because it is in the interest of such politicians to show they are oppressing somebody to tell their kids about and give them confidence in public places while feeling they have gone down in history as great men and women.

They always tell me they will attack the women instead when I say such things which is utter nonsense anyway, as the issues in terms of doing so are rather different i.e. when they see a Christian they suddenly feel like having licensed fun out of bulling somebody which manifests as they turn up to ask what I believe in and when I say I believe that Christ is Head of the Church they ask who the bum of the Church is then and think it is funny, which they carry on for year and years everyday on public television at some point of which they have followers for it and suddenly don't want it any more because they have found a new fixation and those who will not swallow their pervasion so it does not exist any more and they can have their fixation will put up with new revenge homosexuality and civil liberty attacks. So attacking the women must mean they do not yet know what the word escalation means.   

It is the public media talk everyday about how my kind should be ruled by their kind not the other way round, which I didn't ask them about on my job that will be their undoing.

It is all simply a case of me the Christian on one hand and secrete society fools that are always looking for spiritual power on the other,
they want to pervade my faith for it, I say no to that and they start a fight and set off to pervade my faith somewhere else in the world and try to make sure I don't follow them there, hounding me all the time and on public places to stir local physical violence against me on a daily basis as well, which of course years from now they will find out they don't want any more because they have got another new fixation, hoping I will get hurt by some Tyranny somewhere in the world.

Its like when they claim I make use of history I share with others to make money which first of all is still that bullying of causing my diligence, skill and experience to bear no fruit unto the point where my aesthetics catches up with my bad financial condition so they can work their spiritual violence continued but more as well because there is also a way of making money from it as well because each time they make such claims they are able to rob me in order to protect other peoples' fame.
Whereas in actual fact there as things which happen because I exist of which no matter how good is not mine, things I do in the service of my God for which I stand in the service of a fellow human being I must never claim the prise or glory for, let alone make my own and then which point we get to things others do which are specifically targeted at me for my benefit:- this is what belongs to me and I can do what I like with it but all these things have a mirror side to them, an opposite of my world and my Empire and opposite of my equities and everything about it that I must be able to put under control, which is actually what I make a living doing, therefore I need the people of my country and those who care about me to help me with my commitments to my Royal Estate and everything else I own for which I must ensure they have jobs and sustenance hence where all my expenses are spent and this is where the most evil violent bigots that are actually bigger stronger more violent and probably more powerful than I am wait for me;

so if they need any more details they can get in touch with me if they want 

 (all vain violent, greedy and lying lot of them on the right and vain selfish and quick to push others into blood shedding insolent lot of them on the left).

They seem to love this idea that everything they say in media gets me all scared and worried and exposed to the evils of their society because I am, especially when they are talking about the Global aspects of my Royal and government duties as a relationship with their profit margins and the practical things the government must do to boost exports but it does not; and it does not because I cannot figure out what is more important to them, doing their business or turning up to force me to choose a less profitable option for mine.

Meanwhile they are still fuming as it were over what happened and still happens because I wrote books that destroy the businesses of con men but they were later able to reincarnate themselves as managers and directors in the music and media industry, where they rip my income to shreds on a daily basis in revenge. Especially so because people laden others with leadership and then take advantage of their goodness and make a point of duty trapping and abusing them because if they do not have such things then such people are not to exist with their Christianity.

I Know the biggest risks to trading equities is insolent lazy girls and corrupt boys and those who use them, and that it must always be personal, destructive, make them money and push people into bad ideals in order to have their desired effect of harming people while they make money; this is not what we are talking about, if it were, then what I would be discussing with them is that I have the Job of selling securities and equities and looking after the liabilities of Sterling (Pound), which I have always dreamt of doing but had not predicted how much they will do and display their stuff on the front of the democratic person that is threatened with death and then bullied with spiritual wickedness, so people can spread around his personal life for everybody to move into, then set about still to commit even more evils, corrupt the world and build up even more spiritual wickedness because they expect to have another victim; hence they have never been stopped and I want more and more and more and it is never enough and never will be enough.   

The complain is always that I stop people from being famous; I don't, I have always been clear they need to be with the correct parameters or they are doing PR for me; they have always rather thought the Advert and PR industry will strike back for them and they will get away with things (which is does such violence, hence the fact it is never enough for me). Would they live the way I am with all that wealth available because somebody else is busy getting rich with the markets and corrupting the world thereof and more so sexually especially? Its about fighting people for no reason because they are the only ones that need money is it not?

The real issue behind it is that I think that when people are over bearingily rich when they clearly have no sense of right and wrong and do not even know what is good for them, let along know what is good enough for other people to the point where they create products thereof and sell to many people in order to be rich, I must in some way have played a part in it. Hence I must also do something to help the poor meet them in the middle, so the poor can have their little homes while they can have their mansions and everybody will be happy or else it is very likely when I have ignored the problem for long enough, at some point when I feel I am tired of doing so, I will give some money to somebody to buy food and I will loose my job because of it on account the richer person did not appreciate the idea. Hence if I am poor and destitute and the poor and destitute are poor and destitute no body will be there to look into the issue. This is why I give out information through the Music Industry and the Media and Society all the time; there are those to whom this information do not concern and they are the ones that would have been fine getting rich at my expense but decided to be corrupt with it as well-hence when I don't like their corruptions I manage it to help me sell my books where I place most of the securities and intellectual property that I sell for a living.