Well the question is not as complicated as the answer to it is. 

I have no idea why people ask them at all, maybe it is because memories of being persecuted for my faith always never leaves me even though Political arguments seem to have supplanted the intent of religious persecution itself. Perhaps it might even be that the more such questions are asked, then the more those who hate religious and God serving people will get closer to them and find it a lot easier to hurt them more deeply to satisfy their sadism which they name culture and society: I call it sadism because I am one who has a great deal of inbuilt tolerance for these things and know the difference between the evils of my country that I have to put up with and new ones built from pervading my faith in order to ensure I get surmounted by evils for the purpose of abusing me and then making out such abuses to be sub culture. 

I do know however that people do have their sense of right and wrong even when they are confused about what may or may not have happened to their way of life regardless of what anybody might have told them is what has happened to it (usually people who have been rejected of course by people like me because they are much too evil with no desire to change obviously for me to allow into my world out of their own extensive goodness). And so when the issue has moved to financial matters, I am perfectly aware that those who perpetrate these crimes against the law expect their victims to forget it at some point because of the intensity and extent of their abusive behaviour even though their victims are more powerful and more important than they are (and of course could not have been without being more clever or "not stupid" than they are, which if they were people who gave thought to their actions would not be doing such things at all).

I do know also that since I sell securities for a living I am notorious for destroying peoples cultures and more so in the books of some people who have listened to those who wished to attack me and offered them cultural help for the purpose abroad, some even earning the opportunity to have a visa into the UK for the purpose. It is not as much as a matter of what intolerant language leaders have come to speak in as it is a matter of the fact that we live in a society where people face the same challenges but some have no respect for others and make out even more madness when they have this lack of respect for people that are more successful, more important and more powerful than they are. 

So when people say multiculturalism and it's model has failed I guess what the question really is, is whether if the world was not what it is today, multiculturalism will still mean a process by which people compare other adults that have done better than them to their children and surrounded them with thieves in order to push their children ahead of them no matter how long that may take?

The answer to this question based on what I know is yes. However I still feel there are other answers out there mainly because people are much too wicked and much too opportunistic in it for the world to be a good place for everybody.

The purpose of all these cultures and multiculture is only but the process of holding down good hard working people who earn a living by honest means and then extracting from them their lives which is then built up somewhere for 'more worthy to lead' evil people to occupy; from my Christian point of view it is very terrifying especially considering how much I have to put up with people's hatred of my religion and how they consider my success and my access to money through it to be a bad thing.
However what gets to me the most is the fact I had won this fight a long time ago but have since then gotten more persecution, very little help and unable to disseminate the books I had created from this that it has now been deduced that I had suffered at their hands and therefore one way or another paid dues to violence discrimination and racism; these things people have achieved by getting off to believe what is said by me about them from the lips of their own enemies for example among others to let along their egos, arrogance, abusive insolence and of course the belief that progress comes by the destruction of good people-especially when men help their women to abuse people and then chastise them if they go too far since it shows they have no heart. 

They are always lazying around and making picture poses for adverts that they get paid huge sums of money for without doing any of the work and sometimes I should not be fighting them but it is no longer workable as a whole the process of grabbing my assets to make profits with and smoothing things over with trouble makers to spend my securities doing adverts in which they star as models. Besides they claim I attack their career but as far as I am aware they are the ones that make sure autos created with my work suffer so much abuses in public places that the securities and reassurances that they offer those who buy them wear off which is the same form of evil advert they carry through for most other manufactured products. Usually we leave them on the left and leave the criminals and trouble makers on the right and try as much as possible to get on knowing they never do the work anyway but it is still beyond anybody what will make them attack a Prince that has not the luxury of lazying around lest somebody attacks my estate and so on and of course it is not just the matter of criminals and trouble makers I deal with in my work, I also provide equities and securities which are a function of providing people social and political security and from it extracting equity: 40% of which I spend on the same people, half of which is usually my personal property so I have no more questions to answer and then the last 60% of which I spend in writing a book which I sell. Besides they claim I attack their career but as far as I am aware they are the ones that ensure automobiles created with my securities suffer so much pornographic abuses the social reassurance that the securities they were based on were meant to give them wears so thin it all becomes such a worthless struggle-such is the hatred for my work and that there is a lot of political conversations happening over and on my intellectual property while manufacturers are creating products, the damages of which are immeasurable and of course my personal favourite; cheapening my work and making it open for every tom dick and harry: you know for example if somebody wished to create a piece of clothing for another that could afford it which was based on giving them a feel of my temperaments on the social disposition of having won a space over the matter of being oppressed and your life extracted to be built somewhere for the more worthy and evil leaders to move into while still out of the millions, the disposition gets copied by people for whom the price of their products are not worth 1% of this disposition, when in actual fact the designers ware should be worth more than the disposition itself and this is how they attack and damage my relationship with the fashion industry. 

So clearly these things come to me in all its forms and none is exempt.