At some point in time I had a lot of time to wonder why the world is always an evil place, said to be an evil place and works as an evil place. That was before I knew that people are evil because they are stupid. That is when people are stupid they find it difficult to tolerate the opinions of others because they know none the better themselves, this leads to a condition where they feel all they need exists in a condition where they are leaders of others and never followers, the problem with this is that since they cannot stand people's opinions it applies that no body will offer any hence the only way to ask questions and get answers when they want things done is to do horrible things to people to instill fear in them and make deals with others such as homosexuality to keep them pleased.

But this aside what has been the changes in the world so far? One of them is the evils that men practice to be rich and dominating has increased in the sense that their blame cultures have become more vicious and more rampant in the process of serving themselves with their envies; this means they are always playing the people game over other peoples lives which is again something I got to realise some time before was about making sure resources as split between the majority and the few and then the few gain power through deciding who joins their ranks while keeping their ranks thin so more people might want to join it and the resources they have might be enough to make everyone of them rich.

There is another change still; where in the process where the opinion of some have not been required in the lives of some people who are very important generally because they never do as they are told once they have made themselves relevant to peoples work and objectives and because of this they use culture, society and community for a pervarse purpose and think that it means the church will be pushed over to the left where it can be made to prostitute its faith as though
Jesus Christ died to save the church from sin and not to save mankind from sin, which then means they belong on the right which means Nation and country and others on the left which means outsiders; rubbish, absolute rubbish. However where it begins to get serious is when they claim that their practices are good things for society whereas the purpose of it is to ensure that when their victims have protected themselves from their criminals activities like men who deserve to rule they will extract their lives at great suffering to them, hold them down in communities and build this great and important life somewhere, where they having considered themselves to be leaders can occupy, then set off to other parts of the world to spread democracy which means they can rope as many people as possible by creating them the same problems into the lives of the leaders they are oppressing.

The final change I wish to describe is the one that attacks my books all the time and prevents others from buying them too. It is the change of the young people that must be seen getting on the right side and must be seen doing evil things at all times in order to get rich and be respectful by being rich and therefore successful; the trouble being that this does not change the fact that they are stupid.
This affects my work in the sense that after preventing criminals from getting out of hand it was up to me to make myself successful get out of their lives and leave them alone and their entire lives are designed to ensure I do not do so. My question is that it seems that there are a thousand and one excuses people have as to why they join them for the purpose of making out ideas my books are good books but something is stopping them from buying them until I find out what that is and do what I am required to-there are so many reasons why they do that I cannot come to a clear decision and of course time is running against me on the matter as it were.  

Of course I am never going to peddle my faith or allow others peddle it, the issue are the things that are happening to me in order to put me in desperate conditions where that will be tested either way of which if I speak of it will mean the Priest has been exasperated by women seeking self improvements. Although I am aware that when I do not speak about it, then it applies that they get rich at my expense and that soon becomes an attitutde that is expected to become a subculture as well as they do the devils work for him with their own hands expecting their leaders to come through for them when they realise they have not been paying attention to their financial needs and if allowed they will become some of the richest people in the world and many more will suffer.

What I can do to prevent this from happening in my position is selling these books; it makes no sense for people to be so evil as to make use of them without buying them-which I guess happens as well to the work and business of anybody out there that lives a considerably honest life infact the financial health of the world has been destroyed because they were less effective when more people had the ability to provide for themselves.

Now they lie in wait at all times with the use of things like media and government corruption which as I am aware any who rejects Jesus Christ has already given into pretending every successful person is flattering them in the art and act of providing homw for the purpose of classical and categorical sodomy which problem will only be tackled when the glory of God has been acquired for the ego of their leaders which are always chosen by them because they are stupid for the purpose of these such deeds.

Next they will be getting into the Kingdom of God by alternative means such as the dichotomies of sexual violence and then realising they have paid so much attention to doing so they have not been paying enough of it to how they want to fund their needs hence where they have politicians who talk about wealth distribution and impoverish others to blackmail the world. My problem is how much people help them with this in an attitutde that is barely honest with other peoples work no matter how dangerous it is for them to take such risks-it seems they think they are hurting no body if hurting some people is the only way they can take revenge on society, which is simply an old matter of a theft of heroism which is one of the reasons I am hated so much because I believe that if people want to be famous the correct aparatus is out there for people to be with and my life personal life or work is not the means to do so.

Recent news is that in their attempt to hand over my work and thereof my enitre repertoire from which I make a living to pcokets of communist states in the west to play with in order to glorify America, they have only ended up hunting themselves; I can only ask if they wouldn't mind telling me what it feels like: you know the bit where the very sight of people invokes things from them like "that is a cunt, that is a soft arse shit" etc which is how people that are more loyal to the foolish British that always want to do more than they can, than they are to America when they are Americans get to exist to be tortured and abused by and in their society to break my heart and abuse me as well. Then they complain about the actions I take and take steps to threaten me and attack my work. Personally I am said by them to be doing the job they had been thinking about all their lives hence am very insolent and make out ideas about what is mine from what I have been able to deduce others should be doing and hence a thief. The list of alterations I must make to myself to please them seems to be inexhaustble.

I am treated in this I realise because I am academically incapable of my work, therefore accusing others of something I am myself but that is beside the point (I began to fight them on the international stage because they bullied me out of my studies and more so just beofre they elected themselves a black American President and made subtle changes to the education system in the UK based on what they think is my weakness, while by Boss the Monarchy was still demanding and expecting the delivery of my own obligations and duties, which has made things very painfully difficult for me-more so their bragging with public media): the point is that I am supposed to make sure they do as they are told for which barging into my life to manipulate me with media, after making themselves relevant to what I do just so they can express their powers of disobedience has not helped their desire to become tyrants at all and that the young among them are forced to be as responsible as they wish to be irresponsible. That my boss is happy or not with the work I do is none of their business.

They are simply consoling each other with future chances for revenge over what has happened to their pride because of a conviction that is not their business which they are trying to kill off in somebody's life. In which case it still does nothing to ward off their overwhelming and abusive insults that are first of all fun to them and then later on lucrative.