So I am being told that I have put so much effort into making the British Monarchy look democratic of which I have done no such thing. The prevalent sensibility around most of the abuses of the Liberals and Socialists is not just their very insulting brand of greed but also a matter of the idea they have falsified their Resume and because of which knowing how they attack you every time you are off attending to something important, your appearance anywhere generally fills them in a need to ensure that you have no job but for me the problem generally develops into one where if I mentioned it and called for an investigation, I would be worse off because the other group of idiots who love to show up on my public image would become more convinced than they have ever been, that they were famous; so they need to deal with such failures and oversights while I have fun to express the fact I get what I want most of the time on the contrary to claims they make about themselves and they do not actually matter. They speak of how I need allow those that actually matter talk of the issue but usually before then we find they are not addressing those that actually matter when they wish to speak of somebody making the British Monarchy look more democratic. In the end their problem is that they cannot lay off other peoples finances and a process where Politicians showed up with tax payer funds to help them get ahead and rip up peoples finances to build their self confidence for them is never really the end of the story, it tends to cover their stupidities of which their abuses have continued because I have not yet exposed it with intent on brewing my own brand of hatred for them as well; those insults about making me smell and promising violence for it will be the basis of which such things happen if any of them were to develop an effrontery to carry it through to begin with and he had better be bigger than I am for what it is worth. My point however is that we see the same stupidities play out all the time and you can always see that there is a connection between the Political parties that support them and the idea they think they can do whatever they like with incomes and public image as such; so the part they are complaining about is that their stupidities think of culture as the reasons people cannot pass exams in school, their stupidities think of society as the reasons people cannot keep a job and a livelihood – these are the two parts I have already taken up and done better than they do for making me drop out of University and developing an access to me that gets increasingly violent because they have a barely legal existence and I look like I have much to lose – the next part they will lose will make sense of that business of ageists finding out what University drop out makes of people detrimentally, the women will see me drop the social ball on them so they might have to stand up for themselves on violent matters with the men and the kids of whom I have already dropped the ball on blabbing about how I refuse to co-operate and will be taught a lesson while they are already learning their own since every aspect of these abuses are usually a matter of sexual forms of abuses and sexual context insults, for which I drop out of University and cannot be allowed to look after my livelihood and other property which apparently they believe is one of their main concerns garnished with stupidities that add up to a future where those Political parties will brew hatred for me and then label them trouble makers and we will be stuck with each other, looking like the worse off ethnic minority – the next stage will go beyond the complains about the destruction of retail business in the UK, it will be very exciting indeed. They do say I have a lot of hate running through for me of course which is utter nonsense; we can see what their stupidities does like Liberal America getting all over my Books a Couple of years ago and have since entrenched itself in the media to set me conditions whereby if I solved every problem that bothered them and they married some beauty, in their stupid heads, I might have my Books remotely looked at by the rest of the world; so we find this business of turning a process where I make use of their security systems to serve my purpose so it might keep watching me into a process of keeping the Monarchy updated on what I am thinking or doing, which they believe has also created an outcome where I was about to get direct security help from the Crown itself, while of course the only trouble I will get into handling their case will be the part where they shut down access to the left and or the right hand side whenever they pass insults at me and I think otherwise of it on account they had remembered what really mattered to them as it were. So I have already done the culture and society better than them, next I will settle the academics that their foolish children cannot do properly and then have full need of that stupid Politics and then their idiots in Government buildings will make those speeches on my Books and Public image further stifling my finances to maintain that stupid idea they were important people , for now, they are running out of time and it is rather quite important that they were. This is not to say I am suggesting that in all these, I have found myself a valid explanation for the reasons I am sore all over due to their distant violence anyway, that has never really had a reason unless I want to talk about how it affected my academic work i.e. they wanted me to study and then become a nobody with what I know so they do the same things they felt me do to them when I got rid of them by acquiring or trying to acquire a University degree, thus when I dropped out, it was for the better.