Here we go again. Middle class cries over how unequal the world has become and the matter of wealth distribution has gone from bad to worse not better but big breaks by confiscating peoples fame is the order of the day, economies run on abusing leaders is the way market works and what people want and of course making out when they buy products that my equities involved in their manufacture belongs to them when I don't even know them and do not know what their names are therefore. 

Which process they sustain with that old wickedness where the middle class does not envy people for what they have but envy people for whether or not they are using peoples property to get rich, which they work on the basis of preventing any one person from becoming too important just because they have considerable amount of means available to them, which is how their mob based robbery have no limits and even when their victims have nothing left and they are making out the only thing that makes people important is money, they are still hounding hunting and persecuting people to ensure no one person is too important in the world, as though any of their opinions are required and what I for example do, can be shaped by them when I do not see them giving me any of these their great money any way, any where, any how, any time soon.
Naturally these sort of behaviours tend to affect people in power, people in government and people in industries; especially those that have something in common with what I do or me as a person; so, the issue so far is that I am fed up with paying for it because I get the blame, while getting insults and abuses in public by which people run economies that are run based on how advertisement and media operates on the premise of how much people love somebody else.

They have never gotten to stop it; when they know that if people attack me for letting them get out of hand to the point where I begin to attack them to put them in order they will loose, if people attack them for me they will loose and if people join me to attack them they will loose. No, what they have done instead is set out to control my finances and do the devils work for him with their own human hands, then unleash themselves and their problems on religious people especially Christians, whenever they realise they had not been making plans to pay their bills.

The trouble with these people is that they will not sell things in the market except it involves a condition where they are using the money they get from it to prevent me from doing the work of God, especially charitable work. So they can get more people to like them enough for them to be a competition, which is something I don't like because it is evil and rebellious against God. They will not make products except what involves a process where they entertain themselves while abusing me and they will not sell those products except they are selling them on a condition where fall in sales can be made up by abusing me. So the result is a condition where they use media and Politics to split my life between me and themselves and because I recover from this, their income is depleted and although they still have enough without being able to account for how they made a penny of it, it is not enough and makes them really angry; bringing home to roost the old issue of what I sell having nothing to do with what they sell but what people choose to buy and the fact people might choose to buy what we both sell, besides the fact I don't know who they are and I don't know their names.

They know that products created by a Royal Prince cannot exist within the Price range that my products do, except they are not targeted at them because they have so much money and I am tried of fighting. As men that they are they have already gone from media and advertisement industry squandering my income, to robbing me of anything I do to protect my business by insolently copying it, so they can make sure everybody is able to do it as well which is always sourced from that their middle class rubbish they attack Royalty with, without regard for the fact the books must be sold and I have no alternative job. They never have regard for any fact or thing anyway by the way, they belong in stupid secrete societies and don’t.

The Pop stars are just the ones that think I can get into a habit of getting people out of trouble, so they can get themselves into and out of trouble as much as they like spending my income of themselves. I on the other hand think I must keep up the good work of making sure they never claim any of those things they sing about as they never did do them; all there was is their evil violent managers grabbing my fame for them and they have made themselves rich with it and I think it is quite enough. I can already imagine a process and time when they will sue me and the Judge will throw it out, so I can counter sue them for usurping my position and fame to get rich with, as the problem has been that they see themselves as my brothers and sisters who know my parents that will force me to share until they ruin my life and I can see them loose the case and even end up with an injunction. So it does not bother me when the violent acts of spending my income on themselves and following it on with violent flattery gets more and more violent everyday. They have done nothing for anybody, its all me and I am keeping the records, selling them if I want along with my securities and can mention any of their names along with anything I write.

It has never mattered if a thing belongs to others because they will create fights upon fights upon fights until they use it anyway. Just as I have told them to stop extracting incomes from my equities all over the world wherever they have scandalised it or I have placed it myself but they have told me to find another country to live in if I don't like it.