They tell me I underestimate what they will want to do with their Cash, whereas I have always been under the impression it is only my friends that will not try to rule me with their money and it is only my friends who will have all the details of all my books and still buy the books anyway if they feel like giving me some money whether they have heard all about anyway or not and people definitely are not my friends because they get on public media to say so and need to wind people up somewhere else, in the same way that the idea of ruling me is so far detached from reality; rather ridiculous because they are saying these things on my Empire or plans to copy it and have their own as well without permission and abusively as possible which is not allowed by Law either way..

I was under the impression the rich friends were supposed to get the information anyway, so things can be done at the right time and at the right place, hence I tell them all about my books as I write them because if they feel like giving me money they will buy the books anyway, while the poorer ones were supposed to get the information for free and if they want to buy the books can save up and have a copy to try and do business with if they are in business but the purpose was that so I don’t have to sell a book first before I save a life if I have the information can, since I own a Global Intellectual Space and therefore can.

No body asked these fools about their money or indeed what they can do with it. Each time I keep my head out of the lives of men who have daughters and wives or other women who pledge services to them, that hold people down in fights people don’t even know they are fighting until their lives are completely wrecked, getting help from Politicians for it, somebody will get off and put it in my head and with media abuses or public place abuses. Here therefore is the question; who asked them about their money or indeed what they are prepared to do with it? I mean the one they worked for apparently.

It has nothing to do with getting angry enough to miss opportunities: it is just the beginnings of a problem over that rubbish about the price of wealth which violence their stupid Children and their society fans and homosexuals do at me because they are fond of abusing me and my office while making use of y property, even though they are rich already. I am fed up with them abusing me and my job and office while getting rich and staging economic recovery from my property as well. Which is so they can tell me they will get rid of me and will of course do no such things because it is copyright infringement: however with respect to working with them, I understand my commitments and I understand I am supposed to be available to the job but the issue we have here is that after the job has been done, the books are never bought and I am cash strapped; so if I must follow on all my commitments and cook a meal at the end of the day, I have to I work out I will only have one meal for it and it has been that way for the last 7years, such that I am now a very sick man; they are supposed to work out how I have done the job since they have never bought the books and therefore paid me in anyway for it, not turn up to tell me what to do. Which I think is largely a factor of insolence because if there is no respect for my or my office people are more unlikely to preconceive that they should turn up here to tell me what to do and this is the real problem.

 What we have here is the derivatives from my Royal Estates specifically set aside to help me get some money to earn a living and pay my way in the world and if it is far bigger than the RBS, far bigger than HSBC, I think it is important than fools spend more time figuring out how I have done the job not presume or turn up to tell me what to do. As I mentioned it is the beginnings of problems with those their stupid Children, Homosexuals and society idiots their violence at me and that price of wealth abuse which ends my career up all over the music industry and creates something they think I should do nothing about and so on for them and no body is getting rid of absolutely anything.

How many times have they bought the books anyway? They just have banks and will get rid of me on my own property; bloody clowns. They already know anybody would react the way I have upon seeing his career all over the music industry, while those who use my office to make a living have never bought the books, just think they have banks and will get rid of me from my own Empire that is. They started the whole idea of one thing taken from me any process by which they better themselves with my property meaning everything is at risk for me, so this entire process of vandalisms until they push me aside and go around the world copying that kind of empire for themselves is just baffling, that people who have as much money as they do could be that stupid. They need to leave all of it alone touch none, not one, as they know they have created enough trouble which means doing so will result in a condition where I cannot make a living and that will mean problems for them too.

I am probably the only person in the world that gets attacked for my fame because it involves creating and selling securities (so they can tell me the problem is that I am not doing the one they are trying to guide me into doing, for which every step of their insulting guide is painful).