The process of stifling the sale of my books has been worked around some peoples absolute love with the idea of attacking me in some way in order to discuss or decide with public media what my work or finances should be used for; the black ones the fact I refuse to fight racism for people and they are angry about this, the media freaks and the city traders who speak to them that the things I do and my own business is a fallacy and a fantasy that people have decided to live in as well because of some influence I seem to have on them (how evil people will have to be to maintain such claims for the purpose of making a living), claiming the prove of their claims being the fact I think I can gather facts about business that people should be doing and then tell them about it and sell them my books and call it a business when no body asked me to do such as thing with their business, which as it was 10 years ago and still is today is the precise spot I am supposed to sell my books, which for them is a lot of power but always suppose I am going to follow them on from the fact they have messed up their lives and have both the temerity and are trying to mess mine up as well for reasons that vary from envy to the fact it is something they do because it is the way they are as if this was either something the law allowed them to do or indeed this was their own life: but I never will because it is not who I am, who I am as will best tell them thereof about my business and how not to talk rubbish at me and at my market place for which they will never buy my books and have no reason to be there (they never have not in the last decade more so), is that everything they do is some kind of competition for hate which is aimed at dragging me into the service of the devil and they are controlling my finances until then as though it was something the law allowed them to do or indeed this was their own life and I am not following them on through this competition for hate, I will always hit them where it will hurt them all of the time.

Its, should I say, the wood worms of business, which leads some people feel they are so rich and privileged they can continue to make up ideas on how to hold onto other peoples privacy and make up notions they have a royal estate as well hoping to have control of my business in order to spend it on the effects of doing such things and they will eat everything-long before we had decided on whether or not social corruption is a bad thing and when a Christian like myself says something he will not change his mind.

That I set up my business in order to please business men is just one of their ideas never mind the publicity which follows it as well for they feel they own this world as it were, that I am their shrine to wealth and glory.
My prognosis is that it must come to a point where perfectly good businesses and stocks in the financial market once involved with them become bad ones otherwise they will all never have a regard and respect for my income.

I am perfectly aware that after years of Politicians attacking me and then making sure each time I am about to defend myself they get the Unions involved in the fight; when I say anything it affects the status of my interests. Unions that always make sure people cannot defend themselves from Politicians lest it affects their pay, while they keep jobs that pay them more than such persons at the end; the first wave of MPs corruptions and expenses of which has come and gone by and now we are in the second wave, where the MP for Cornwall for example claims 35,000 pounds in expenses over three months while the Council spends about 3,500 pounds to House an unemployed person for a year which means he has claimed enough to home an unemployed person for 12 years in a space of three months to support himself in the process of doing his job and yes it is also true that the first wave of corruption was worse. 
 Hence when I say anything the status of my book sales is automatically affected and it goes on and on and on and on for months while I loose opportunities upon opportunities. I cannot just not say something in order to sell my own books, I have to wake up everyday and attend to a job. So the problem really is the media; where people get off to find places where they can claim what is mine belongs to them, knowing perfectly I will one day go into those places and then dispute it, so they can pick a fight on account they know where my distributors are or have simply discovered I am about to secure some contract or something, while the set of idiots whose lives they publicise on public television get on it to bully me as I do something about it because they want to usurp everything I do to deal with it for their own personal glory.

Their Celebrities do have this great idea where they have my income at place where I cannot protect it and make up lies about me all the time to spend it on themselves and do so hurting me as well very public confident there is nothing I can do about it and of course in revenge for the fact I control their hearts. So that once they have used it to be rich and famous; got the Houses and the Cars and the money the law will protect them from me when I want it back, as though I could never have told the difference between other people and the evil parents they come from in the first place. Hence each time they see my income they want it and want all of it and all of it for themselves; which winds me up everyday because it makes my life unimaginably tough. It goes without saying I have my eyes on their idiots in the entertainment industry and those that exist in various other means there are of having lots of money without working for it and lots of power thereof with it over other human beings who give them confidence over doing these things because they specialise in grabbing other people's men, in this case me, for their stupid girls and boys feeling they are the only ones that need money all the time. So get the Houses Cars and money from them is precisely what I am going to do.

Besides which in any case if I did not decide to do so, their bragging would continue to aid their evil cultures which has become impossible for me to ignore to tolerate because of that level of distraction and provocation will continue to attack me and squeeze the life out of me on a daily basis, then threaten and intimidate me regularly to find out how they fair with it, so I would eventually have to due to the 'over-enslavement' by which that operates.

 Its not such a bad thing to want the world obviously except your reason has to be good enough.