The claim I am not going to get around talking about the prognosis of things like Nazism and the fact people feel that it had a point and that it happens because people provoke other people and never take such a point, is utter rubbish, There was no such point as the point they mention when they sympathise with their Nazism and other similar forms of organised violence against defenceless people. Of course I acknowledge that the way society works is that on one hand are criminals trapping everybody and on the other are another group of people tarring everybody with the same brush but in actual fact the realities and truths are that they are completely uncultured in anyway whatsoever, completely unable to leave something they are doing to assist somebody else in distress, finish up and return to what they were doing – the tendency therefore is that the only thing that they get to complete in their lives are things pertaining them and that is what they really think in a whole sense i.e. that the world revolves around them and no body can do anything when they act as though other peoples lives hinge on the way they make them feel in their tummy. This is actually half the problem really, the other half is where the real problem is i.e. Christian never work and if you do not use violence they never will, people have answers to their problems and the way to ensure they do not keep it to themselves far from those that are superior is to ask with violence not politeness or decorum etc; the fact that the world will only be a better place when everybody is like them in a nutshell and so they cannot relax from imposing their will on others and making out it is domination power and leadership. What they want with Government office always completely beats me since government office is about somebody leaving their jobs and lives to get elected into government to serve the people for four years and then thereafter for as long as the people do not prefer somebody else when election comes along every four years. Politics is handled by Politicians, Diplomacy by Diplomats and Government by government officials, all these things of which are people work place as it were; unless of course I have to deal with their stupid unexpected opinions that come from no where and are really concerning because they are violent; violent like that all the time and funny on media therefore as well by which process of it being so they are absolutely determined to get people to like them and be friends with them in no other way and the bottom line is that they damage my earnings and keep it so keeping me in financial crisis just to make this possible, then tell tall tales all the time to make it seem like reality and this is of course an audacity and insolent that must be resolved as well; the only difference being reckonings not taking place and reckonings doing so is that we all try to live in a tolerant society but I need to earn from my job and if their behaviour towards my income does not change soon I will get hold of them and bend them up the other way round violently along with their Politicians as well. I mean like leave my country when you don’t allow me do what I want with your property and so on meaning nothing but works for them; soon you will see them make parcel bombs in Scotland because they saw it in the A Team; their entire lives revolves around the means of acquiring both power and disposition to say such things and apply it.

I do not sympathise with them in anyway and I know I never will, it is the reason I say whatever I want; I mean say something about the gospel of Christ here and you will hear them tell you they love their parents more than they love you but sometimes you have what they like and they want that too alongside the love they have for their parents which is more than the one they have for you. I mean the lack of civility is incredible and they do need to respect the way people are and the way they react to things because of the way they are. A lawyer would not necessarily like it if you go into his office pick up papers and mix them up, so will a doctor not the process where you get into his office eat your foot and leave them lying around etc. I am likely to get off what I am doing to help others because of how I am and the fact I am a Christian etc so I expect my livelihood to be respected because of that, on account I need to be able to take care of the most basic on my natural instincts. They do not make their own up and talk rubbish all over the place as well. I know they can sympathise with Nazism and stuff like that but it is only the truth the one that is their version.

The idea that the special relationship is the biggest problem America faces is absolute rubbish, the biggest problem America has got is how they will get off their insults and games and start working on government and economic recovery for the people of that country and specifically with respect to the things they will have to say to me to prevent me from having revenge once they feel they have decided such things are more important than their power and war mongering. The Politicians here in the UK have seen the underside of what I can do so far because they do nothing with their time but show up the various ideological dispositions of policies of economic contraction, while their media idiots tell me I have become more concerned with the affairs of poor people and need to give it up to them after I am ready to start earning from it. It is not happening without reason of course and the reason was the same insults from their people and from them which led to a process of wrecking my finances and controlling my book sales and earnings while I get hold of them and bend them over the other way like that stupid insolent race against time to see who will be homosexual due to insults and abuse from people that are below them thing they play all the time. So the idea that if I don’t tell Americans what is bugging them when they are disillusioned I will get into trouble is seriously misplaced and I will handle them again for it severely. As for the rich ones, they brag all the time that they should be equal to British upper class but of course as usual have not the strength or intelligence to look after the source of the millions they possess, they think that special relationship between the two countries will be used for blackmail to solve the problem. For the Politicians in the UK their insults and the control of my finances is what I came into this world for; the world which revolves around them of course as it were, so I do not need to start a fight with them because they can make that up and take 6 years of my time telling tall tales to get people to delay whether or not I get a job, so they can ruin my finances and make out I am a rebel that suffered at the hands of those who are powerful with a big mouth, as for their people, you never ask them, they just leave their places and get around abusing you – hence the bending them over the other way to see how much democracy they can come up with while having none and of course those stupid salaries are still secure and there will be games until I get my hands on it as well, either through market or directly, anyone that will cause the maximum levels of suffering when people are bent over the other way will do; I always say they need to get off the book sales they always say we will negotiate the air I breathe or they will have it all to put it on that stupid left and get the best possible lifestyle, so I am not too bothered.

I mean they always claim there is the question of what the Queen thinks about my actions but clearly the real issue is that their people over half the Population of the Country so to speak will not get jobs unless they have hate figures and another quarter of it will only have what I have for a living or have nothing and while they support and fund such rubbish claim I am not important first of all to really do damage to the country and then of course make so much noise about economic issues as though that will come off from think air, when people refuse to get jobs and stuff. So I always say they need to leave me alone and get the hell out of it. I know they make reference to what happened to my work at Greenwich University but that happened because I put it on display of course as it were, the people who took it on the other hand have always been a handful of goons; I mean you create a literary archive for a books and holdings company and another person wants multiple jobs because he thinks it will prevent you from going to the office to work – I always think that it is nothing to worry about, they can handle it if it would give them fulfilment. However the part where they want to get rich with it simply explains a lot of things; I mean only I can get rich with my own income in the first place. If we look into the matter then what we find is a group of really stupid people that spend their own hard earned income to chase around another persons income because they think when they add it to their own they will become richer, of course they do not know that this is what they are doing, they just think there are things you must take from the lives of some people to use as talisman for getting rich with their lives. So the only thing of value from it is the violence that comes from when they are frustrated and it is always in the end a question that Politicians must answer after they put them at the helm of important issues; such as registrars where you want to register for a business but because it is the kind that only their friends get to run it soon becomes something really personal; like business is personal and family and violence etc. So Politicians need to come up with answers when they had taken my income, added it to their own, brewed the violence that will then destroy it all.

Naturally they also say I speak in such ways which suggest I do not care about money and then I will get all over the place thereafter but technically I do not care about money actually, it is a function of things that must be done; like provide for yourself, make yourself comfortable, then sometimes you have causes to pursue and then you have to find money for those and then maybe causes will lead to meeting friends and then you have to be there for friends and so on; if you do not itch for such things, you do not work for them, it is that simple. These idiots on the other hand simply think there are people whose property they can get their hands on and run off somewhere to get rich. of course they love their stories they throw about for me to pick up with their American style up in the air for you know who that can be directed at just about anybody insults their British media scum here love as well, it is in fact one of the biggest problems we have got along with the distant fascism and local community witchcrafts, where they speak of the damage that religion does to children when cults have been uncovered somewhere in the world and so on. They on the other hand will say nothing and discuss nothing about shootings in Cinemas, the irresponsible idiots will never take responsibility for absolutely anything they do, so that they do not reveal their secretes; such as the fact that it is always a major preoccupation to find a religious people that can be tied up somewhere, while they set off to do whatever they like with people on account they want to send the message that if people waited just a little bit longer instead of shoot dead somebody, something would have been bullied out of those religious people to make them feel good about themselves.