They tell me I offer products that make no sense because they have been making my personal life into a social public property as the new way in which business must be run all over the world without compunction and also making out the risks are my problem as well which they are not except they can make me. They tell me I am providing products in the market which are supposed to help producers cut costs all around the problem areas of the recovery but they are incurring more costs as a result of it too.

With respect to which In the end I am supposed to be the man who set out to help businesses cut advert cost and other costs around the recovery but ended up making them incur more but it is entirely due to their leadership; they always need to have me in a place where they can get whatever they want from me whenever they do while making sure I cannot have any access to them lest I ask them for anything; which should not be my problem because they are the ones that need my help not the other way round. Except of course that this process of theirs does also involve stifling my finances in some way and the result of course is that they get into all kinds of trouble spend a lot of money waste a lot of resources and then realise I was right then ask me for help which I can only take such a long time to give them because my finances are no where to be found and an equitable fair and truthful decision cannot be found anywhere near them when they are currently enjoying so much power, especially the part that involves inciting media trouble makers on other peoples income whenever they hear the prerogatives of peoples office and have received some of it from the media fools who are flattering them.

For me it does seem that I have no control of whether or not I am the man who makes businesses rich as If I am stupid and don’t know that those who are not my friends are supposed to be violently wicked.

If I want to be helpful then what I tell them in a rather forthcoming matter is that each time I try to keep an evil world, the world itself out of my private life to run a life and a business like everybody else (Since last people liked to attack me because God is with me; they say I change peoples lives without spontaneously whereas the truth is that they do not wish to be called upon to repent), they price it open and then give community idiots the privilege as well for their pleasures-knowing those always have opinions that are always base and unasked for, then take my intellectual property and go off to make about less than 10% of what it is all worth and get on public places boasting, showing off and really winding me up with power based stubbornness with which they then make out the process of getting rich involves abusing me stifle the Gospel as well and get around the world making more people evil with my work and of course will not leave me alone as though I do not think they are stupid.

In my work, when I write intellectual property for for instance, out of five pages of written equities and securities which I have created from experiences I have put myself and my enterprise to transform peoples business dispositions into Intellectual Property which is also released from my own Enterprise to give them a start, in 3 paragraphs there will be about 20 given written equities and securities derived from scenarios, which about five people will relate to in 4 different ways and what those five people get for the entire books themselves are between 15 pounds and 40 pounds a copy. These trouble makers rather think those who do such things are stupid and when they decimate my finances and make less than 10% of what it is worth and set out annoying me and abusing me all over the place because they don't want to buy the books since they enjoy getting rich abusing me I will not get any angry at it at all.

I have continued to mention by the way that if I owned a business I would be spending most of my time making it profitable not winding up people that can rip it to pieces for me. They really do need to leave me alone. Like they tell me I enjoy these things I do while I first was under the impression they enjoyed bullying one of their leaders whom they could rule, which is why I have had a cash flow crisis that people make sure my intelligence and hard work can never get me out of and hence keep it up everyday around here for no clear reason for a decade so far. They know they buy products that manufacturers have created with my securities and so what they do is get on he media with those products to attack and split my empire between everybody using sex, in order to have friends and customers-and this is always before they complain, of which they complain by the way while enjoying how much I am suffering due to the cash flow crisis they are keeping up so I cannot extract an income from my job or property-which has lasted a decade daily so far. 
 They complain that I set out selling other peoples cultures and histories on the pretext I am selling intellectual property equities and securities but they have always told these such lies and gotten together to believe them whenever they have their hands on the incomes I expect from these books at the market place. The truth rather is that when they dispatch my securities which they do because they want powers of superiority hence they do not ask and make excuses that I have placed a barrier on them in the form of the Gospel and so do also do not wish to repent too because they can go around the world later making people wicked and evil because they have gotten rich so without having to repent, I dispatch their cultures as well. The truth is that they are determined to make me the Christian beggar on whom they dump all their problems in order to get rich and then send out to get more from God, so they might never have to repent and so when they do it, I simply leave it where they have because they make it tangible to peoples minds with the media and then get on with my work but because their bullying is so intense, I have to mention it in my work which then means that when I sell it, I sell their cultures and society and history as an implicated fact along with my work and the cost of this is that which I cannot restore to them and never would even if I could.

 Their so called Royal friends and friends of Royals (who sleep with stupid girls they later give access to my security to ruin my finances and check on somebody they name their gay boy whenever they want) are terrified of starting a fight with me which ended up in a book I wrote which made me rich, so what they want to do is cause me an intense cash flow crisis for about 20 years, which is then kept up for the rest of my life; where does it start anyway and what is the point? When will they realise when somebody is bigger than them? I do not intend they should settle in on the idea I said so anyway. It was the same with the Politicians until I beat them up so badly their debates went missing (which I did because when they get into Houses of Government, being frustrated over corruptions they will be caught conducting like the other I have mentioned above, they suddenly are and enjoy being vicious animals and I the carcass but when they are at home with their families become normal people), on account that cornering me as a child was the way to start a fight for no reason, then win it to be great and glorious and yet if they started it when I was an adult it was obvious that it would have no meaning and even then have always been terrified of the kind of fights I can write books about to earn a living, which will mean I can ignore them.