This challenge of capability bandied about by people who want to murder servants of God is one that I am rather familiar with. Personally I intend to take away from them all that makes their lives meaningful just like they ensure I cannot enjoy my own life because they exist and I am inferior to them and they want to be rich. The reason for this is that so we can be on a level playing field; not like equals of course that would be preposterous, we should be on level playing fields as per them the Citizens and I a Statesman, them the Commoners and I a Royal Prince lest we make it worse. 

Just as it is working out at the moment and they have already begun to make mention of the reasons the Eastern world is doing better than the West being the lack of economic ambitions. Economic ambitions of which have become something important to them after all that war in Iraq; all those games by Bush, then Kerry and then Obama, which has ensured Tyrants and idiots spend everybody else's time and resources in order to go off to under developed countries and developing countries to find people to oppress while having another set of idiots on the left who squander what people do to seek freedom on Satanic wickedness of their own in order to ensure there is no truth-obviously it has been more important than getting a days job because Politicians will grab other peoples income for them mainly people who are famous enough to bring them out into the lives of normal people when they do so. 
Thus so that they turn up here to round us up pretend the Civil service is their private and personal property and treat it as such accordingly and if we react, they measure from our reaction to oppress vulnerable people in poor countries and name it our fault making sure they are able to keep what belongs to all to themselves and are able to keep their numbers low:-began by Bush developed by Kerry now Crowned by Obama. These idiots who do not seem to respect the fact I am the man as well and will never fall flat on my face and take penalties from them or indeed put up with the health destroying insults of their stupid girls have been talking about economic ambitions. 

What I have been preoccupied with has been the protection of businesses that are unlikely to have economic ambitions, whose only plans as it were was to survive any crisis and continue to go on normal operations because they are big enough, hence the talk about jobs which has nothing to do with them as their talk about jobs has something to do with lies they tell themselves with the abuse of their freedom of association which they deploy for the purpose of conspiracies and against me especially, then turn up on public media to live up to the latest lies they have told themselves one after the other knowing perfectly they are talking nonsense, by which they want me to inspire them with my faith to make them rich but seem to have a problem with my intellectual property and my job and my Royal Estate instead. Hence when we say "jobs" that would be them talking about the Public sector, which mind you there is now a coalition government in the British Parliament and they have no hold on it.
As for their American friends and the secrete societies they belong to ruling the West; it will clearly be impossibly complicated as it were to turn round from where they are onto programmes which involve economic ambitions, besides which I simply feel it is another name for people getting up to doing things that will ensure I have more things that they have simply made sure I want, complete with insolent hierarchy kept and enforced by their stupid insolent girls whose aid community idiots come to in order to ensure I don't get ahead of them on my own income.

Of course it is getting more and more evil for them than it has ever been but it will none the less never be more evil than: "what do we want?" "we want right to privacy" "why do we want it?" "to create products we can sell to employ bread winners in order peoples families, which idiots can copy as well and get better off at than we are".