They claim they have succeeded in getting me to do what they want naturally and it’s a host of rubbish mostly but we know they never agree to the fact that this sort of insult is what runs as an undercurrent which causes a Royal Hermit to erupt over every little stupid thing that they threw his way.  I personally wouldn’t know anyway; I know they need to stop making stupid comments which adds up to a process of making a complete mess of public interest in my Books and I have no idea how people get to communicate with their stupidities if they wanted to stop being victims of hurtful, abusive and violating behaviour with respect to the fact people had private parts anyway– of which its never clear how people communicate it to their stupidities when people want to say they want them to stop the abusive nonsense where they get imagination up peoples bums to make a case of what they want and which Gold they want to dig all day long. It is about to grow into a properly squared up war with the stupid Celebrities to ensure it stopped the way that I wanted, that it was possible to communicate to their stupidities about being hurt by them over their needs and the reasons they should stop doing it as it were. we all know we have reached a crisis point over this insults that involve Celebrities going off to bigger Countries to show up here and get an Arch Prince serving them or fighting their enemies, as insultingly as they possibly can and the Americans are top of the crop on this shooting off all sorts of abusive rubbish on the internet over a hope of having it happen one day all the time.

The rest are mainly the educated idiots making assumptions about their right to handle persons that are clearly their mate as it were and this will soon develop since last their stupidities had begun to add up to something I spent a lot of time on this place, into something that got a response which meant that the one more occasion of making that assumption came with serious consequences too. we see this nonsense all the time with the other industry fools wading in as well, whereby its job gets to its head, so it loves to pass bread winner insults at me and assume the right to handle me to such an extent I am always experiencing abdominal discomfort and from then on it picks up my Bookshop to run off its stupidities endlessly, something associated with a civil and criminal disobedience whereby I said one thing and it said five and the property was mine and life had to carry on all the way to India, talking nonsense about beating me down all the time and it becomes so difficult to just draw a line on it and carry on because it’s impossible to tell where it will make those stupid comments and which client will be affected since I now have a reputation for being cash strapped due to their insults and need to harm me. I am said to be unaffected by their activities but still see a reason to tackle them and that is correct, we are where we are because they have drawn up a link between those who handle their stupidities violently and me, so that they might build communities that get imagination up my bum with their eyes and media attention firmly fixed on my public image and the income margin of my Bookshop. They always brag that the Americans will save the day which of course might occur but so have I made it clear the Americans can always save them as long as its not about NBA, NFL, Golf idiots running off a means to get rich that involves pillaging a certain Royal Hermitage Trust, as it has become quite clear over the years that I will not make their pain cheap to inflict on social media and do not have tendency to become as difficult as their stupidities are.

So I do get asked about the prognosis for their behaviour by the Politicians but if I started pointing out the way that I have allowed Celebrities take advantage of me to make money which Industry fools facilitate to help pay off some trouble makers in order to prevent the trouble they build for the rest of us and to resolve some they cannot let us breathe for, we will be going round in circles to end up in a place where they suggested that they had the same right. So the best way to approach it is to talk about the ideology of Liberal freedom where working for money was the destruction of freedom and that the business of how my personality became the stage on which people may chase market until they wrecked my career, started with black people and got completely out of hand with Muslims, then it grew into something every educated fool with an assumption of whom they had the right to handle at Industry could play with when traders did not feel like trading anymore if they wanted to handle Royalty instead – the outcome being that I allowed the Celebrities do it because of black people and drew up the limit when they had run out of lies like the public conditions we have over their show business today, to make a case of the Industry twats, naturally of which we now wait for them to show up and make trouble claiming they are fighting for the civil rights of all. None here has been doing what they want and of course the Industry gits need to trade which is what they are paid to do and stop bugging Royalty, if they are all clearly out of their depth on public problems at this stage. Beyond which we find them claim that people are using my life and work to run off racism which of course they are since we are dealing with characters who have finally succeed in getting other irrelevant persons expressing ideas about country and land ownership due to their gimmicks – we know it is the means by which they are always getting punished by their parents who are made into mankind characters by their insults and abuses all the time, now targeting me for obvious reasons, same as when people want a career from their stupidities and go to the Armed Forces, I was responsible for it – so my work has been deployed to do racism and they are now the ones being tested.

They bragging that I like to talk but it does not mean I can do anything to them is nothing unusual either – we all know it has the time for this because doing it to its victims does not affect the day job, family, career or finances, so it’s a typical example of how it happens when the Government had gotten them off it and then set about seeking them out where they lived for punishment and we did not understand how that worked. I mean, you had a knee on his neck while he was being arrested and what passed through you mind is the months hell features all sorts of nonsense including punishments you deserved for your personal decisions while their stupidities thought of you are  a character they would have loved to marry or fuck and its one of those occasions you are left wondering why the stage at which the scum gets money off this behaviour to show up and display the health with which he will beat you up did not kill them already – here they will say I support the knee racism thing but we all know the knee thing is Police training on how to incapacitate somebody they are trying to arrest and the moral of the story is that if a Police Officer applies it for too long, he can take a life. We see this all the time; we don’t want Police Officers to kill people but at the same time how do you get through to an idiot who says something an Officer said to him was so provocative he engaged in weeks long vendetta against the Police, ended up in a condition where he was completely out of his depth over what the officer was talking about when he got provoked, failed to stop and instead decided to do something that got him arrested, about which he died and I got upstaged when people carried out protests. We see it all the time in the USA where somebody will set out a character that has successfully kept their concerns safe from city centre bullies, Industry gits and local community quasi criminals, including media and Celebrities but has been set out by these idiots as the character they plan to bully to recover the life they had lost to that guy that got the high flying career in the city centre and that the Police cannot protect such individuals from them – so the outcome is usually Police Officers learning about it and deciding its one of those cases where they will not stop until the bastard is incarcerated or dead.

They do claim that I had gotten what I wished for and its utter nonsense, none is completely unaware Celebrities like to round up people and use their victims as foot soldiers to attack people in order to feel as though they were important and I don’t know with the history we have, why I am still such an attractive target for it and hope that it stops amicably all together as it were. There is a need for me to be degraded, a process of my person and property existing in a condition where rules do not apply as per how I were handled to be effected, in order to ensure I was wasted well enough to serve needy Celebrities who had to have it and I don’t know why I am still a target to this day either bearing in mind the history we have – so these are not like community gits that hang around somewhere looking like people who can get around corrupt Celebrities picking on me because they always use other peoples lives to get around to it as such, so that whilst you think about municipal living where they did not get a free range to handle or damage anything they liked applying in terms of Public control, you also did not want to do anything that affected their freedom, since they are really never on the side of the Government either, these are proper gits with ideas about how to get rich, targeting me. We find those other stories show up where they constantly say that unless people spent the time between 1950 and 1990 to fight for the civil rights I see today, I would have been completely lost, which is utter nonsense too, brewing up this sense I am a mystery that appear incapable of handling matters but actually can; we all know even in the 1950s it was never going to kill you on account its been deploying your work and person to improve its earnings while its stupidities were in charge until it resulted in an apartheid society – I have been clear that their sense of right and wrong is flawed and I find it offensive to see them fight for my civil rights; we have even seen several instances where they will do nothing if somebody was trying to kill them but when it came to tackling completely innocent people because they worshipped money, even the Police could not protect people from them.

They claim I am never in a particular place and yes I am not – what happens is that I make an arrangement with a Client and that Client sells products to them, so the abuse of that Client now progresses to a process of buying shares with the Company, to control me and handle assets which are mine, about which processes of doing so added up to criminal activity that I am relied upon not to respond to, so they might get what they want – so what I have done sets to show they will buy products they have handled if I had to enforce the process that got them to. They always say that I cannot but what is currently happening annoys me more than it does them as there is no reason for people to make capital out of a process where quasi criminals built up my concerns somewhere so they might tell me my life is over, the way that Celebrities have and it will remain untouched as the issue around which the massive rift that has emerged between myself and Celebrities was created.

So, they say I never say a definitive thing about racism and its utter nonsense as there is nothing to say about it being objectified by stupid louts all the time. The truth of it is that in the last 90 years, more than 50 million people died over a global stage gimmick about racism, about the same number died violently just like the latter about 15 before then over the same type of global stage gimmick about racism – the stage here is that there really isn’t a white man that has appetite for racism left in this world. Here people will be alarmed that I am playing myself back into the exploitation ring which is not wise but I am not, as I am clear there is no reason for American NFL and NBA and Golf world goons to look like communities have been organised to ensure middle management fools kept their eyes on me while their minions kept the imagination on my private parts, while here in the UK there is no reason to look like there is a day of reckoning over that nonsense where they buy new homes and cars to show they are not trying to steal something from me before I got targeted as though I was about to lose my life on account their liberal stupidities wanted to get rich – it goes without saying that we are not living in an environment where it goes home to the Children so their families were aware of the nonsense I had to put up with every time they got to the Office yet as it were. In the end they say there is racism in Politics and yes there is but whilst I wasn’t born by a white person and did not spend time growing up in the company of white people, I am vulnerable to instances where a white person wants to play around with a racist footing because he might just end up banging out tens of thousands of pounds for himself at my expense, which those who have placed me in that position had no reason to – the other gimmicks from their Celebrities producing an outcome in which I am the character that was to beat their enemies to make them comfortable, a character that was to get into a fight with racists and gangs and criminals, up to the stage where all have been suspended here and I am stuck in an existence reserved for those who spend time on plans for criminal activity or processes of taking part in them all together – such that even when it knows these are the results of its constant fantasy about me being used to do violent things that makes its famous stupidities comfortable, the most recent case is those characters that would like me to understand they can create me an arena where each time there is public upheaval, I had an opportunity to destroy their property, building up my concerns somewhere to tell me my life is over and tackling me for cowardice each time I stepped outside of my door, has now been transformed into Capital for famous twats and it is the last straw.

They do say that nothing I said would ever stop them naturally and I understand that but I am getting tired of it; I have not been orientated with any part of black culture that says people normally get imaginative fingers up other peoples bottoms and soon we will find out the way it plays into their big mouths blabbing at me with Celebrity culture once they got on public image to make fame and fortune with this foolish big happy ethnic minority family that racism had helped them build as it were; so far they like to blab about the smell and act as though they are completely unaware their communities are causing it and that such a lifestyle on my part would be detrimental to women because they don’t think of women are people and I have not yet made fame and fortune from the relationship they have with their parents.

I really don’t know why the story festers endlessly that when it came to it, I wouldn’t have been able to stand my ground anyway but we all know that as long as certain men who are all the same hooligans we see in football stadiums, who show up on media and Celebrity culture to wear suits with a terrible habit which complements the sense that their Offices are gods gift to the world and mine is a dung heap, continued those stupid abusive comments they run off all day to extract money from my earning margins, while telling their stupid women stories about people they would attack, that their women would never stop practicing their school yard girls dormitory bullying on the victims and we will never hear the last of it, such that it is quite clear how distracting I find the threats and why normal people would think that by pointing it out in such ways, without having to say there will be trouble again when their civil rights looks like this one more time at my expense, it is probable that I was issuing a warning. We have done the difficult bits at this stage where female journalists who play with me to support the careers and get told by managers they needed to abandon some small thing they found on the streets to play with i.e. me, or abandon the job – such that after 15 years we have now come through the part where I was always having to take a fall to help others save their jobs while these fools could invite themselves into my court and flush my life down the loo for practical jokes that improved their lifestyles without any caution from their media employers. So its not really the best point at which they can start blabbing threats at me to improve their finances on my income margins, born out of being vulnerable to tribalism because I make time for the women in my life as much as I made for myself, meant that women had to behave towards me like they were a handful of mean cunts backed up by stupid men. The story as it stands is that the white community has a history where their gimmicks involving a business of getting around other peoples daily concerns with a sense of Country ownership, eventually gave way to an outcome where they never stopped following me around to make a mess of everything and then once I had decided to write a Book which people could read, they started a mini war that led to a response on my part, where I thought that this was uncontestably their Country but I will share this Literary empire with them by allowing them an opportunity to cut me out of my own creation with country ownership gimmick and show up somewhere to replicate it and hit easy street with their white majority population, somewhere in hell; this made me white friends but I am still cash strapped because the blacks took over and made a complete mess of it and now I have done their own as well, setting out how people ought to stop making others look like mankind since it encourages racists to put people out of the misery thing, they are now at war with the Police who hurt them for incessantly attacking me, so that they are staging protests for injustice that involved upstaging me. My point is that the idea I am afraid of these guys is a myth and the part where they started respecting my writing career the way their livelihoods get to their heads to facilitate bread winner insults I am sick to my stomach by, is starting to play out in a very personal way. They do claim the problem at this stage to be that I am working on the internet but we know its largely a matter of the fact they always get what they want - that you might have gone through hell to build something but regardless of when it was available to the Public, the date that it was available to the Public once you got on the internet, will be decided by Internet service provider employees and we know their employers can do very little about the absolute hell they lend people all the time - it never stops wrecking mine to say that it would have been better if I did not turn up on the internet in the first place and everybody can guess what will happen when I sign off it, remarkably as well, when we peer in, we see Muslims play a part, hurting people all the time and they never say these are the sort of alliances they make either. So far the consequence are that it never stops pillaging my Book sales on grounds that I am set up on the internet and people can get rich being me somewhere else, so it must now deny my Royal Office especially when it stupidities are American and leave me feeling sick for years and years, I try to move them on every day, the week before, the month before, the years before and I am getting tired of leaving them feeling good for it. Some people have expressed concerns on the way I take little care of my person but this is not really the case; the truth of it is that the Media picks up public interests in my Books and runs off abuses all day, so the practice of wickedness I am aware of in a Hermits Office means that this has allowed people to go from sharing my bed chamber to get a good feeling about life gimmicks to enough access that lets them perform distant violence on me through the night but I am usually sore for only about half an Hour, once woken, they realise I am going to tackle them as well and the only motivation to continue all day is how much journalists on media are banging on at me making a mess of public interest in my Bookshop - clearly meaning the Media has begun its own gimmicks now that it has no wish to give up on the business of setting out its stupid career as one which controls me in the service of Industry fat cats, Celebrities and market trouble makers, again the pattern is the same - state provided security or my own achievements are used to explain their position so they cannot be told off until the damage had been done.