I mean the fundamental question is what the big deal really is; and of course it is nothing but the fact when they attack me which they always do without reason bad thing occur because I am not an evil person and attacking me like that just instigates things to happen but when they do they want to be the ones that have that kind of beauty in some strange evil wicked fascist discrimination as though anybody here is playing with them or something. This is a fight they must now win and put peoples out of the misery of seeing this fight go on endlessly and of course they will win-bloody clowns. The sad part for me most of the time is that these things really should not happen and are a function of idiots making sure a fight exists between me and Americans because it is not as easy there as it is in the UK-these are supposed to be a collection of twerpy busy body losers I have no idea why people listen to them at all except of course I must recognize they do because they think they are tough enough and when they put me in places where I have no choice but risk everything and fight based on probably having gained information somebody here is playing games with them, they will win and that will be the end of that, like doing democratically inconvenient things while seeking democracy from those it hurts at the other end in a process of stifling their earnings. The power of those who find ways of doing bad things while giving me the reputation and making sure I am getting the punishments for it powers; like they are not all damned. These days they execute the punishments themselves with their distant fascisms which is where the real problem is as it were.The issues behind why I act the way I do really have no plans to change as it were; still the same old people who are always too quick to conspire among themselves to select somebody for suffering and still the same old people who are never relenting on how to ignore their problems until the act of doing so itself becomes criminal. In the end the ones who make out they are older than me are always the most provocative the youths everybody knows will end themselves up in a good place. They always think I am scared of them which I am not and this is what gets it to annoy me uncontrollably due to all those plans to ensure it gets my attention but then again at the end of the day which means they are nothing but a bunch of show offs for the devil. Everybody knows they call for revenge when it is okay for the white man to get comfortable and work hard to make himself so while the black man must be famous for sharing, while they have connections with peoples parents-like they can give to the frugal. In the end when I live up to the reputation of making them suffer for making me suffer by sharing with community goons, they get off on media to spin facts and get their own pound of flesh which is largely supposed to operate along the lines of who they mess around with and get away doing so. I am so good at it I share with community goons bearing in mind they are always offering themselves to women to serve women with their muscles because somebody else has said or done something with has to do with the freedoms of women and of course when I do they always get off on media to do their spin in order to punish me with their insolence by having their own pound of flesh but still I am so good at it I share even when I  am not being asked.