It loved the boasting that I had ended up in a scenario where everything I had was wasted, all I did to recover was wasted still – I could never tell where they kept their ears, complaining that the distant violence practiced on me caused me to lose something important and that state provided security was so provocative they needed to get Politicians listening to their stupid feelings every day, as per the ways I may consolidate the matter from this point of view, as the only way to run a Bookshop. Otherwise it was clear that to run as successful Bookshop, the environment needed to be such that when people read, they had a long period of time that added up to weeks in each case, to digest the information they had obtained and it was quiet enough for them to take the risk in the first place – it is never quiet enough here because a bunch of idiots with penises had a capacity to resent people and needed to make a stupid announcement and their famous idiots have not yet been attacked in terms of a career that exposes their backsides to the world whilst they tore up my career to cover it and found a way to express ideas that it was all my fault. Hence a bunch of idiots who keep getting me stuck with the home wreckers that were doing what is in their nature to do even when their stupidities regretted the results – something originally as simple as a process of saying even from a religious point of view, that their incessant interests in my finances was due to the fact that they had failed in every way, to make me vulnerable to their immoral society, solving every problem associated with it. The other side of the matter was that I appeared to have been beaten down and dead each time, only to show I am not but this is because the main cause of the problem is that I am Royalty that dropped out of University, so the door was wide open for idiots like these to have a field day, even when my bottom hurts because I was always being tackled by home wreckers, the stupidities had picked up rogue landlord and corrupt private security to watch me on CCTV and prevent me from devising a diet that helped me cope with it, for a gimmick that will make the most of its need to exhibit itself in public places at my expense – but then enough of a conversation has been employed on the matter to have arrived at a stage where although I am now saying that my career relied on their personal decisions, they were in a position to move their stupidities out of my affairs, shut down the insults and keep comments restricted to their own careers, in the end if it is quiet enough for the Bookshop to be financially successful, I raised funds to complete University unless they were saying that they had placed a millstone on my legs to prevent me doing so all together, coupled with this inevitable need to incorporate their abusive activities into the way I worked, as to get it under control and that door would be permanently closed for the benefit of either side, hence not an approach that was the end of the world to say the least. Personally, I could never make out why they go to University to finger bottoms whilst it was an environment where the tasks you complete decided the look of your career for the rest of your life and parents would not be there to assist, they would not be the ones telling you to do it, it was all something that you had to do for yourself after completing your GCSE, in my case furthermore, the reasons they have followed me around for 12 years to keep up their stupidities every day, like I continued to maintain it might feel happy with its civil disobedience at my expense but I have also proven myself to far to be a fan of the insults. It likes to boast eventually that my biggest adversaries have proven to be the Media because it builds this public presence for a bunch of idiots that were causing me public control problems whilst complaining about it at the same time and claims that the motivation was the lack of respect regardless of what it had accomplished whilst reality is more to do with an environment it created if I were an Arch Prince before all of its accomplishments acquired at my expense occurred, hence the problem being that it had created an environment that it regrets creating now that its stupidities had also made it an important person – this has occurred because I got the Royal commission when I was of a young age and hence there was enough time to come around the matter full circle like so, amusingly. Much like it loved to make out this was all my fault whilst its family was blissfully free from the consequences of this nonsense every day, claiming I am being baited the same way I did others, whereas what happened is that  each occasion I had brokered assets with large businesses, I ended up fighting for the air I breathe on account every fool they employed wanted to decide how my assets and equities were used and the ways that I would lose them permanently, just one of the ways they could ensure my finances were trashed and I could not concentrate on anything I did around here, to prepare the way for their mainly German and Italian led home wreckers, among others, besides their abuses and insults, the comments their media fools built broadcasting outlets to make about my career precisely where the finances were, that were an incredibly good use of my time.

They have raised the point about problems created because their people were being roped into security services to fight my wars and yes they were because the main issue here was that Celebrities stole my career and employed security guards to help them keep it, to which effect they built a media presence for criminals. Any person would have assumed that this would have solved the problem when it happened but it has clearly not solved it, there was a way that what they got up to was all my fault, especially consequences associated with my responses, if I suggested they were stupid people and we know when it tackles my finances which it does every day, it was associated with a gimmick on Media by which a large number of people would take part in get rich fast pyramid schemes, the pyramid schemes by which Americans assert their sense of exceptionalism, when it goes off to fight communists on my behalf, the best explanation was that it had failed to compete but none knows exactly when it had decided I was competing with its stupidities and how, so we are now in a situation where it is about to tell me how I am to respond to instances when its patent breaching gimmicks helped it rip up my finances for pyramid schemes with Media, issuing threats with a big mouth too. They do claim that what I say had no real world effect, which is because it is not yet being intended to produce a real world effect, the cause of all the problems here is still German and Italian influence idiots making things difficult for me because they had promised to grab my career for some famous fools and so the question of how long exactly it takes a famous idiot to get involved with something like that, take full advantage of the disposition of those who were weaker and uglier, whenever something like this occurred, how long it took the media salvation stupidities to think about it before getting involved. It is another example of instances where it claims people think I am dead and buried but I am actually not, as it is likely to progress from here to a business of being an idiot who had developed a privileges intensive alliance with some character that wanted to rule, as soon as it is done building a media presence for criminals and complaining about it, then we will enter into a stage where I got to make the most of the fact its alliance with those who wanted to rule, was not necessarily an expression of the idea it knew what respect was and how to go about giving it as such, same as I will have decided if I wanted to sell the peace and quiet that their private security industry and rogue landlords had built for themselves alongside, at which stage any career that got to its head will be in its possession for the last time.

I am aware it is administrative failure to get caught up with these matters, but I am not the failure, an idiot who worked the Monarchy to get me caught up with home wreckers but does not fancy the results is the failure expressing its stupidities at Parliament every day. Usually it was as simple as a series of activities pursued by a bunch of gits who built communities that would attack any that dislodged them from so called culture and society, then when they believed they had achieved a disposition of repression, progress from the setting that made violent orthodoxy which got younger people to do violent things on their behalf and therefore make them feel important, to tackling the finances of people whose success was an apparent threat to their social arrangements – so a series of comments and activities that trashed my finances for instance gave me a license to attack the culture and society they suggested was untouchable and those who had obtained such licenses tended to get away with attacking something they claimed they would on being attacked visit great violence on those who did – it was always a self-resolving problem. They claim I have shown myself to underestimate the hatred that women felt towards men which I don’t, women who hated men had men in their lives to hate, if I felt oppressed by their narcissism, it was a simple matter of confronting its public manifestations and calling it out whenever I wanted to. It is the story we have seen fully expressed here, where a 20 year career mess for me served the tool by which to detach from a life of abject stupidity and end up with an enviable career, at the same time get to decide which parts of town to which I am allowed to travel, on the basis of my dress code and also claim that my Books were information laden and the information was heavy which I am aware of but I simply must take their abusive gimmicks where they threw aspects of the Book to the dogs and built me a profile to match social activities of criminals into a stage where I was able to guarantee security for people who openly displayed their copies after obviously having paid for it – what we see at the market on the other hand being a case of people feeling sick at the mention of work market because they spent too much time with Celebrities, being paired up with Books I wrote to take risks of service for people who took risks of profession to read it. The Core of the problem being situated in a history where a bunch of famous idiots got involved with and betrayed wealth equity and crime control publicity to befriend criminals and blaming it on those who owned the structures and therefore should have taken more risks to help them feel safer and more important than was already taken, the history is such that entertainment products were created from my equity and shown on my public image, patented to their names and I need to eliminate this to save my finances or they need to move on as there are other famous people on this planet. Hence specifically in terms of backlash for my work as it is said that important persons took to it, the backlash had not occurred yet but the possibility of that backlash had created a condition that came about by a bunch of famous idiots throwing areas of the Book which they had read to the dogs, running off some fake news and clinging to my finances to get me into a fight with others as to make their stupidities more important: there will always however be a backlash if I had created a structure to tackle a process where some people expected the rest of the public to do the hard work market and academic pursuit endeavours whilst they spent their time being tough, to invent some shock gimmick at the last as a means of securing their pensions – the backlash however was never a problem for me considering that it was largely a product of people getting from raising children in mental illness so that if their children attacked others to make life easy, it was an advantage that could be worked at the Law Courts, they have moved from this however to a state of getting into procreation relationships specifically for power purposes and ending up with a worser condition of an inability to control the Children all together, so if it does not want me to secure PR for my work only from instances where they were not committing crimes, so that when they did, they would commit crimes to be free of me and if its Celebrities do not wish for me to secure my PR from instances where they and their fans were not getting killed on the streets so when they did, they would to be free of me, I think that the best outcome is to keep off my affairs, cease disturbing my livelihood, clients and finances and keep their media comments to their own careers, as we have seen that I can therefore I do gimmicks, built from dreams of what they can abusively make me do for them having since developed into a blame culture that we have seen build up to some activity the Police had to deal with in riot gear, that they engaged in, have not served them well or me and my forced fantasies of joining-in, in twelve years of working it here every day. History is that first time around it turned up here complaining about civil problems and once it had found a way to make money ripping up my finances behind my back, it made a public face for a process where it became a fully paid up part of the problem it complained about and suggested the problem itself was all my fault, complete with a supporting crowd – now it had enough money to afford private security, so it wants to create a social condition in which Celebrities can thrive, where public service operatives and public office workers would need body guarding security to perform their tasks and pursue their affairs but I am just fed up with a business whereby each time a famous stupidity had a fabulous idea I ended up in a condition where their sense of being an important person meant they were entitled to something in this place – always stupid enough to start, like we see it throw bits of my Books to criminal dogs and Islamic terrorists to build an environment where it can make money befriending the wealthy and important whilst it expected me to get into a fight with people on its behalf, to end up complaining about me but its ego was too big to take the exit where it kept its comments to its own career and cease stirring up society idiots into abuses that could be run into my bedroom whilst I am asleep, same as its radio wave lesbians run me down whilst I am at work, it will not take the exit, always stupid enough to start but it is the stopping bits that its superior madness could not fathom. Eventually it is all like the way they claimed I roped people into my concerns and got them over a barrel, whilst it is a 20 year career mess over something I am doing with the famous by the way side, considering that I am not a celebrity myself, building up to a result where I needed to punish them with the idea that I ought to become one – like complain about public problems and those who assisted me ended up with a crowd I built up to call them names and bully them so I may befriend the wealthy and so the abuses will reflect how wealthy I would like to be.

The claim is that I find complicated ways to blame the famous for my problems and what ever grievances I had with them was based on rejection over the idea I think I am an equal. It is utter nonsense on either issue: first of all there are no complicated ways of blaming the famous for all my problems, they are always seen attacking people who take steps to ensure those they knew felt safer out of private costs and we are not talking about the need for publicly displayed abusive activity towards security services. Eventually it comes down to what communists were doing with this behaviour and any normal person would have easily assumed that when their people were roped into security services work as well, this problem would be solved but it has not been. On the matter of feeling like I was an equal, as I have mentioned before, it is a 20 year career mess here over something that I was doing with them by the way side, since I am not a celebrity, so what they have been doing involved a process of showing up to complain about public problems, create a trap cocoon for me to spend most of my time solving those problems which they got to pass off as part of their career work, whilst they built communities that came up with ever more drastic ways of handling me abusively, the level of abuse which caused me to solve more problems, determined the state of how wealthy they wanted to be and I want to do all these things to them for my career as well, not my problem what other people think as this sort of behaviour is not being taught at Church to begin with and I have provided them exit to make the comments about their careers instead mine, considering the comments they made produced an outcome where their quasi criminals were beating me down in my bed with distant violence every time that I fell asleep. The idea is that I take it too far, at least this is what they want people to believe but working crime control publicity is a setting where people got involved with government operatives via their public life and mine was developed on crime control publicity – so the two spectrums were on one side, people who thought that involving me in their affairs was the best and only way to run it, on the other were people using the same process to avoid crime and those who got caught up made deals with the law to help solve the crimes; so for people to damage it in order to make their access to organised crime products that secured their high cheaper and more accessible is really unforgivable but we should have moved on 5 years ago, we did not because it has been a veritable battle caused by the fact they were entitled to get involved with my personality and have so far picked up any changes in my career publicity, alongside my Books to build themselves a red carpet self re-invention. I have had to work this matter all over again in more dangerous circumstances whilst they claimed that my problem was caused by the way I became obsessed with how their friends fought wars and therefore wanted to be a part of it i.e. they tore down my diplomacy assets to prepare the way for a processes that allowed them bully me into doing what they wanted, whilst their people at the Monarchy claimed I was lying about my social standing. The outcome is that for the communists, I had to make the statement that working economic abuses on me with criminals is only likely to create an outcome where I got to work what they had in mind on them better than they could work it on it, such that I am now able to reinstate a process where intelligence workers were able to mitigate threats and risks of exposure, whilst communists that thought associating with me was the way to run their lives, could do so again, hence they claim that I have been protecting their interests whilst I am not needed, to build new self-reinvention and continue to make a mess here on Media, but I have done no such thing and it needs to shut down the insults and keep its comments to its career, if I had spent most of my attention on what the communist did the entire time. On the matter of lying about my standing however we know that in terms of technicalities of running the interests of the Head of State here, this is not true according to evidence and it is not true according to evidence in terms of their needs to groom themselves into a condition to get involved with the Monarchy for breeding purposes either – then there was the constitutional consequences of repeatedly making such statements in the sense that there were very few Royals that have been given an authority to peak into Parliament due to the constitutional ramifications of doing so, the way that I and other top working Royals have. We conclude on the matter of these goons having a need to clip peoples mobility and perhaps access to US Markets as well, to claim disposition as real men whilst they were the first to start up the gimmick where all of Europe had been poured out, so Men can go to the US to do strange things with my finances since 2018 and have never really stopped, only more abuses and stupid threats when being told off - arriving at a stage where I am being told that having stated what my martial arrangements were to find a partner, I was exposed to more abuses by Celebrities and their stupidities selling up bits of my concerns to get rich fast, which is never likely to happen since we already have a history where my State provided security was provocative as a mere mention of a relationship with me compelled Celebrities to take up work roles where they got to take all of their clothes off in public and once they saw me pursuing something important thereafter were again entitled to show up here and pick up my career publicity for other purposes in a bid to eliminate people I might actually wish to settle down with, so like the business of punishing them with the ideas about me being a Celebrity, I should punish them with this too - rogue landlords and corrupt private security etc.