18 May 2018 school shooting in the US and it is said it’s another impossible disposition to understand and I must provide some form of intervention, which has happened before; school shootings are a business between the shooters, the victims and the Law, it has nothing to do with gun control. I mean I am an adult I know if I am caught up between one half of people rubbing it in my face when I make a mess of myself because we are all trying to get on and relying on each other in very little ways from time to time and the other half becoming convinced it is their right to abuse me to make themselves better off, it is difficult to locate how a teenager might understand being trapped in such a social issue and therefore have it sorted out just after breakfast before getting to school. Much the same as the case of the ageists who control either the female side of society or the male side of society becoming rather convinced it is very nice to trap people in social issues and telling me I will get into trouble if I pointed out they were very stupid individuals. Same as the business of Politicians spending money on these trouble makers because poverty usually provides the best inventive for organised violence against people and yet we can see it is a problem that has grown two more heads and gotten worse because of what they use the money for, never mind the need to create set backs for people’s children and to discipline people randomly on the streets. It does not matter when a teenagers Father has a gun or has a knife, if they have become mad enough, they will go for it and taking away guns will simply mean they find another form of armament. This does not detract from the facts behind gun control in the US, that if the right to arms was removed, the government will have to come through with other measures that overtly erode the freedoms of Americans that have made their Country such a great place for them to live in. I do not have much issues with the social issues as such; we all know when I handle people as well they will require a National Parliament and a National civil service and a National Media to beat me down and then when finished they want community croons to pillage my health for them while they plan when I will be beaten up for a cowards victory on Media, it is worth mentioning of course because it is difficult to explain to a teenager and then tell them it can be resolved after breakfast before school -never the less which in my case these people manifest most of the intentions behind their abuses over money and love to threaten me thereof when they need it, so I have ensured the society ones are always dispossessed of anything that facilitates the choice of poverty because it means I will have to deal with a nasty surprise and the Media ones always end up having the society ones get famous with a media career when they have a go at me as well; speaking of the media ones which is an old case where my Court if female only and they can gain access to this means of transcending my television I had gotten as a blessing for my position; then return to issue threats over their hurting bottoms and carry on various forms of abuse that suggest their family will likely find out what I put up with when either of us or the both ended up in hospital for some reason. The point is that the way I see it as an adult goes beyond the business of how to deal with those who rely on you and those who trap you with practical jokes when you have something important to pay attention to and therefore rely on you for that as stupidly as possible; its usually a matter of people deploying their hospitality for purposes that are outside of what they said got to their heads in the first place; the journalist is not doing the news with his own anymore, he is tackling me, likewise the trader just trading or the Celebrity just doing show business, which in my view usually indicates they are no longer interested in the job while my refusing to respond to it most of the time has been interpreted as that which they shall resolve with me by a fist fight as well. I do get told the main problem was that I never wish to tackle racism while reality has always been the examples we have seen in the Middle East where referring to Muslims in terms of terrorism leaves the terrorists a means to conduct recruitment drives that kills many and likewise talking about white people in terms of racism or talking about blacks and none whites in terms of local gangs and criminals. So I am sure it goes beyond civil rights opportunism to mention that nonsense about wanting more unity and not division from me never really listens when I point out its all about money and what needs to be clear is that those who think those cultures that can help decide what is to happen to another person’s life need understand what the rest of us are saying as well i.e. that it was never a toy and those who think they have the right to insult people because they were successful enough know that telling lies over their stupidities will never suffice as well – when I was younger in any case especially with respect to the story of my lack of respect for women, I used to believe along with a cousin, that taking your clothes off before your friends is not acceptable and I used to get laughed at, now in the real world I find myself cascading from talking about women who think I spend most of my time thinking about their breasts and vaginal monologues while my self esteem has allowed me to dislodge myself from the fact I am out of their league, will now give way to women getting the better of me over civil rights greed, whereas I am not actually interested in them in anyway whatsoever. Yet again its difficult to stand and say gun control was never the problem during the funeral of 10 persons that have been murdered by means of a gun but the truth is that it never was the problem. Like they say fortune does not favour me much which is nothing new; it’s a matter of options – better to have an enemy that has run out of supplies and cannot attack, than to have a fortress that is not well supplied, better to have a fortress that is well supplies than to have an enemy that cannot attack because he has run out of supplies since that will only postpone the problem. I do get told the racism is about dominance and yes it is; half the time it says ethnic minorities are getting rich with its Country, half the time however those who pioneer their own will create world war three but at the end of the day what we have is people who love creating problems for themselves and have not got their own sorted out as well, so that those who are good at working for their money and really hate the idea of working for themselves appear to be the problem instead of the solution, while they have lots of blame on offer. It’s a simple case of making a local community what I want when people push off racist ideas, if I cannot, then it means the community has been overrun by racism, the fighting bits do not solve a problem whatsoever.