The big boys continue to make out when they use my Technology based Equities and Securities, that my complains are things that are to me mocked because they do not understand "how I do that my thing anyway"-'my thing' referring to my insult of going off to pick up something that is bigger than me which they are the ones that deserve considering their age and their physical size. All of which resulted from the fact that when I am a Christian they claim I have sex with peoples wives to have all the things that show on me because I am a Christian and then when I grow up and need to get married want to control my finances to tell me which age range and who I should fall in love with because the age range I fall in love with will affect them. So it seems I can never do anything right.

The most recent group of people to get into that long line of people who tell them that the reason I get my Equities and Securities back from them is not because I am in some kind of competition with them for which they like to tell lots of lies about how my plans are that of world domination over something I share with them in which they deserve the Lion share but the fact that when they use it to do things they make sure they do business in a way that wrecks my life and it is this process of upsetting me that makes me get my property back from them whether or not they live in a democratic society and should be able to get away with such things or should be able to get away with it when I live in one and they do it in a country that does not have one. Their response to this has been that I interfere whenever they are trying to eat.

I myself have reached the end of my tether on the matter and want my Technology based Equities and Securities back from them because it is needed by the Armed Forces. Clearly their ability to stir confIicts in other parts of the world with the use of the convictions of my faith that they gained access to by corruptions of involvement have not pain off obviously, I fail to see what impact any further destruction from them is likely to have.

Just like the process that led to those their claims the problems I have are things I brought on myself. Whereas in actual fact they are the ones that are the Holy Spirit and God and taught me everything I know thereof. Always so annoying but only God can give you the strength to cope with as it were and then nothing prepares you for a process where they go around making friends by telling people that, especially rich people who knew or know you; only to tell later that the reason was the Christian that became a Prince, somebody that does not have to do evil to get rich or get rich quick in this world existing (for which I am always grateful to the Queen), which is a threat to all they stand for. As in the wanton use of the phrase ‘all they stand for’.  Now they have got all kinds of explanations for it on media as well and leaving me alone is impossible for them, for I must always do things that look like a miracle.

When they are about no body has the right to get born at a time and to grow up at another time: otherwise somebody will bring people up and make sure that they don't get any respect when other people learn something from them because they resisted it.

No body knows what they hope to accomplish by turning up in Church or establishing their own Church, when they already have secrete occults they belong to. I have always experienced all kinds of nonsense from them for as long as I can remeber because I have a unique faith in God and all of them, all of the time always act with the same means and the same tactics and the same parameters which is: insolent abusive boys but girls especially, that always tend to fall on what is the new trend that has emerged from the new deduced revelation from God in my life to pervade, by which they select Popular Music tracks and videos among other froms of violent extortionism and then it must always have something to do with my earnings, so that they can tell me to take my hands off it and let them have their way, as though I am a Child that protects it from them, which is what the stupid men who want to be everybodys Father for their perversions think about all the time and therefore send them out to be their voice in the world for-when they are not doing it themselves as if I am their equal. Every body already knows that before they have their various measuring up, insolent forceful peerage expanations for all the things they do, they always barge into peoples lives and do things to them to detach them from God and then keep them that way with intentions to keep them that way for the rest of their lives.