I am rather aware it is said I have a problem that will never go away but I don’t; every day that people wish to get into a conversation about the condition I am in, the ageist professionals and the need they have to make a mess of my whole life moves up closer and closer to a point of punishment that will ensure they understood the only thing they have on me is damage done to my property for it. It’s the one problem that has always been alongside their motorist bullying and the fact they cannot keep their hands to themselves; the Politicians want it, the academic institution leadership runs off a public campaign that allows young people to bully me on account they show up to pay fees and when they have somebody they can hurt it becomes more attractive to do so and the Lecturers can never do their jobs properly without setting me up as a target and then making it worse on claims I smell, which then supports the theory I go there to pay fees and collect ideas younger people should be having all the time and they do love to brag that there is nothing I can do but it is getting bad enough to secure a response as I dropped out of University which makes it possible to respond to their society stupidities in 2008 and we have only just come to the end of 2018 throughout which time it has been impossible to tidy up and get the academic work finished to acquire better tools for my work, on account every ageist professional idiot wants to be me, so add up the years I spent at University, taking a gap year that was not recorded, falling ill and dropping out and that goes back to 2004, now full of the Political side of their stupidities having an increasingly loveable habit of threatening me on Media. The theory is that it’s a big problem for me but it is not; once I am certain that this business of ageist professional, kids in school and people who will not let me breathe when I am not getting into a fight with them at society was what they wanted a response for, they will then find that a hint of dealing with issues of market separatism Nationwide, will have been attached to it as well and that like we find I need to be somebody that has a habit of hurting them before the business of wrecking my whole life to set out means by which a perfectly working system of government might be changed into one that suited them on account I existed had ended in ways which show there is really nothing their foolishness can do about me all together every single time that it does. Therefore I can say I really have no idea what their problem is with the case of looking after history and memory I share with others, alongside a process of selling my Books, which they claim adds up to a case of an Arch Prince wanting to be a business Tycoon all together, either which way I wanted to be one of which I am certain the easiest way to end whatever problems they had with me was one of not showing up around my concerns to grit their teeth and look like I am a character they want to hurt, express an effrontery to handle me, talk nonsense about smell as they would never stop it and have no plan to keep their hands to themselves, stayed away from my Books and stopped following me around to wreck everything that means I had put myself out there on account I had written a Book as it were; just as I have warned them we are entering a phase where each comment, each behaviour, each attitude issues and each gimmick will come with Publicly understandable outcomes that show I feel like hurting them all the time too. I see a woman’s work is never done was the story as it were and I must leave certain parts of town in their stupid view but what has really happened either way is that they have stopped handling me, especially the blacks, but have not yet stopped a full 100%, while the Industry ones who like to show they cannot just trade and leave alone an Arch Prince generally tends to mean that they think they have taken up my life, broke it up and made it into products to create equality with the support of Liberal America and its idiots that want to sort out problems with my life but for me it does mean that no matter how rich they are, they will always be a handful of low lives, that I am certain they can do whatever they do without handling Royalty – I am not therefore in any stupid difficult position they have become obsessed with discussing all the time, just need to stop these idiots investing my whole life and Asset equities away to rip up my Empire without buying my Books and I do need to stop it totally, so I can stand up for and defend both my Books and career properly.

The case of me being abused and attacked by Politicians and how they love doing it and will never stop is nothing unusual but as for the stopping bit, the process whereby a bunch of idiots will get off and enlist in Political Parties to get the Public giving them jobs in Government buildings for the purpose of exhibiting such stupidities has not yet become a main concern around here, as we can see it is the yardstick by which they will stop no bad behaviour. As for the bragging aspects and those other goons that enforce their will in Public, we hear those lies being told endlessly while they have not stopped inventing stupidities by which to handle me and make me sick to my stomach since 2003 and yet we are counting their transgressions around here in terms of since 2008 when I dropped out of University for it and that we are now living at the tail end of 2018 which is a pretty long time to tidy up and get the academic work finished the last time we checked – it leaves me wondering which part they suppose I should take responsibility for when they complain that I have stopped access to fame but will not let me be as if we were mates all together, personally which I do wish the idiots will stop doing some damage around here in order to get off in Public places and find ways of being more important than I an Arch Prince, leaving them an entitlement to run with that means they can never keep their hands to themselves, such that the processes of addressing those whose bills they are not paying is worse than the way they address their own children, in my case, as if they can afford the Royal Bills and is usually completely uninvited as it were – for my part I think that I am about to oppress them with the use of employment as a tool.

It feeds into this case of the problem I appear to have with Americans which is the part concerning a bunch of idiots who always have to solve their problems in terms of other people’s lives and existences; they complain and my bottom hurts for it, they have problems and my bottom hurts, they have needs and my bottom hurts, soon we enter a phase where they start to brag about persons and things they own which work for them and if they started to tell me they made it and were successful while I didn’t which is what hurts me the most, I am going to teach their American stupidities a lesson that it will never ever forget. Again, in terms of taking responsibility for some part of it, I dropped out of University in 2008 because of them and we are still dealing with the same issues in 2018 every day and they would rather every other very difficult and complicated means by which what they are complaining about ends is considered instead of the part where they had stopped handling my Books and had stopped following me around while they were at it.

 I do get told it does not make any sense if I feel that way but there is a sense that I fancy Celebrities never the less, which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that I have people I share a history and memory with and the truth concerning their activities is that it is slimy, oily, dirty, homosexual corruptibility corrupt and cannot keep its stinging insults mouth shut, especially when it enjoys the effect that not doing so has on people’s career and does not tend to see itself as a bloody idiot for most of the time; they are corrupt and my relationship with Celebrities is some sort of Marriage, so if I do not beat down their corruption, my relationship with Celebrities will become rather sexual. As for what the Celebrities are doing here, it’s a matter of National security service friendly popularity, which has something to do with how in terms of the Police, people had to get by with a criminal in their midst and the criminals ended up exasperated too and said something passionate and it ended up in a song, letting the rest of the world around him cope with existence basically, especially being done by Popular culture celebrities, while other main entertainment Celebrities are a little more affiliated with the aesthetics of the Hermitage than the Popular culture ones are all together, which is very good for very young people. That said, the reality of it is that nothing about Celebrities is every straight forward – it may pick up something I did with Public Office to make popular culture and its purpose might have been to help girls put boys out of their heads at school but when deployed by a Radio DJ to help people keep bum chasers out of the head it will have exactly the same result, the fall out then being what they do for a living and not what I do for a living, could never make out why people have a need to bother me with it, which does not do anything to change the fact that I want to see them lay off doing it as well to tell me they can because it exists and is available, while we know they do it and then attack recruitment processes that the security services carry out. As for the Industry ones; it will show up because I had put together a bundle of Equities in a Book and am trying to sell it to my Broker Clients, then it will express itself all over the fact I have people who share history and memory with me in a relationship which I must nurture and look after, so that the part where the activities of these Political goons was corrupt and my relationship with Celebrities was a kind of marriage is the bit that helps it break my whole life into pieces, then make products out of the bits and sell it to Clients instead of buy a Book and make use of the Equities that I had put in it all together, wanting to annoy me some more, it will follow up its motorist insults and bullying with abuses that should show its stupidities makes it very important, about which I intend to ensure there is enough suffering and pain dished out to earn me some complaining too, over everything that interferes with the earnings processes associated with writing the Books and putting myself out there to look after and defend it; there is always the theory we make it up as we go along at Government as far as their big mouth is concerned but we don't.

I mean a Woman’s work is never done, this is what they say all the time and yet when it comes to the fact that employment no matter how beeline always involves a process of putting your head down and paying attention to details, knowing a simple process of moving an item from one spot to another can be as complicated as the fact if you had failed to do it in terms of the training given, the product might get damaged and a whole line of products might be lost which is enough money to pay for 50 graduates all together – what the idiots are usually more interested in is having a problem with the fact women are always complaining at the background of Public living because they want to take it over and do it, have no wish to put their head down and do the employment in terms of unskilled Labour and have no wish to attend school and pass the exams without relying on civil rights to fix it for them in terms of the skilled Labour and we can see that the Woman’s work is never done bits is that about which they have a foggiest Clue what their stupidities were talking about. For my part its now translated to the business of telling me which part of Town may be a problem for their plans into the future if I lived in it but it would take some 4 years to complete the academic work and get out of that part of Town for them all together while they have not yet stopped handling me 100% making it a wish that was easier for them to say than for it to be a reality all together and I think I am going to complete the academic work in other ways and then they will never have it all together.