It was always a simple matter of people spending much of their time at Industrial Offices with a gimmick that will get star struck individuals serving them like sub human beings, in my case I obviously no longer wish to make my assets available and we had a problem, the other group that were willing to take up the slack were promised some money and their stupidities had a society, both have now spent too much of their time on me. They do claim I never can stay away from the women which is the reverse of what is happening as I tried to find love on social media to have my career, finances and personal life botched by Celebrities who obviously do not wish to get hitched to somebody whose priority was to get a grip of public work first before we got to the finances – as the business of messing about at the industrial offices and picking up my assets for payday is concerned, it should be the last straw, the most appropriate response would be to ensure they could not find love and marital happiness and I would not have been the first necessarily.

They do claim that my clash with the famous was all my fault and it is utter nonsense – even if it were to say that it was my fault because I picked up a fight that other people had to finish, this would have occurred after and not before, it laid out back to back, a series of publicity after another which breached my patents so badly that it was no longer effective and then gone on to use my literary work and publishers interests as tools for red carpet self-reinvention, again and again disobediently. I had always assumed that since they had complained about spiritual public problems for longer than I had complained about it, given the right tools and measures, getting through to them would have been an effective method of getting them to desist, what we have seen instead is clear indications they were looking for trouble whilst complaining about finding it, which implied I had placed my energy in the wrong places, as per I should have devised the means to attack the businesses that are set out from the narcissism platforms for male society and the celebrity money, instead of finding ways to get through to them over patent breaches so bad that even if I were to get through to clients I had already forged a partnership with, the clients could not get through to me without a huge amount of help on my part. The singular cause of all the problems with Celebrities is alliance with some German influence gits who always had ideas about what they could rob from the pathetic, nothing which can be explained in terms of my own actions: the history with these gits being one of those instances where we think it was all Germany, should be eliminate the part where the German Government could have accepted more responsibility at the international community but it was all a bunch of African, Middle East and South American gits, who loved to respect the way that German local council leadership allowed them rip up peoples careers by suggesting that those who tackled them were messing with German influence, so I did as I continued to explore opportunities at the jobs market end up doing security work that provided them the actual security they sought and what they are now saying is that they would rather have preferred to be protected from Government and Celebrity also which again had nothing to do with the Celebrities, therefore not my fault that my 20 year career mess for this sort of nonsense occurring again and again is that about which I felt should be resolved by vengeance. We have even seen the twat that support the Celebrities claiming that each time I decided that it was a matter concerning which I decided either to pursue or not to and there was no middle ground, claim that I am supposed to decide not to for favourite verbose insults that will allow their criminal twats show up here to decide they had pushed me into lashing out at the world as well, just as much as I have issued the warning nobody’s home wrecker prick was entitled to continue pushing insults at me because they were women.

I am told it is impressive I am able to handle this matter whilst a lot of people struggled with it, just as much as I am told that it was a bit late handling it since I had decided to get the Chinese involved, which I had as Chinese local councillors were rather better behaved towards diplomatic opponents than the German were and I have not changed my position on that despite what I have said here, had enough, needs to fool around somewhere else. Like the question of how I get to tell the difference between people getting on and these trouble makers which is not actually difficult as there are matters to consider at civil leadership which is such that there is authority but there is also a process of getting dirty with work that the lowest member of the public would not want to get their hands dirty with, so you cannot say that you lived in an environment where it was unlikely to occur that some peoples tummy gave in on them, in fact you instead had to face a reality where you were likely to come across it several times on your way into and out of work – hence to look to instances which were excessive, an obvious indication of a problem where it was impossible for people to feel as though existing public issues were being handled because they could feel that government operatives got out of bed everyday to do so, this having failed on account that Celebrities wanted the attention and were the same complaining the most about the way that government and sometimes even Media was filthy business, they were the problem and also the intolerance.

Here they claim that I was one of those leaders that was driving the public into a state of mental cowardice – we know however that if the economy was failing, the business of saying that the British public were capable of covering their own backsides by themselves had to be tempered in terms of which members of the public were working international business and had their hand in overseas matters, had to be extended to a diverse and wider range of involvement. This then helping to explain exactly the nature of my clash with the famous which has gone beyond the insults of incessantly picking up my public work – that it does and reads birth signs to forge alliance with dangerous birth signs, the Scorpios always dreamt of a fight that  libra started but did not finish, shows up here everyday to set me out for people to attack randomly, claiming I was not meant to fight back so that it may tackle those people to build reputation for its birth sign, thereafter it taunts me with the idea it had spent my assets on itself and Celebrities were to spend more of it when I least needed the interference, so it seems that it clings to the way I stand up for myself but underestimates me at the same time, which is what clever people did, hence I need to move it on to the part where the Celebrity finances and any businesses that were a product of the narcissism platform for the male population was destroyed and jobs were lost for every instance where I felt sore over their interest in me, considering that if I had actually lose everything my route out of such a situation would be on in which I walked into the jobs market to get paid for doing something, not get sore and bed ridden and then homeless thereafter because it will not fool around somewhere else and likes to think its birth sign allowed it an ability to take me on. The Virgo on the other had was always gossiping, building society of idiots that shared peoples privacy with the world when its stupidities was not complaining about parental narcissism all together, thereafter we see the endless shop lifting and a need to hang about street corners telling tall tales about which career it had lost whilst seeking to decide which career people kept based on how much the bottom hurt. Not really a concern, as I am a Libra and it is said we protected our peace at any cost, that said, the outcome of the behaviour exhibited by these two groups and their famous fools, is that Government cannot speak to big businesses and big businesses cannot get through to government, whilst the condition was such that we needed to get economic matters resolved within the designated period of time, lest they became counterproductive after they were resolved, so it seems that a need to ensure they lost jobs for insults channelled at me and picking up a role as a fat Cat at Industry has once again become an incredibly important thing to do but in terms of the political matters at hand, I am certain the world had witnessed the good work that I did on the wealth and social inequality matters prior.

They do claim I never thought what other peoples suffered was a credible story to be told, it is not the case as the main problem is still its need to put itself in charge of other peoples affairs whilst knowing nothing of it and in my case wants to express as much stupidity as possible over the career to trash the finances, whilst it got into a fight with gangs and racists on my behalf, all of which yet again in my case had been accomplished with a media presence attached, now it needs to get me caught up in its creation by picking up career publicity and client partnership for a different purpose that allowed it build a media presence that will create me a life that its stupidities designated. Their friends at the local council are not paying up the get me stuck Universal Credit anymore apparently, and when I say so in terms of their gimmicks being moved away from my Bookshop, the idea is that I am supporting them which I am not, as it is the times that it was obvious the unemployed needed to take matters into their own hands, that the Universal Credit is withdrawn but there was willingness to support those years during which it was obvious that employers were simply unwilling to employ. So it is now a three part story of these idiots interfering with client interests to tell me I needed to stick to my social league, whilst left to assess that instances where people lost top jobs was a matter of being complacent or oblivious to their antics and those who picked up my work like some wild thing on the streets to play with had fared better than the rest, interfering with public interests at the Bookshop and their birth sign reading gimmicks that ensured that I was never focused enough to accumulate my finances at the work place and make my career easier for me, therefore the crisis was easily all my fault, all the way to the local council – hence I am set to start a war on the matter once it is consolidated well enough or I find myself working equity and intellectual property administration with holdings investors and brokers with good level of personal dignity due to finances that will have improved, without getting caught up with doxy society – it is the question they now have to answer, the question of where they would like to stop. We are brushing under the carpet now, things they did because they thought their victims were people they could do it to and talking about real facts that cannot be denied by those who had stepped outside to see it, where people cannot travel from point A to B without making stupid statements about spending my property anyway and their famous fools cannot stop picking up my literary work and publishers business as a tool for red carpet self-reinvention. Then it claims I had a problem with people who were born under certain dates, Scorpios and Virgos to be precise, just as I have already mentioned we have brushed under the carpet what it does to others because it could, I need to ensure having dug this nonsense all the way to where the tax man was located, that I consolidated it and started a proper fight, make a statement of being held up for suffering because ‘I am a mean cunt narcissist’ pursued careers making money from a statement that they had a history.

The idea I liked to make up ideas I got along with the famous whilst I was not the same as they were, will not wash either, we know even if people shared my privacy with the world to get crowds fingering my bum, I have always been aware of their doxy society gimmicks on the background and the insults that cannot be unseen whenever there was a government function in the neighbourhood, it shows up here because I wrote it Book that in terms of its finances it was not living on foodbanks to say the least, to create me a mountain of problems from thin air and when it stops I will get my life back but my finances will be in a complete mess. I have not been creating ideas I could get along with them, I am not a Celebrity and I might be allowed to carry on without getting caught up with the doxy society if there was an aspect of this which was my fault – its just handling the Books again to run off another day for what is already a 20 year career mess, entirely due to its stupid and abusive involvement from a safe distance. We had to listen to those stories about what they did being a confidence they were able to take advantage of people who worked security services but the interest in me also shows an assumption that a Hermit would not have been able to draw up a link between people taking mortal risks at a job and their famous stupidities getting richer for it. I have been informed by them, that the description on my Books were unsatisfactory but there is nothing wrong with it as such, this is all consequence associated with people feeling great about access to my personal space, personality, social and personal life but they are not paying for anything that I am selling and are always being abusive to make use of it – I could say this is I am mad enough to summon some courage and get myself out of financial purgatory, if I am not then I could say that if my description was a problem, they could have the entire Book free of charge. I do not think this was part a crisis, it’s a matter of instances where on one hand the CEOs and managers picked up my initial work as a tool to play with, something wild from the streets and I decided to work on creative equity I could broker with them for what they were to do during product building, I did so well on that the way I handled the needs of the Households took into account health matters and this is where I earned the interest of the Auto companies as they were thinking that if they created a car chair massage, it was due to the fact they were thinking of the health benefits of the car for their clients and now I have got some real assets with me that they could say that if they had the price and process would be their own unfettered – the other side which should not occur is this nonsense that builds up to a process where I too am starting to beat back feelings of hate for the work market whereas there was nothing wrong with the jobs, save feeling sore all over being beaten down by radio wave lesbians along with every twat that joined in, it could stop running off its mouth about my Estate, my work, my Books and my Career, could stop interfering with client interests in 24 hours but it is too narcissistic and with a big ego to stop doing that, one type is mentally ill and needs to cling to my personal life claiming it was famous, the other was not mentally ill but the only thing it has done throughout its professional life is cling to me, so if it is denied access, the government will be responsible for causing poverty and death. Whilst it is now working me for homelessness (German and Italian influence twats supplying information on ways that I am a social security fraudster, whilst the others supplied their minority report everyday as insolently as they could), I am set to put it all together and start a war, all the way to the local authorities, the exit is always open, it needs to cease interfering with client interests at the Bookshop.