Now for what is left of being forced to react to so that idiots can make attention with pillaging Intellectual Property, the reality is that the talk of the Church of England moving away from absolute morals is absolute rubbish; the Church never did practice absolute morals at any point whatsoever – the reality is the same issue with media all the time, in my case they want to follow me around and be part of all I do in order to fight enemies they make up hence beautify their personal lives and abuse mine, in terms of the Church it is much the same that the fact it is good for them they can take their clothes off and have sex with a fellow man in their bums is not to say that everybody wants to live like that all together. In the end it is the same old reality; whites are celebrity freaks and have illegal and illicit sex all over the place, live useless lives and then want other peoples earnings so that when they turn up at the job centre they are there to make you miserable and become friends of businesses from where they will get jobs and employment and travel exotic cultures making their useless lives even more of a problem for you and cannot stay by themselves at any point in time whatsoever. The blacks on the other hand nobody knows if it is the fact they measure these cup of violence just for people they do not even know like the white ones above do or that it is rather that whenever they do it actually has something to do with their civil bloody rights. The Muslims however don’t know where they eat and where they shit and generally from thereon believe they want to use my personal life to make do as well. Now I have never suggested the Church is creating an alternative financial system instead of under cutting the payday lenders; what I said was that pay day lenders use the Internet to run their business and without it they would never be able to provide the kind of quick services they promise for the fees they charge and so it is impossible for them to Police bad borrowers who know pay day loans are for those who have jobs and not for the unemployed for example or people who have really tight finances or indeed Police bad enforcers who simply want people to drown in debt so they can be chased about and brutalised, even though we know that both things were meant to be their responsibility. This is what the Arch Bishop is unhappy about, considering that if you are unemployed and understand your children to be starving you are likely to take any risks for example, hence the role the church has chosen to play, the one the media has chosen to play concerning the Church being involved with payday lenders via third party investment whoever told them that was news and of course pay day lenders who welcome the part the Church is playing in the Industry as well. The outlook being of course that the Church can as a result of whether or not it wants to chose whom its third party investors are can easily become more involved with the financial industry which I personally do not think it is a bad thing, only warning that those who are likely to complain about it are not helping by thinking such things as the Church being involved financially with pay day lenders without the knowledge of its leaders via a third party investor is news. The other issue in the same par with this matter is that old claim the Church is for lazy people; of which it was not involvement with the Church that wrecked my job and my physical and mental health and my finances and any chances of getting a job of which in all my time of attending Church it is not through getting involved with Church that I come across the biggest levels of difficulty in being successful at anything even job searching but getting involved and more so without my consent with those who claim lazy people attend Church – so I don’t know if they meant to say it to those who do not attend church as such, all I know is that I do not find lazy people at church and that it is involvement with them that is the route to utter ruin and failure in every aspect of life including family and privacy, even when they have reached the highest possible levels of government and leadership which does explain indeed how they got there, that it is very well so provided the stupidities and bad behaviour affects others and not those who practice it so that idiots can become leaders. The other side of the story is of course with Industry where Mr Bloody minded Industry feels like he wants to use my products and services without paying for them and run them down onto utter ruin, then get off to show while he keeps my equities and securities that working for well to do plebes is better than trying to get around with service dinosaurs such as myself, hence the line against them becomes harder and harder and harder and anybody who relies on them as way forward for National economy is taking a really bad gamble as well, all I am left with therefore is my company and all its assets and liabilities with no liquidity which is a good deal as they can burn in hell for all I care but will never have anything that is actually mine even slightly to get around making money, however bingo and I do have friends in high places, the way that life should be. It is much the same like that old story of claims they make that people voluntarily chose to be unemployed so you might ask them if it is about the left or the right or whether they are famous and whoever on earth knows who the hell they are or told them they are, that is if you are not telling them to get on with the job and pay the bloody taxes so they can try to evade it as well. Now I am aware of that talk the madness is that Christians believe in the existence of an Intelligent being called God who created the World and thereby means we can have representatives in the Houses of Government in the UK, I would not know what is bothering them anyway, although I do know however that they believe they do not believe so they believe anyway and it makes no sense except evil things they can do when they are not getting what they want from others and I am always said to have said something connotative or denotative in a way that is wise whereas I mean it word for word i.e. it starts with some strange evil envy because I have the blessings of God and they do not and thereafter becomes whatever it chooses to become because people tend to ignore it on grounds of the rights all human beings have to the choices they make but the fact and reality remains still that it becomes a question of whether they had the right to do all the things they do whenever they do them to people all those years in the first place anyway. Yet the story of how much of a coward I am rages on but of course we all know that it is the Politicians and the Media that are the cowards, they are the cowards that are obsessed with a need to make a Prince into a coward like them so they can be the Daddies of a Coward and of course the reality is that it is their children and their idiots that turn up on the streets to stab people to death when there isn't a war going on in the first place; they have never worked for anything in their lives since civil rights movements do exist, they have no respect for peoples rights to own all they own by themselves and to that effect are also sociopaths, talk nonsense about evils they want to do to people they have marked out for their stupid girls and women all the time and between 19 and 20 I had started off as a Christian but today I am surrounded by wicked evil cultures built around my life and work specifically for me along with media idiots that give them means to publicity to lay claims of ownership that is not true to everything I own everyday which means I can have no peace of mind and in all these the fucking idiots know which one is the coward as well and there is therefore every likelihood I will do them again - for now acceptable to be content with putting a noose down their stupid noses and leading them down the paths I want them to go. No body really expects anybody to tell others in actual fact that when they say revolution what they really mean is a process where they get so close to government institutions that it does not make any difference if they take decisions on personal intuition, what we expect them to tell us is that they perpetually want change on account it is democracy.