The Politicians have now said that they wish to ensure I dealt with Brexit issues until I was broken and I could never make out why that would be amusing anyway, I just know that when I see Politicians outside of Parliament they are a sort of corruptly behaved goons that will kick you in the teeth without reason simply because they see that you have fallen down and may even explain their reasons as something that needs be done to make you fight back against the reasons you had fallen down – so I have mentioned enough times at this stage that when it does become a real case of these sorts of behaviour that are a product of an understanding that each time they got into Government buildings, they were going to behave like animals, gives rise to a case between me and the society goons of theirs who have those stupid imagination that goes up my anus all the time and with those stupid Political parties in the Middle, I do promise never to stop until I had completely destroyed it. They always ask what will become of me when I had destroyed their Political Party of course and I do not know but going off to get a job as a stripper comes to mind. They do complain as well apparently, that my responses to Politicians appears to be incredibly disrespectful but so does the game of passing insults at me become something people are addicted to simply because I will not respond to it, I however want nothing from them even if it be respect, it’s just when we get to the stage where we find this was their biggest asset and they were going to invest it and live with the results and then they think that their problems were my business and that consequences would follow if I had failed to respond. Just the same way they tell me I bring it on myself because I am a nobody who thinks he is in charge and it was very scandalous; while reality is that they complain about Royals that defend me all the time when it seems impossible to just write Books, engage with others and understand if I travelled to Marble Arch People will not be making me smell like my loo, since the business of building communities that want to do things to me appeared to be something I could not make them suffer well enough to persuade them it was worth abandoning all together – while on the other hand if it is not Popularity fools making a mess of everything in my life by mixing up my Hobbies with my Job and my job with my Hobbies to show up and issue society threats that let them play mentally disturbed practical jokes which help them feel good about themselves, then it is ageists who make a mess of everything I do, especially the professionals that get me cutting corners when I should dress my bed or prepare my meals and so on because I am always involves in some form of damage limitation due to a gimmick that they might have found irresistibly amusing, if not the ageists of the professional world ripping it up and expecting no consequences especially when they have some motorist bullying to perform, then it has to be their children at school allied to idiots who want to be dangerous with money at the City centres and so wanted to get rich with my Books and personality which I denied them, so when they damage my work enough times with the backing of Liberal America, they get to tell me my problem is that my mood is responsible for my pack of success all together which I find incredibly annoying; what is said to me here is that if this matter became a main concern that I would do very badly performing for my own rights all together but then again, I really do not know what Politicians expect me to do about it anyway; these people are not bad people theoretically, they are revolutionary and very destructive but because they have a glutton to nurse, their destructiveness never applies to what they own or what is important to them, hence the tax payer funds Politicians love to spend on these stupidities was never money that belonged to them, if they were complaining about the consequences because they thought it mattered that is. They always say I talk but there is nothing I can do and I believe my warnings about the way my mind works here is very clear; it’s either Popularity idiots who think they live in no man’s land and can do whatever they like or it is the ageist goons of the professional world or it is kids in school allied to fools in the City centre building pyramid scams by which they can get rich and dangerous – by the way of which that whole process of looking for a way to extract money from peoples market by piling it high and selling it cheap with the assets that were not given to them, if it belonged to those that are working hard because their products are expensive, the process of looking for a way to extract money from people’s lives and property in this way is something Politicians normally do it keep hold of their colleagues who build up funds for the purposes of Political instability, having been their stupidities had found it obviously and I they think had become their toy, what I am doing with their lives is to ensure when they speak to people they do about what they do for a living and not about trying to be me and they will never have their lives back until I had accomplished it for my part as well – alternatively, it is easier to keep away from my Books and to stop following me around.

They do love to brag that it’s all in the powers of Liberal America as such but I have no idea what this means anyway: what I know is that it is a group of idiots who have explained that telling them they were incredibly stupid people gets others into trouble, while when they have problems my bottom hurts, same as when they were complaining about something, same as when they want to be important and have not got a clue what their stupidities were talking about and then eventually when they think they had extracted money from my work and destroyed it leaving me with none, we find them brag about having made it while those who thought themselves to be superior did not; which if they say to me will be me thinking about doing my best to teach them a lesson that they will never forget too; the effect of course is the business of making my whole life and property and work toxic with their needs and popularity every day on grounds that I cannot argue with the fact that it is the USA that fights everybody’s battles – what they have lost for my part, to ensure they do not become convinced they can show up here and damage anything they like, is the means to extract money from people’s lives and get off to Las Vegas to enjoy vices or put up some illegal charity that people will get behind because there was the pressures of the wars happening all over the world to make them do so, which allows Americans to con people out of riches all the time; blabbing that each time they make a mess of mine, it’s the powers of the USA is never going to make their problems worse in their view.

I do get told it’s a matter of responding to questions at Government and I did suspect it was before they performed that routine again I had warned them about, especially the ones concerning the business of building those stupid communities with ideas of what to do to me a sex drugs and rock and roll, complaining all the time but having no wish to stop it. I did also suspect it was about Brexit altogether too – concerning which I thought there were matters I needed to securitise but when I found that they were talking about preparing the Country for a no-deal situation which will have such affects as were different the way it affected small business from the way it affected big businesses, it was an awareness they knew that if we presented ourselves as weak bargaining Partner in the EU, we would come off worse in the same that we would end up getting out of the EU and then inheriting all the problems that made us get out of it in the first place. I understand they say we have been working with the EU on security matters especially with respect to the threat of Russia and leaving the EU means we left them with a security lapse but we did not; what has really been happening is EU Politicians consistently deciding that popularity culture icons can get involved with Government business in the UK and decide what becomes of it but then set about being complete unable to resolve the partnership they had with the UK, when we paid attention to the similarities that existed between popularity culture at Industry where Germany was concerned and Popular culture at Industry where Russia was concerned were almost identical, while we were not allies of Russia; so the fact German Industry for instance has consistently taken a part of UK culture with it when trading overseas, even in parts of the world where people had washed their hands off the British and everything British, is still something that their Politicians are unable to settle, coupled with the fact that only Countries that were heavily influenced by the UK were the most badly hit during the economic crisis and its EU recovery processes all together – the seeds of Brexit were not scattered, they were laid. Just like we find Liberal America get on that stupid Media to build all sorts of cynicisms which involvement with my Books is about to lead to more serious matters bearing in mind their big mouth blabbing at me and handling me all the time to make me sick to the stomach, then tell me I am a smelly arsehole as if they had not complained about me enough so far – the cynicism that allows claims that Trump is racist to be profitable and I saw a very remarkable outcome earlier in the day when the former CIA Chief after years of inviting popularity idiots into the CIA and FBI to spy on people and make a mess of people State provided security, set about claiming Mr Trump tends to deploy the functions of Law and Order to protect private and corporate interests instead of protect it for the service of the American public and it was a classic case of the effects of those media insults being that they can dump their own on the President and move on for example but I find it difficult to understand why they cannot see I am not White and since most of it is based on accusations of racism, I will not be susceptible to it anyway, hence they will have to build a new one. Its never clear why they love to think they can take whatever they wanted and its endless gimmicks all the time – it lets itself into an Industrial community, finds somebody selling silicone for making Glass, finds another selling steel and another making cars, it will then set out to extract an income from the market of the person selling Silicone to get rich selling copper and since the Copper is used to make the wiring in the cars, nobody minds as it is part of the system anyway, then we find they want a reaction and they will do it to a stage where they had taken out of the system and somebody needs to question and confront them about it; I mean everything you see must have been created by somebody therefore what you have not bought or have not been given belongs to somebody else is how existing in this world really works in the first place.

The Europeans have consistently held the view that we prefer the Americans no matter how well Europe serves us which is utter nonsense – Countries do not chose their allies as per here is Europe and over there is the US and so we prefer the US; first of all there is similarity of Public attitudes and behaviour such as the fact the Mop makes decisions for Government activity in the UK but it does not lead directly to conflict because there is enough Political range to get the job done and some more, same as the US which Political range is also very similar to what we have in the UK and then there is the enemy of my enemy issues as well and ultimately the question of which enemy of my enemy will die one day and then very bad people will be able to reach me in my bedroom. What we have had from the EU is two hung Parliaments so far because we have ended up with Politicians that want to have a scapegoat they can bully when they wish to claim they are being disrespected due to the size of their government salary pay packets and there is usually coalition between parties all over the place except the UK right up to this point. Just like we have heard of Chinese interest in the Arctic causing problems and then it will be said that if I suggested that it was bad, I would be selling out the Chinese never mind the fact I would be telling them what to do, while the real problem is that all the wars in the Middle East are actually a mess that the Russians made, so the Chinese ambitions is one we can see is a lot of getting around taking what they want which is building up to another series of endless wars because somebody else has to clean up after them; I mean if you go to Asia it’s not like the UK where you show up and establish a relationship with consumers and set about trading and then one day you float shares, end up with the same consumers buying it and if they do not trust you, then your bottom will hurt all the time – in Asia the very start is a business of meeting some very good looking women except they are all married so you have to keep your head and remember it was about trade – hence if China was going to be a power in the region, it had not business in the Arctic where it is currently bothering Canada; its all very well running Industry from the State as if Capitalism was the fundamentalism by which Chinese Government conducts its affairs and yet we know that if it was, running Economy by it would have been impossible no matter how much people made it up as they went along.