Its not a new story all we know is that they are always trying to counter what I have said when I mention the question of what they have ever done for anybody getting famous with corruptions over cultural violence and corporate greed but I have no idea what they are trying to counter which is why I have decided to put what they should be countering up here: that old matter of fame freaks lecturing people insolently and then making sure people don’t tell them what to do because lecturing and insulting people is what they do for a living, Politicians barging into peoples personal lives and then telling them to keep religion out of Politics at the same time and my favourites the businesses who move into peoples market place because the fact I for example sell my books means that having put something out in the market place it must therefore mean they are supposed to have more money and then with every thing I do to set my market place is something they do on media to savage it and sell products then tell me things like take that for messing with my market place every single day, which has now extended onto state matters as well and makes very little sense too considering that they have their stupid businesses alright but when push comes to shove they will win against the State which is why they do not leave other peoples Royal estate the way they set it up on indeed their book sales from which they earn a living and when I say nothing about it they become and more and more insolently confident and when I do say something about it, the whole thing is over in a very short while and very dissatisfactory while they then set off mocking me as well because they have the money which they think is impossible for them to loose.

Their idiots and family low lives of course enjoy getting on television to claim I have stolen their culture which is the insolent accusation that gets to me the most because it is so ironic at the same time too; that when they do their cultural violence and corporate greed, every time I protect myself from it and set up my products I have stolen their culture. Of course the big problem has always been that they are invincible just because they sit somewhere to think I like them but they don’t like me until it goes badly, badly, badly wrong and then we will have some normalcy and some reality in its place.