The big idea these days is that I am turning on my people and vice versa, this is not in any way remotely linked to a truth that is more about it being disloyal if the managers of Court Members or Camera Men or Male colleagues opinions are more important than mine but most of the time, this is not what the Court is doing, as it's more about what they have decided amounts to fun as well due to the way we get hounded by really stupid Men looking for no strings attached wealth and lots of respect through it by avoiding work etc - hence they are always stirring them managers and Camera Men to some form of emotional attachment that we play around with and flirt all over the place by, it adds some more security more so to the bit where we get hounded by Industry people and their sale making popularity partes they have on the best aspects of our lives to create the right environment to get rich in as well; that is their idea of disobedient fun and this is our one as well.

The one about how it is merely my fault as I should have anticipated that I an involvement with media will end in such ways has never really been a serious matter, that will be the younger fame freak bullies who would not have been asking popularity culture goons to collect my public image for them on a regular basis if I were doing something bad enough to deserve it in the first place; suffice to reiterate that the reasons they find it so difficult to be famous on my account is still that they are nothing and do not matter at all, hence the lesson that their Politicians had to learn was the one whereby it is the fact that there is a corner of their minds which say that if they work hard enough of it they can be it, which constitutes the reasons others do not have the right to feel good - hence always the reality that the favour they need to do us all is spend time on those jobs of theirs that get to their heads and ensure they have respect for none as a whole.

I mean in terms of getting involved with the Media - Rupert Murdoch of Sky owns a Broadcasting Corporation and not a Royal Estate for instance and nobody owns the BBC which is actually the property of the British Public. These goons will rather spend most of their time ripping my life and finances making up stories of how my property equities involves in advertisement they have been paid to make belongs to them or I have stolen sources of pocket money from their families or I have stolen customers from their broadcasting organisations. the result of which is that of their lack of respect for others giving way to a process where I have been beaten down unto clinical depression without reason, except when I beat them down as well their human rights comprises of a need to get on my public image in order to write do their jobs lest they lose their minds and hence the need to be a responsible person is developed for me around the premise of the fact some of them might be manically depressed and will likely commit suicide when I prevent it - why they think I care is not really clear to me since nobody is helping me by not being seen around my Book sales and my Public image and not ruining the phenomenon that is the existence of the Books and the systems that make its business communicate with the world as a whole. Then we hear it is important for me to get out but of course I do not think there is anything to get out - if people provoke me and take steps to ensure I am unable to just allow it drip away, what they want to test out is whether they can beat me up like that big mouth brags everytime they see my walking around grumpily in public as it were and I am not the one complaining currently all together. In the end it's an example of the bigger picture that is of the question people ask about why I am unable to get around with popular culture people, besides the fact my bottom hurts and they do not have a reason, so I will give them one and make a sense of it that provide closure as well and it's the fact there is something wrong with culture as far as they are concerned and society too and media and government and they reserve a special hatred for religion and have ideas about how government should be run; eventually what happens is that all that confusion people have about the idea that if they don't like government culture might work for them and if nt culture society etc, is that the idiots eventually get involved with Government and then it will be a choice at some stage as per whether it will be poverty and peace on one hand or wealth and war on the other - there is no point whatsoever by which I can get along with them, all we have is that they showed up at University to rip up my academics and return to popular culture that they do not need academics for and I intend to rip up the popularity and get rich doing so, until I return to the academic work that I really need; every other gimmick is a matter of the activities of ageists doing what they do best all of the time as it were - moving into my right hand is important therefore and works along the lines of the fact when there is jostling for position at the Monarchy and I am an Arch Prince, their involvement serves only the one purpose of making out I am not - meaning there is hell for me unnecessarily simply because it is needless to discuss the fact there is jostling at the Monarchy and people want to keep their roles, while it is only my interest to ensure that moral people pass down jobs and that those who are associated with me operate on that basis - what becomes of it is moving into my right hand by making it up on media and by society gossips and stupid threats that follow it, then the people who are source of all my problems will be located on the left, so that chasing them brews something else on the right - I have dropped out of University so far to court insults from them all over the place due to their stupid ages but it has now come to some serious decisions being reached on the other matters of the fact that if it continues for 8 years like it does everyday at present it is an experience but a decade and more it becomes a lifestyle change, of which nobody knows why the flirt with torture scum are changing my lifestyle for me anyway, considering I am not the one complaining because of deathly insanity taking over as a whole here. It has always been a simple matter of of a grotto I call home and a groove I call a Book sale business where I can write anything and people will buy and read as long as I explain it to them and because their attention trained on me is not just affecting this and my academics, we can obviously see why there will be no respite for that stupid freedom any time soon too.

All together it's an old tale of of needing people's leadership but having ideas about what such persons may be used for in order to escape the course of what is proper and so for the blacks especially the insult continues that I was meant to be a prosperity preaching pastor so they can be where they want to be and it has become something that works in terms of ripping my finances and dragging me out of academic environments to get stuck in their local communities reacting to their stupidities; which has now also reached a stage where I am starting to get into what must be done to see that I can handle those jobs of theirs as well and make sure they are not parking their cars where I live, so as to afford themselves security by night and luck at sunrise as abusively as possible, followed always by gratuitous insults of appreciation especially when they have bought cars and homes.

I have never considered it a  problem, as I have mentioned before, saying these things might have a deterrent effect but those who are not deterred find it easy to behave in such ways because they are ugly people - soon enough of which I will be seen working out a way to ensure the Book sale business is successful as well and the methods will not be pleasant for them too. I am aware contrary to popular belief that British Politicians are playing the prostitute routine with every economic power in the world, which is bigger than the British one since the Americans are not c-operating with as a whole, the reason I do not respond to it is that nobody needs their revolution as there is no Country languishing in poverty and there are no cities burning due to riots in the UK and hence there is no reason for it to become relevant: however speaking of the reasons, if I said they and their abomination secret society goons especially from Africa need keep their imaginary fingers off my Bum, the reaction I will get will be one suggestive of the idea it belongs to them when it does not: we all know such abuses and the pretence they are the ones that place criminals in prison and somebody needs to respect the risks they take to do their jobs, was the reason to get off government buildings to detach me from financial well being and rehabilitate me into a personality that is separated from the one I had as a result of a lack of respect for them in view of what the personality should have had - the one where they get off Parliament to chase me around he streets of the UK getting increasingly frustrated when the fact that playing into the Unions is supposed to bring about results whereby the kid that is messing with their self confidence while they are doing government stuff is crushed etc - we all know their statements and insults usually mean that I get pulled in every direction by abomination secrete society idiots that can see into peoples tummy etc but they will never stop clinging to my Book sales to make those statements and draw those crowds in my direction, then speak of how I have had the effrontery to involve myself in their concerns too - so when I say I am wondering who the fuck they are, I will be told it is an example of an occasion where I have found it difficult to speak politely, considering the Bills they have been paying from their own salary here over the last 17 years and therefore do not need to show respect for as it were. Its when I think of my Christian matters they get all over the place as a whole as if there are no Christian ways of handling them: they always say I am not making progress with myself because when wives do not have jobs, all they do at home is think about me and how to open up my right hand for big bad criminal until it becomes a state of affairs, while the Men on the other hand simply can spend their time passing around insults that mean I cannot get along with any person of importance because they control what my tummy does and what my hands do and whether or not I am moving into to hurt people or to hurt gang members as well and get into that bear bating that lets them do anything for money and flush peoples lives down the tolet when a fellow idiots has money and media to play with - so its all very well complaining about being cracked up as well, as we can see its all possible by means of exasperating successes of insults. Its a simple process of looking at myself on the Mirror to see why I should not make up reasons people attack and urt me like they do - its impossible to get out of bed and get anywhere looking professional because people get their beauty sleep by leaning on my body in their imagination but their problem is general repentance from their sins and wickedness that hurts them so much and turning to Christ: its never been anymore complicated than walking down the street and finding some invisible force pull your hands into slapping some badly groomed gang member who has not had food all morning on account somebody else drove a Bus - its just the problem associated with seeing them around the Monarchy in my stead and especially seeing them around my Books which cause their case to become a daily problem as a whole, all that Bear bating nonsense they think will fulfil all their dreams and give them what does not belong to them etc; it will end with them seeing my Books and my Books seeing them too as far as I am concerned: usually its what people want to do with me mostly, as for instance when I say it I would have done it again which I tend to do all the time, except nobody enjoys it because I can reverse the whole thing just as quickly as I got it done too, when told to - it seems whenever I reverse it people find what these civil rights idiots do most of the time is develop a habit of grabbing wealth, putting it on pedestals and chopping it to pieces, when they come down from it, they climb up another one that concerns government to make a case of its unavailability and the problems associated with that also being that some have but others do not and people will get hurt as a result - its not up to me thus what people want to call it, I am clear in my mind that it is plan old very, ignorant and stupid and extremely vicious wickedness, which is garnished with an unprecedented sense of servitude - it gets out of bed everyday to hope for the one that will come into their lives and take away all the complexities by means of a perversion or some form of violence, it also only knows the one behaviour of getting a crowd to force you to do what is incumbent on you to make them comfortable and means that the other group of 'I need your help but know better' idiots have become the main thing I need to manage around here for my bit too (its the reason they behave like Women as a whole - the success of insults, the lies and handling of my person because it will do anything for money, the popularly culture extremely disobedient corruptions of involvement etc and their Politicians say I am not making any progress if they get up in public and make statements that damage my Book sales all together, which tends to suggest I need to make these things work artificially to counter their fundamental corruptions as well, bring it down to the fist fight dichotomy.).