For the record, I am not in any way stigmatised by mental illness either - reality is a simple case of the fact the retarded Political idiots we have to put up with especially when Socialist and Civil rights idiots are always more concerned with making deals by other peoples parents to earn the right to abuse people and collect the lives they had built for themselves in return for showering stupid parents with attention especially the mothers and so to that effect One must simply decide what percentage of the way I live is about them and not about me within the process of making sure their abuses do not happen to me as such and because of that there is always a strong need to take media away from them especially the teasing and abusive homosexual ones that like to think they have a problem and a temper along with it too because it is always the means by which to decide I have things they do not because I am good at brushing history under the carpet when it comes to banging on a message about what I want until I have it which is something everybody should be able to have as well if they have access to my parents, therefore they will have that access and I will be entrapped and it will be funny until they have it too and it can go on like that for eternity unless action is taken which I have on every other respect except on media appearances so far - so the sense it will be a matter of choosing between racists and the rest is absolute nonsense, that will never happen because it is not the way it works at the upper class anyway either. We hear them speak of racists making statements about racial hijacking by blacks but of course it’s never an emotive issue because that part of them that talks is exactly the same as these fools who feel the violent side is good as long as it is not happening to those that are like the racists - so what we have here is that conditions where it’s always a race; talented people and the location of capital race, where those that make the money first will and those that make the money later will have to get it from the banks and pay interest to those who made it first but these idiots do not want to be part of that race, they want to invent their own race with certain people they have in mind as the ones who lose and have to make money by paying interest to them and so every other means of being abused by them has been taken care of now it’s the Media appearances causing trouble and even for the racists, the part where they say it’s a Country and Country is for everybody in it has to cost them everything for the Country because it means these fools can be assured that when they go down they will not be going down alone.

I do not think it is an emotive issue as such; the reality is that these fools generally believe that the route to having money is business and the route to business is taking up something really important and making a complete mess of it over a very long period of time publicly and more so better if that thing is a person because it will create that sense and atmosphere that allows people to part with money in return for value, so the only thing that continues to create an outcome whereby every damage they do here is recovered at their expense means they still make profits at the end anyway is the media but now it is beginning to get physical as well as confrontational too. I understand white people do want to know things about black culture as well but it is not a new issue; the reality is that the bad guys were able to grab all the good ones and sell them off during the hay day of slavery and slave trade and so what you have in Countries where these slaves settled is a mix of the evil and good sides of African culture which is why it is always easy to persecute black people but of course you have the most evil and twisted side of African Culture devoid of all its good sides due to years of cleansing in Africa which is actually the reason for all their financial problems and that is why they always need to try to find out how they can kill a Christian endlessly especially their women etc. In the US the continued process of making sure those that stand up for their rights are pushed to the forefront and killed whether be it by white people or not has now produced its results and the first Black American President with a need to get connected with his type in Africa has occurred as though Obama is the best that the black American community can come up with as it were, having said so I am not regretful of the things I have done to contribute to that outcome bearing in mind when they are not doing Politics they will never ever work for their own money as it were. So it is never really a topic for conversation and I rather it be left where it is found. So they say I would do anything for money on my part but think others are evil which is utter nonsense; the world is usually always a better place whenever a black women is worrying about not knowing where her income will come from next and the reason is that an entire business empire that they can give to the frugal can easily be reduced to something that is all about the problems of women because they are selling cosmetics for instance and so I for my part have allowed a certain degree because I want to use it but do not plan to be nice while I do so. It’s a matter of what percentage of what I say or write about my business these days is about me or my products and what percentage is about the problems of black women and women as a whole and so depending on the prognosis I have to decide I have got a problem that needs to be resolved; the method I have chosen means the idiots with a stupidity that cannot be quantified are either way working for their money and it’s a win-win situation for all.

As for the story of how these things can happen as a result of exposure that the company business has earned; it’s nothing unusual – I have decided the fans and customers deserve a certain experience, they are decided their miserable and useless existence and things they can say about involvement with me means that their problems must apply in terms of that experience not existing because they are using media to ensure it is spent on them but it is the old dilemma of where you decide somebody is useless and need to be raped or useless and needs to be stabbed or useless and needs to be shot – they however know all these and have already set you up and pushed off necessary accusations to that effect and are now convinced they have you wrapped around their fingers which means when you commit a crime it will become an art form.

They do say my behaviour is responsible for a lot of things because they like to think they are in charge of course but we all know this is all their disobedience and not that of any racists or terrorists like they think they can make others believe with a big mouth; its all their disobedience, its all on them.