This idea that when people link all that Hacking Scandal stuff with me it will become easier to fix is a load of rubbish; the chances of such things happening do not exist especially when they have settled in on how people hack into other peoples phones and acquire other peoples personal details because they are fans of mine. What did they expect? They are supposed to be men, almighty men and their purpose is to go around attacking those that stitch society together for everybody and it is not just about attacking them to have power and money only God knows as it were, it is also about being greedy over it with their evil fame and fortune seeking cowardice with peoples income that they explain away with alternative lies and then think is incredibly funny that they have been such successful oppressors when they are not there yet. So clearly these things will not affect some women to the point where they act obviously.

All I know is that I do what I do as a normal person and some women just like it, maybe I know why they do maybe I don’t know why they do I just know they like it and I don’t understand either because I am a man not a woman, I can only be myself but here is the problem because over the years the only changes we have had around here is that of men leaving their own lives and seeking to live either in my life or that thing which exists as a relationship between me and these women, most of all they want to get rid of me the kid and then fuck the women. It is because of this I intend to continue crushing any life that they had before I came along and will continue to play games with any new ones they want to have to write books, purpose point being this is my life and they can have it when I am dead.

In any case of which I am a man anyway and very unlikely to fall flat on my face and take penalties from anybody because I have a penis as well; you are always doing something wrong; fuck them-idiots. Of course they tell me if I fuck them they are such men they will never feel it, let them wait I will write the books and then find out. 

Some of them are not even local councillors or even MPs, they are just advisers or escorts to these people and those of them that are mainstream Politicians are not cabinet members, have no portfolio but turn up here to attack me and play games of insults they expect to get away with for which there will be consequences if they do not. It is supposed to have been something about the writer Prince and the problems he has to deal with as a result obviously but I don’t think that is any of their business.