I am aware of this statement made concerning the way that the British Government will need to control me as I had become a problem for Americans. It is nothing unusual but if it does become a threat it should be recognised that the threat will have come from a handful of unbearably stupid men, of which the need to describe them like so, is set to develop into a campaign in itself and then it will progress from wrecking my career and finances over dreams of seeing me deploy my writing career to criticise its stupidities, so that it might work society abuses at me to share my wealth, into something a lot more serious. A series of events have led us into this situation – work on the business of people who planned their lives on public development funds showing up to bother the Government and Washington will run entire governmental systems to please fringe society criminals, then show up to drop the ball on me until it decided it wanted to wage war on Russians through Ukraine for the fact that Russians had workers that kept jobs in western economies, which they have now dubbed the Russian problem – it has grown from something nasty by the way, that it was unable to carry on with its concerns without picking up mine to get paid for being popular, sharing the money with a community that will consider its position of importance as absolute, show up here to run me down all the time over new found fraternities that it became a part of, cease to be an American popularity idiot and adopt a disposition that will get a whole Royal hermitage and its state Office serving some idiots who would rather have been running around American streets doing drugs, if they were unable to take advantage of me, get around with some of the other stupid British friends always being seen at tourist destinations, picking up my earnings to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world: first time around speaking of problems, it was a matter of the small countries that relied on those tourist markets, now it’s the intermediate and political ones being used as a prop to wage war on communists for having workers in western Economy, so overall, it was the same issue that involved the sex and violence which showed up at Government Building through the diplomatic avenues and the international development activities, regarding areas where it could not be said that either democracy or communism decided how people lived, a work force of 6 could have two Russians and a Chinese in these places, so they have just gone and upset it all but having difficulty with a problem they created, have decided as insolently as possible, that the British Government will need to control me because their exceptionalism got them into trouble and their country was very powerful. Speaking of problems, we know that their own American internal issues is everywhere here; the black idiots with a need to cling to my earnings and claim I will have to earn it by doing something violent and the other goons that will solve the problem via racism in the Police, so it really does need to keep its mouth shut, as there was no tendency here for me to burn their own and that of their stupid British friends as well, if I were to dissatisfied with building them profiles as stupid men because their fingers were always getting up my anus with the help of petty criminals. The general question here eventually was whether I had another way to respond, save the business of pushing back tensions but there is nothing to do, just the cultured, institutionalised and trained, serving a bunch of gits who got an education from Harvard University and this is the cause of all our problems, the American popularity idiots trying to show that they could get paid for being popular from my public image and Office is simply looking for an escalation and needed to respect the fact I too have had enough being showered with their abuses, they are not important people – there is nothing to do save a process of recognising the problem as one which exists on account that people were taking risks with earnings and career to bail out a bunch of idiots who took up other peoples concerns to put themselves in charge of things they knew nothing about, we can see that when they realise that victims were likely to help them out like so for up to three times, they will begin the economic abuses and financial vandalism that had since played into the hands of the Communists with Washington collecting my Royal Order for the Ukrainian Army, as stupidly as men can get, it needs to understand that it is not in charge of anything in this place and also talks too much. I have been told for my part that I am clearly talented but it is a wonder what is holding me back; nothing is, just Politicians playing with my career eventually developing into a result where nothing about it has been done in a complete and distinct manner, the Celebrities joined in because there was no way their famous stupidities would have been looking for trouble if they did obviously. The facts are that it is intellectual property administration, I finished work on the social matters, to create a Book applicable and had since ended up with society fools running my personal life with the interests of shop lifters, while they picked up my personal moments to share with mental institutions and the boys from the streets, it has all taken hold because of Celebrity insults – the issue that answered the matter of the idea I never paid attention to unprofitable aspects of my work which I really do i.e. these people would buy a good product to improve their lives by, without asking others where their civil rights were located, if none raised the point, so what we have is Celebrities delaying my Bookshop until they had raised the point for me and are now showing up here to attack me because I too withdrew access from my concerns, to make a case for the fact I only needed to make a bit of sacrifice to help my client deal with a tough market on those matters, not become a character that people bullied to befriend the wealthy and more so, I was using the process to control crime because their famous madness stepped in, in which case we know they are now out there, in a bid to pick up and invest my assets to make their own money as disrespectfully as possible, having been making entertainment for criminals, hence in my view made some progress like a bunch of famous idiots really should. The point here are facts to consider which would prevent for the future, instances where these gits became so confused that they decided they were so important the British Government was going to control me to make them comfortable. I really wish to get rid of some trouble makers, to leave me time for the more important matters of equity broker and creative asset development with the multinational companies here, there is nothing wrong with my career as such, it really needs to lay off my earnings, shut down the economic abuses if complaining of the way criminals took advantage of it and stop handling me - their Politicians must decide if this business of tackling people who want to run their lives on Government funds was really important, especially as the said characters want to straddle the distance between market and government for it, exceptionalism and greed getting people into trouble has nothing to do with me but handling my concerns for it, need be done by those who will likely not complain about my responses as well, to avoid issues.