They do say that I am flustered about my position, which is utter nonsense; the truth is that my schedule of chasing my academics and my spare job and Book writing and looking after Royal Estate business and any Public duties which may arise impromptu is not a tight schedule for my abilities at all – what takes up 70% of my time to make it tight schedule are these fools getting involved for the sheer fun of doing it and this is usually because of their villainy that then later on goes on to put questions at me about how insulting my Books are whereas we are talking about the sheer fun of seeing somebody fight rich people and then violent people and return to be tracked and kicked in the teeth by them because they want to see him fight again due to the fact they pay careful attention to their decadence and regularly ensure that it is well fed – others will include a supermarket for instance having its baskets stacked in a row of one and two and three, while they go there to stack it in rows of five and eight and ten and all crooked, which they latter follow on with very violent lasciviousness that leads to extreme acts which means decent NHS staff have to see all sorts and fight to save people’s lives – we do not see them do anything with their time but this nonsense and the reason there is much talk about it in my direction is also that I am not doing it for Public transport operatives who are another strand in their own right as well; speaking of my Books as per why they should not be getting sold is now past its sell by date however. The other story being how badly I handle Women; reality of which is rather that there will be no problems with Women if they are not busy spicing their sex lives with me, which means they are committing sins against God on my behalf; they do reach a stage where their whole lives depend on it and kiss their lovers on the streets when they see me, which does tend to suggest their whole families are probably having a go or that there is nothing I can do about them at such a point, which is not actually true – the bonus effect of course being that the celebrities and fashion goons do not really have to be as insulting and abusive towards me whenever they do their fashion stuff and of course I would rather catch them at pornography and Media than have to ask the question of whether it has reached a point where it has become a form of bullying calculated on the basis of whether or not people are buying my products and I am having to ask if I am either selling the right things or giving enough; the benefits of all this bonus aspect being that I have become uncatchable for homosexuals. In any case however of which when it comes to the way people handle Women it has always been a case of the fact Women are surrounded with colloquialisms of how somebody will do your stuff if you handle them – so those who attack women must either be really stupid or perhaps must have had the part where somebody does his stuff completely figured out with no flaws whatsoever; so the other ones who attack Women that pursue academics we see defend the backyards of super models all the time and cannot keep off peoples Public image and Office and of course we all know that situation exists where we are both right and both wrong all of time, while the other Women who do theatre and Ballet and main culture simply have the idiots live in their personal lives and make trouble there for eternity, right up to the end. The Americans do say they want to see the British serve them and I am a particular target but of course we all know is plain old cynicism where we see they cannot give to the frugal but have to remind ourselves they do not actually need to be rude about it. I mean the first time they hated my guts, it was because I detached their wickedness from mainstream living so others can earn money and carry on with life as well – now they want to employ everybody that is not screwing around with them or they will determine how much money other people have when rejected. Then they say I cannot exist without other peoples spend; its utter nonsense of course since the reality is that I must waste all I have on Celebrities and Popular culture people and Fashion people at the Company Court in order to waste their cultures and societies to recover my finances; so that the next time I happen to break up a business empire I broker equities to make my living, their freedoms will not barricade the income margins and steal it because the part where the business empire was built with security systems that ensure it cannot be pushed into debt amounted to me building it to keep out competition – never mind stealing the income because it is pleasurable villainy to do so.

So the story of some problem I have with Women about which I am being punished continues but then again I do suppose when those stories go on long enough it does mean you do not actually have a problem with Women; if I speak for myself however then there are two main realities and one of them is that if you are looking at something else then you tend to appreciate less of how many times women fight for you but if you do not, then you tend to deal with those who think that because you look like a child and make them feel as though they are dealing with a child, they do not have to deny themselves their feelings or stay away from you considering that since you are a child in any case as it were, it will likely end very well – for now the main complaint is that people can get lots of men to do violent things for them anymore, so I suppose they are looking for more anyway.

So now they say I do not acknowledge the problems I create for myself and it does actually make me wonder who they think they are while they have expressed themselves as people who have approval of the Monarchy to steal my income if they wanted with those stupid lies; I have never thought it a problem if I am a Christian who understands that some idiots are evil to a point where they will be willing to take the Law into their hands and make up their own reasons to do so but I really do want to know who the fuck they are as well, especially the blacks who have no shame. In retrospect they have reasons to hate my guts anyway i.e. every time there is a Country bigger than the UK, an idiot must be seen around it gabbing my property and telling stories of a behaviour on my part which is leading to problems that will require their bigger and stronger bodies to solve and I will never stop ripping it up each time they are unfortunate enough to let me see it as it were; the story of getting about Industry communities yapping of how nobody knows who the hell I am as it stands is probably dead but I am still keeping an eye on it too. It’s like the story of the Media and people feeling they have the right to handle my concerns i.e. a Court supports me in a business ecosystem I have built to support them too, not put products up somewhere at the market and show up to cause me daily pain and suffering because they want to see their bank account increase because they have and do not actually have a foggiest clue what they are doing to that effect like their fellow market scum – block off my profit margins and make up reasons it is important to behave that way as they go along; so the story is past its sell by date at this stage, especially the one about their stupid freedoms.

Apparently they say I look like a Child and this was the problem for they are never denied their desires and hence feel like bullying a Child which the Law will not condemn them for doing and I suppose the Media does it because they do have the power as well, like the problems I create for myself which I must acknowledge on account they are such a bunch of idiots as well all together. I do not wish to tolerate further their showing up around my business to play those stupid games, since it is apparent that my bottom hurts and the explanation for it is as stupid as the fact people have Cars and gang up on me when I am a pedestrian for instance, among many others.