I am now told that I appear to be completely incapable of getting along with others at the Monarchy, which I am not – what happens is that they turn up to berate me and abuse me over money issues until the Celebrities turn up to take advantage of their behaviour, pillage the Royal property to make themselves rich and become friends of Royals, then they claim The Queen is too strict and continue to get worse. It is obviously an indication they have no sense of commitment but what the effects are with the money issues is that the past 14 years has seen mine all spent on this business where everything they are involved with leaves me thinking time heals everything while they want to handle everything that concerns me on their part in the matter. I do get told my financial condition is a disgrace and I could be supported if it was not so bad, but we all know if this was said by somebody who is compatible with me, it would be the opposite i.e. if interested, see I have been tackled by a global stage industrial narcissism and the Literary empire is still good but it needs a bit of money, supposing they have got some, what we find instead is this sort of talk, helping to pillage my equities and make stupid people rich a little bit further. Besides which its all very well talking like they care, soon they will end up with somebody that is done praying and Bible reading and becomes interested in why people never stop doing pornography, interested in pornography while it does not turn him on and then the marriage will be dissolved. I like to think otherwise that they do these things because they want to see me become homosexual, bearing in mind its likely to be a case of these sort of conversation in the most public places and then an outcome of picking up some industry junkie for marriage, eventually settling up on their personal concerns having something to do with my tummy and its one that will end very well in my view too. They do always say that I do not stand a chance but we can see these nonsense were completely unnecessary as I do not live in their lives or write their Books and that the only reason it becomes something that cannot be ignored is that those who have media jobs cannot give people a break from it; what happens at this Hermitage is that I must make money when I need to and not when they want me to look a part for their silly purposes, otherwise what is lost is a process where those who want to chase financial issues at their own pace have no prospects of success on account that somebody else was making the decisions at the markets. As for the threats, we all know its damaged the academic work and its Celebrities cannot stop boasting about it but it will always be an issue of showing up to do me favours with cultures that can decide what is to happen to other peoples lives or those cultures will be used to ensure that I lost everything I had, either way, I will be intensely educated about the fact that they have a capacity to decide that people must die and have not really given me a single years break, wrecking my finances to hold out on hope that HM will revert what I am doing and hand it to somebody that is more worthy than I am, we have seen this conversation itself start off from a case where I must be forced to make money and look the part on account they think I am a disgrace and find me embarrassing, as if I have not had enough of them. They do also claim it’s me interfering with Monarchic business on account there is a Family at the Head and at the Bottom of the Social system but I have not yet seen them keep off my concerns or give me an explanation for their involvement if they are claiming I am caught in a cross fire of the process of controlling the Public, what we see is the threats they issue at me all the time, wrecking everything around here and then threatening me because I don’t have money that makes me look the part. So I am told it’s a matter I have refused to acknowledge but what they are talking about refers to the story of the deceased Tsar of Russia whom it is said was betrayed by the House of Windsor, his Cousin – what they do with it instead is make a mess of structures I have built, which secret service operatives deploy to get the job done, especially if we have interests to protect in Russia, bearing in mind they are not allies, allowing the Americans to make a mess of British security systems whenever we have to deal with people who hate the British; what happens with these being that they build themselves up as a Community and then the other hand of that community will be a case where each and every one of them was entitled to fame, while their Politicians helped them talk about their problems in terms of my entire existence – the business of pillaging to a point, then sending out some twerps to run me down being exactly what criminals do and then I will get told that when I think it’s a matter of my backyard v black America backyard, it’s something I say because I consider myself to be very tough when toughness has nothing to do with it – so far I have ended up being hated on a whole new level because of how I have responded to a business of them building popular culture pipelines from the US to Japan right through this Hermitage, leaving their twisted culture idiots to spend my time on insults and challenges to a fight that make me ill while I am working in a library that really should be a quiet environment, making their stupid selves into spectators and judges of the fight that I will engage in, tells all about their throes on the home of the brave I suppose. This is why I need my structures and systems where the East is concerned because what happens with Russians is that when you have something they must use, then you will need to build security that keeps them out and reach an agreement with everybody that helped to build it, that the secrets will not be divulged – what happens with the Americans is that they have a very dirty government – they are aware their behaviour in the middle east must be kept secret or none will be good enough for the public and it would bring their Government crashing if that were to be the case, so the use of the British Armed forces whenever we are in some alliance with them is usually meant to be intellectually bankrupting and full of corruption that Celebrities may secure a sense of privilege from and so if time and again soldiers engaged in secret operations that keep the peace and therefore are engaged for long periods of time have their morale pillaged like we have seen, these structures will ensure the Celebrities can figure out their own security against the National enemy of their Country by themselves. They all love to raise this issue of my sexual behaviour which I must clean up but I have no idea if they have obtained prove of me having sex with anybody yet as it were anyway – it does rather tend to mean that I maintain the disposition of being anal sex champion which leaves them out of their depth all the time. They do say the British Government is not perfect either but it’s an old story about how people would not be telling me I am flesh man if they went to school, only when such insults had stopped, does the fact they need to be at school become a matter for debate i.e. its land of the free and we don’t fancy the idea its impossible to leave a career and return to find it as you left it, while the rest of the world always seems hell bent on building Communities of people who have ideas about what to do to others – soon enough these communities explode somewhere around the road that leads out of somebody’s home towards the access that they have to the rest of the world and then the abusive sexual insults and tummy churning and the lies as they lay claims to a public image that does not belong to them will ensue, they never stop lying, so what they wish to talk about instead is their alliance with more powerful Countries and what the British are hiding lest everything else finds out they are discriminative people, making it impossible to ignore these stupid behaviour.

Now I am said to be of the opinion I am able to do whatever I like which has no link with reality – I am not able to do whatever I like; what happens is that there are no administrative problems in the UK, instead it’s the Politicians unilaterally manufacturing us their own administrative problems which they can make our lives uncomfortable by and the more we complain is the worse they get at it; the point is that if you do not work in the Military you really know nothing about it, same as if you are not a Politician with respect to what happens in Parliament and so on but these behaviour means they are always messing with others and in my case have set me out as the person on whom they will manufacture new forms of disparity between Politicians and the Monarchy, in order to feel as if Government was more organic to them, the problems, the intrigue and the dirt, what they have ended up with is not somebody who tugged tail and ran but built them exactly the same conditions. I do get told that while I am busy with that I lose the academic pursuit and distributing of my Books which are more important and yes it happens that way because it’s not the A Grade Student as such, just the one that can give culture and society trouble makers a bit of paddling as well without failing the exams necessarily – so since the Politicians insist these culture and society are the Bees knees I have no idea what they are complaining about all together anyway. They are supposed to be where they are and do what they are doing and its at the back of every persons mind especially when we are at an academic environment but it is not at the back of my mind as I do not need somebody putting a peg on my tent to show that it’s a terrible outcome when people are unable to learn at work or in school because others are trying to be famous; so when people make a habit of using them to give me nasty surprises, it churns the tummy and everybody will be uncomfortable about the smell while the resulting bullying will mean that I got to drop out; I mean they now know anyway that the supposition their society and culture trouble making is because they were chasing the sex and convenient decadence is wrong anyway as they never get to have any, while the Celebrities and Politicians claim to have made money and therefore earned the right to enjoy themselves at other people’s expense, so get them bothering me to make me give up secrets about it that they can deploy to ensure they were not less important than I am, as stupidly as possible and completely unnecessarily i.e. I do not know what the latter two groups are always complaining about while this behaviour will not be abandoned in hell.