The big issue is of course the matter of the fact that some people like to think of themselves as those who understand money and greed above everybody else and so you can imagine what will happen for example if a Royal Prince where to get his books published with a publisher that is located in one of their areas where they think already as it stands that everything he does about being abused by them is to be handled with the uttermost sense of intolerance while they do whatever they like with him and then think it is funny as well. So at the end of the day there is always that story of my thing with the Monarchy when the reality is that I am usually criticised at the Monarchy for acting as though I expect others to take up my job and do it for me which I will complain and attack and insult people for if they do anyway. The reality is that I don’t and such things are created by the media and the Prince of Wales who deploys the Princes Trust to breed popular culture idiots with, so that when you leave home because you don’t want your pushy parents to drive you into it on grounds they need to ensure popular culture fools do not use you for a plaything or leave home because your parents think others should be better off than you are at your expense, these idiots are still able to hunt you down like an animal and do whatever they want to do. So currently it seems whenever they wake everyday to get self improvements from attacking my book sales to make me react in order to support these things which their stupid personality depends on the reason for it is that people like me cannot compete in the real world and because they hang around the Prince of Wales and the outcome is that when you decide it is up to you to ensure popular culture idiots do not use you for a plaything they had gotten approval from the highest authority in the land already and of course there is the part that is linked to the US as well in the hope that talk of freedom and democracy will be enough, while I on the other hand will then have to concentrate on that and not whether or not they are damaging me as a person and or my property – hence it is never really the way it is supposed to work and this behaviour from day one when politicians got around to wreck my finances in order to make me a plaything for mentally ill women on grounds they want to use my personality to do their careers, has cost me my finances and that took between five and six years of a daily occurrence and then four years after that to take away my studies and now they are after my books as well and there is always at present a legitimate political explanation when there isn’t really any that is anchored on truth or reality, looking for the trouble they complain about all the time as well. So it is not what the Princes trust was meant for but it is being used for that on grounds they have worked it all out i.e. as long as Monarchy exists there will always be a smile on the faces of businesses as they carry on but because it has something to do with never doing a day’s work for money that process has to involve hurting me to ensure that smile is not on my face and I cannot get my books shipped to fulfil a customer service at my firm, hence it has completely been altered by them as it stands from a Monarchy of Government that is stern and in control which existence is measured by its people getting out of bed every day to attend to their jobs and other useful pursuits and various other ceremonial activities and then the Politicians and then the social menaces with their fame and fortune on the left, to a Monarchy of businesses that endeavours to sell goods for them by making sure that as long as it exists businesses will always have a smile on their faces (bloody clowns) and they talk so much nonsense about violence against me concerning it since they last got confidence from HRH that he likes a big show and even that big show is big show as in my big show as it were too, so I am not particularly responsible for what I do to them as well and it is much the same with the Politicians that I kick when they wreck my finances so mentally ill women can use me for a plaything and they then do Popular culture with my income for revenge so I kick them there as well and they start to play with republicans and rebels whose nonsense about how I try to sell people books when I do not want to open up my privacy for them to get quality of life with has come to a head and I will kick too – all I am saying is that they need to stay off my books so I do not have to handle their finances in the same way to find out how much competition they have in them as well. After all when you deal with such things over your finances while media messes things up for you being irresponsible Politicians are supposed to give people whatever they want and talk nonsense about those they can use as well, only to complain later about a shortfall in their authority too. I am not in any struggle as such, the reality is that nobody around here recognises my leadership and I am not on anybody’s side for my part either and their abuses and vandalism here for whatever reasons they conjure on media will never go unpunished; they are in the struggles and not me and need to get off my income and book sales, especially the Americans; it has come to a point where it needs to be set out they never work for 20% of the efforts that others have put in to have what they have because civil rights to create equality when people have and they don’t will always come through for them along with other stupid insolent blame culture excuses to keep such things going until they get what they want out of people’s lives and businesses and on this occasion the finances they think they should savage in order to acquire finances from others that have things they desire is mine, no such thing as competition I cannot completely pulverise, just an ultimatum for fools and the idea of dragging me into a need for justice that I will be denied so they can feel special and getting them off my affairs appears to be something that will court attrition to its application as well.  In the end there is that story they tell of women that are involved with The Prince of Wales having me wrapped around their little finger but of course there is really no such thing as any of us can get called to National service like I was by the Monarch, except it seems the Man at the top, the Heir apparent does not like his role and nobody knows why he does it or whom he intend to complain that to anyway, all I know is that he has continued to express his desire to see I am poor until he is King so that he might extract from me the same body privileges that his mother got due to the age at which I was called up to service and such cruelty and evil is unheard of and in the same way I don’t care if the Country degenerates into crisis as a result of his activities and big shows being preferred to the Government operation, although I am aware if I find a way to pay my way in the world nothing will degenerate into anything. So it is not up to him or anybody else but entirely up to me. Nice to see we have come round anyway when their perspective of those that are chosen for National service and those that are not is considered, so they can want their own country and mark out those they want to be able to chose as well and so that people can make out I walk around their city like I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size as it were, which then applies as per they want to be good looking and young and free and famous and rich and have chosen somebody they want to make ugly and angry and infamous to measure and get that from and it is much the same as the cup of violence that their older versions duke out for people from their government office as well, then do the grand plan game of being linked with businesses and expect people to overlook damages they do to people’s property as it were so they might work it out and be successful with it with a big mouth. Hence the next time their civil rights and democracy attacks me in such ways it will get a lot worse than we have at the moment; I have made myself clear no body among them respects my leadership and I am not on their side, the only thing they know about me is my books and that they are not customers either – I am incredibly selfish it is said and very much so I am in the same light as well and now we shall see what becomes of the plan where I am stuck with one problem after another doing things to please them with those stupid insults they think everybody has got the time for and how vandalism of my income and books with their media will go un-avenged to a point where they build new market happiness with which to get rich through it as well. Its the same old story where everything I do annoys them and I know exactly what they need to be annoyed with and they will be and we will have prejudice in our country as it were – like they pick on normal white people and attack me for doing nothing about racism because the world is not enough for them and I bet they claim Americans were never clear why they took part in the second world war because they are so wise they can explain what anti-Semitism really is or is all about. It is not true that I ruin my thing as it is being fixed for me, its just the reality of how angry it makes me when people who are that below me address me; idiots that know nothing about anything seeking leadership and importance where I know more than they do and do more than they do all the time but my leadership is what they deny me because they are close enough to do so. Address me so that when I get to it and show myself and what I am like it becomes something else and gets violent as well. Then we hear them claim I do the same with racists when we know all about their whispers, which occurs when they are not white people too and does more so even though we are also aware how racists apply their anger when they get angry is entirely unpredictable and sets out the reasons I do not want them to in any way trouble me with any of their problems.  I am not in any kind of Eternal war as US Politicians and their friends around the world would like people to think; the reality is that the way Politicians behave in their Country is engrained into peoples lives all together and so there are other problems that may arise if I act to shut them up on the insults with respect to taking away such things as their naivety or indeed the so claimed freedom and so on, especially so because younger people need to be able to be naive about things in general if they must concentrate on their academic work and pull off the chances of getting jobs that will save up enough money for a pension and then enough money for health care and even maternity and so on, so such things are things I do not want to change. However their behaviour continues to mean that it is the most twisted and evil and devilish people that have the power to stir society and so my books which were initially written to keep such people out of my affairs since I needed to be able to work my Literary empire as I see fit, are now slap bang in the middle of that. Hence we hear them mention their things that are associated with running Political campaigns that give people a choice as to whether to buy my books or vote for them in order to force me to be physically present and get cut down to a size that will give them things they dream of like the Glory of Christ taken from a Christian and so on and so they look for trouble all the time and entirely deserve the things I do to them. Now everybody can see all that talk of what I say which I cannot back up is utter rubbish because once I begin to have a problem with a Politician turning up in public to talk nonsense whereby he gets famous then most of what he does will become a matter of opinion and it will be possible to make people listen to me if I want to. Everything I say and do and write annoys them and I must live with the consequences for that apparently: idiots. There is no such thing as being scared of racism; the reality about that is that I charged their insolent selves with a duty to ensure I have all that the racists currently have in order to make the fight fair since the inequalities that so exist is their fault due to the fact they have not been dealing with racism properly. The outcome was the clear set out process where they were provoked and that meant I will get into the fight with racists anyway while I will have everything that could help me defend myself taken away, which is a veritable death threat and since then it appears they turn out on television which I intend to take away from them as well to make much noise and not enough of them have died yet. Of course they say I say such things and then expose myself and then I will never be able to do it again but that remains to be seen and they can kick it off again if they want.