I have been told that people hate me and its completely unwarranted but it isn’t completely unwarranted – they said they will be rich and famous and more important than I am using my own public image and I want to see badly raised foolish low lives hang around street corners talking nonsense about people doing their stuff, with an existence that only makes sense where money is present meaning the Police is bad, while the parents got imagination up my bum to show they were important, who only pick themselves up when emulating Celebrities to get off a condition of being lowest of the low, the mental illness being a means by which they can make others who are trying to into tools, accomplish such a thing. I am now set to run this Bookshop on a premise of write, sell and punish and I am sure they understand it would mean that their hate is set to get worse too. I have not yet received an explanation regarding the reasons their stupid Celebrity culture is a threat to me or indeed why those who have enough money to live in 5 star hotels the year round are unable to understand that I need my Public image to communicate with people – they say I am a small man with a big mouth and I think they are all risk taking idiots as well. The problem is still the process of setting themselves up such that the Media is able to claim that I write my Books by criticising them and they were therefore entitled to the market I had built but it would not be the first as the time it started adding up to a real problem in 2004 during which time they wrecked my first attempt at a University study, it was a matter of private diaries I wrote to help me manage being full in terms of the fact I was repeating events – the Media does not make their decisions for them, its all well when they are the ones expressing what their stupidities hated. They say Americans have completely ruined me and its utter nonsense, what we have is the constant insults of German influence keeping me detached from everything that adds up to a process of keeping up with projects that need completion and we do not need details of what the idiots are doing with that either, where the Americans play their part in these nefarious partnerships is that gimmicks where each time they had money problems Royalty had to be deposed somewhere so they might have ancient History available for the pillaging and it never stops setting me out as some throwaway Royalty that people can do whatever they liked with, because the Royal family understands that we might think the USA is on our side but we will be proven wrong when they are desperate – my entire career has now been factorised by it while their complain about my responses are now a global phenomenon since being throw away Royalty does also mean that the Monarchy can do very little to control me. This said, the truth of it is that the waiting for results before I progress to future stages of handling this is excruciating but it is impossible to achieve everything that I want to do about it in a single day, irrespective of how much gonadotrophic nonsense American bad upbringing threw at me. Now the most obvious stage for insults concerning the women is that whilst they hate picking up arguments with their mates and then seek revenge if they lost it because it meant they had been beaten down and were unable to chase the jobs and livelihoods, I was frustrated about the way my life had turned out and was trying to make other suffer and die for it, which serves as a replacement for the fact we live in a society that makes the backyard very uncomfortable for those who are engaging in, thinking about or planning criminal activity, wrecking everything around here to issue insolent threats when they are confident their stupidities were backed up by bigger Men – for the men it has now turned towards a game of heart disease and it includes their shop managers, middle managers and society gits. It is now said that I am in a very sorry state which is utter rubbish – the first time these people became an issue for me, they had chosen poverty to hang about peoples lives being real Men and real Women by, thus had the opportunity to weave their problems into my concerns to such an extent that my personal diaries were no longer able to support me as I over time found myself repeating the description of situations that had happens during an earlier period of time, it eventually culminated in practical jokes that got me dropping out of University which was the beginning of their problems. We have a second situation now, involving my Books, where the Americans are still running off the stupidities that will offer them and their Politicians self-improvements by wrecking my career and finances on claims I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should not have been written and my Book fosters the bad activities of bad people while their stupidities are unable to leave ideologies that should not be explored where it is located talking nonsense about being tough at other people expense and have never read the Books either – so it has now given way to the assaults of their celebrity and Politicians on my career, allowing the Media to develop a Public condition for these idiots to suggest that whilst they claim what annoys them about me the most is that I talk about personal matters when none is asking, especially when German influenced and cannot be seen making public appearance without insultingly blowing off that big mouth about being superior to me and more so the blacks who never give it a rest and are always shoving their ideas down peoples throats, whilst this is their complain, they also claim I have written my Books by criticising their stupidities which entitled them to what I had worked for, entitled their stupidities to my incomes. I would love to think of it as a problem associated with the Media but the Media does not make the decisions for these fools, although for their part the banging on does not bang on more than two times a year without the involvement of their stupid jobs which get it banging on every day – so far, their jobs are the only bits doing this, soon enough will mine join in on the practical jokes too, assumption is usually that I will get after the television and the radio bits but I will rather want to sack everything associated with Media enterprise which bothers me in this Country, with intent to make it the prize of civil and criminal disobedience when their families are given a gist of what I have to put up with all the time - it has now developed into a gimmick that involves a combination of my age, government support due to the global stage destruction of my Books fostered by their stupid Politicians, middle managerial scum getting imagination up my bum while Celebrities built me a reputation for not wanting to get a job, in a hope I will become homeless (all born out of a problem they have with a collection of people they tackle me to protect, claiming although those were criminals, they were buying show business products that were made at the expense of my public image, using my asset Equity, now getting imagination up their bums, adding up to a problem I am supposed to solve, as insultingly as possible). In retrospect, I am said to be everywhere, like the way people linked me up with Islamic Terrorists but cannot now solve the problem of the evolution of terrorism their insults have created, however I am not - I would love to spend most of my time on the concerns of my Hermitage but even sexual abstinence is not something people think I do while it is an integral part of my daily living, they rather prefer complaining about me pointlessly due to the effects of their disobedience.