Threats from Celebrities - of which is utter nonsense; the facts are that nobody really knows what propels others to decide that when they build a history of harming a moral person, it will serve a ticket to the company and crowd of the great and rich and good, who generally always get what they want but then again, they attack at a distance and nobody really touches me - save the Politics of convenience that creates the distant violence for them, when the feel good factor of Political vagabonds is the one where they are always telling me to do something about or else with a big mouth. The reality is that when I do not want people to make better their sexual activities on my public image, it becomes a main preoccupation and that soon develops into two part stupid girls behaviour which means, half want to have sex on my life and the other want to get married as long as Media fools and African scum they share salaries with are comfortable with it (not hurting badly enough yet so far); so in my case, I have relaxed a hold on managing those their stupid lives for them since the last part of 2003 and that stupid Media insults have now grown to a stage whereby it is starting to blow off threats as well about punishment for historical insults that are starting to look a bit like racism too, with that big mouth.

Every single one of them has something to complain about, for each of the times that the stupid self confidence is built up to the sky but I get threatened and attacked by violence anyway but they are still doing it and will likely carry on until I get hold of that stupid self confidence and beat it down as well. I hear some do say they can get along but the reality is that they are always getting along – take the groovy ones for example, those will do anything for money first of all but that is not enough, when finished we find they want to groove around absolutely everything which is important to you, especially the ones that can win attention from others and that their stupid grooving is about your anus and penis; it is not that you offend them, it is not how they behave at home with friends and family, just something they do as it were – then we hear them say they do behave in such ways with friends and family but I wouldn’t be the one to know about it, in vengeance for keeping my Ladies safe and yes the anus and penis problem and hatred for secret security services continues too to that effect with a big mouth. They were warned right from day one about staying off my case but at that time it was free and democratic to make my entire life out to be a social group that others can join and leave at will like they always do until it ended the way that it has. Either way, I have imaginary anal sex with my Court all the time which means I can cure them of that stupid homosexuality at will – I mean it should be known to them that I seldom know anything about the homosexuality that I push them into defiling themselves all the time in the first place as it were; they are supposed to be the ones to find out and raise public awareness. In the end they say it is only the people who likely find out facts about you and damage things which you hold dear when you refuse them anything they want to share but so do they need to stop issuing their stupid threats as well, as there is no way of working for those things they will get to share, if I am distracted in that manner.

I understand it is said I case not for how I make people feel but I am not aware I have made people feel in anyway – these idiots have been living out this worthless existence for a long period of time and have always had a habit of choosing a victim they will bully to secure an exit when stuck and are so stupid they want to have their way when their chosen victim is a Royal Prince too. It’s a simple case of the part where they were sore all over for ripping up the academic work for me which was second tier in my priorities – the first tier has now come to bear i.e. the only problem I have at the moment is my cash flow crisis and they need to keep away from me and the health so I can work for that, otherwise I will spend it on them. I hear that this is toxic a thing to say as well because they are doing me favours keeping back people that want to kill me; the reality of course is that they have stopped lying and the none violent ones are playing up games of civilisations that were in this world first and which is allied to the US better than my Country in order to get rich quick, instead of a case of which one is the real Man that I like to deny I fancy because I am in adequate, while nobody will ask them to tell the truth where it really matters in the case of the violent ones. I mean an example of the reasons they behave like they do being that they want to get into the Royal Court of The Heir to the Throne and for that reason, when they take a look at me and see what I have, they start to dream and envisage what they could have according to their size and station etc. Then we hear that I stirred up their stupid desires which caused it; whereas their stupid desires were actually stirred up as a result of my inability to tolerate the kind of success that the Fathers find respectful all together – the one where they get in my face and I cut up that stupid freedom right up to Parliament and the City centre all together, to see what they can do about me and so on; as I have mentioned before that there is usually no opposition when success the Fathers find respectful is one where I am followed and my finances ripped up until I build an empire and look back to find I have no finances, the empire that was built as a result of pressure from global leaders to protect property that is and then which sets the stage to allow their stupid children hang around my public image to express their idiocy counting pennies until they made millions: this then producing the successful young people that do not know everything, are happy and have money to spend on what they have become, while others like me have all my time spent on what they want to use my personality for, in order to build an occult they will deploy to foster their stupid needs and make themselves feel safe and when they cannot have it the whole thing changes from the need to explore my personality and blame me for which part of life I am being selfish with, to the part where there is nothing they would like better than to see me spend that personality in a gang fight that will work in their interest – so in the end I have to decide on what their problem is, considering they showed up over wealth distribution to begin with and now have the money to show for it as well, I have no decide on what exactly their problems with my Books really is. They do like to tell their tales but in the end powers of Media or not, I have never seen any other group as a destructive as this scum and need to make it clear what will happen when they go off to sit in a Holiday resort blabbing nonsense with that stupid money I can account for better than they can, which they made from perching on other peoples trees at Industry until they got noticed and sold merchandise on my Empire but do not want it to be attached to a Royal Estate anymore because it is the only way they can ensure they can get to handle it as well and anyhow they want too with that big mouth and we will find out how it will turn out again as well. Obviously every time they do it, they will blab a demagogue at George Bush with their Media and he will bomb some spot in the Middle East and spill blood on my Royal Estate for them – it did not end well and Obama’s one had not ended well either.

I mean they see somebody whose bills they are not paying and they tease like they were the parents – now they are cracked up out of my league and claim I am cracked up out of their own too after the superiority games have ended; utter nonsense of course because if I sit down at Church to get all over their evil, I will have nothing left to tell my Children, so it is filially destructive and they will become more versatile with their wickedness – so if they tend to follow me around on that basis I will be cracked, of which they have no idea why they are cracked on my case too, they just want revenge rather than keep off, the naturally stupidities we should expect of course when racists are not taking it over for them. This insult is usually only rivalled by communities of white people that want to raise me, while their younger idiots have sex on my temperaments; these always want to do it in order to show their superiority but it seems are stuck on trying these days and cannot stop hurting themselves. For those who want to decide, they can always decide on the fact that as far as these idiots are concerned, the main point of where we are is that if they can only translate the process of making money on my public image into an outcome in which many people’s suggest they are more important than I am, then existence itself will make sense, otherwise they can decide something else and buy a Book if interested. I for my part do not think it a crisis all together anyway; it’s the same old tale of those Girls and their cliques and their Boyfriends at the University, so it grows and grows and keeps growing ever bigger until it becomes this sort of thing and as ever, they have lived out that useless existence for a very long time, becoming thus accustomed to regularly organising themselves to go out and select victims they will bully to get an exit – I am not arguing with anybody about why they should let me be. It is an old tale of the plans people make to get what they want etc – but in the end the problem is that these are really stupid and stuck Women and those of them that have experienced sexual abuse in the past with those they are stuck with are very fond of these kinds of abuses, what it does is create a condition in which having gender representation at my Company becomes such a difficult work and no matter how hard I do it, I cannot have a 50/50 result, especially on social Media, which is so because young Men they love to attack and take advantage of become overwhelmingly interested in what I am doing considering that I do not tend to play their game.

They do glorify themselves over that nonsense about seeing me work really hard, which is utter nonsense – it’s just the one where people must move into my right hand for example and I do not know why and they say it is how it is with people and power, society and culture etc, however which the last time I checked my sense of how I was raised and my childhood was different from their own before they became celebrities on my public image that is; so I must tend to find out how it works just in case law enforcement have to take a life. I mean these are people that are so stupid that if I walk down the street and look at the trees they block my sight to the trees because they have needs and that is how they think I should see the world visually and tend to protect the mind in order to write Books etc, especially Public transportation operators. They do speak of tyrants talk here, none of which there is – since it is obviously a case of how they do jobs that makes them look dirty but they are actually financially well off and I want to get back to when I was happy living in the UK, so they might piss somewhere else and stop making me smell; otherwise I will tend to have a problem with everything concerning their stupidities, especially when it comes to sleeping with girls and chewing snacks; in any case of which 50% of the reasons they attack me is for this purpose i.e. the sheer number of Women that are covered by my work and hence they cannot take advantage of anymore but I really do not know what the other 50% is about, so I have to image it is simply something that they do – hence obvious I can watch my back apparently; they realise.