Politicians must always be completely ignored, they already say too much when they make Laws. No body is arguing with any Politicians around here that alliance with the US is a very important tool of defence. The real issue despite the fact this is always their argument is that they always like to target people and do things to them which hurt people and are beyond their constitutional powers and I am both the favourite victim and the experimental lab rat for the kind of powers they want to have through it and I intend to kick them until I get a whimper out of it. I can never tell them enough times about those things they do to the boy from whom they get a good feeling and how much damage it does not my financial aspects of my life and career, bearing in mind they never run out of excuses but the origin was persecution of me because of my faith which began long before I got a royal estate and then it got worse rather than end with their big mouth. When I respond like this they will tell me to stick it as it is rather a matter of somebody bigger than me bullying me which is really annoying because I am not the one complaining-they are the ones complaining until I am required to respond and do need to shut up. About which they will also tell me I say such things to them but would never dare say it to a black politician; same old story as it were, all about them and them and more them all the time and despite the fact it is at other peoples expense, it is also a fact it is never enough and they make no contributions of their own. Just turn up here with media and Politician salaries, wearing flashy suits to bully me all the time and do.

I have not been getting involved with the job of any Royal personage not the Duchess of Cambridge either-speaking of compliments which I think she is doing very well. As I am aware the status of things here was about the fact my Working Court seemed ready to take things up and I decided it was time to withdraw and try to sell my books to earn much needed cash. This status has not changed and I have not been getting involved with anyone’s Job.

Yes there is the matter of the fact I talk too much; it is a show off. The issue here is all the attacks they levy on me because they are wicked people and the never ending excuses which change all the time so they might never stop, my response has resulted in a condition where their only means of survival is to get on media and make up perceptions about me that are not actually true but despite the fact they are making a lot of money from it, has anybody ever seen them recognise anything which suggests it is enough? Now I do all the talking as well and so I have won that again and will keep winning until I win absolutely everything, so that the only thing that will not be won by me will be what they have not told me because if they do there will always be a fight all of the time so I can win.


We hear it these days frequently “America the worlds power needs to show strength in the Asian Peninsula.” Last I checked the way it works is that when I write my books, an American goon will because he is republican take it up and go off to play dark Political intrigues in the East, most of which involves a process where he gets rich because republicans never take anything seriously in their lives. Here in the UK when the UK government finds that Singapore is in league with Japan, which is the highest pinnacle of reference when we want to indicate an example of the worst of human greed and violence, thus cuts off Singapore and hands the peninsular back to the Chinese, we get criticism from the Heir to the throne for it. When anybody gets involved with the Chinese and Russians diplomatically the socialists will wreck their lives and finances and go off to make connections in China in order to make films with the use of UK film council which is funded by the tax payer and it goes on like that endlessly; while each appearance on their stupid television is an opportunity to strike my chest and tell me what to do with a big western mouth and this will create them one more problem here to deal with the way it is going, added to the Taliban and Terrorism and we have not yet finished with how they will get themselves out of where they have placed themselves on trying to bully me; i.e. wreck my finances in order to use my work to divide the west into two parts one involving me and the other them with their insolent media and then one will bully the other and have everything with a big mouth. Now they complain things are not working or getting done around here as if that is my problem too.

I am not saying it is that much of a problem to me as such; clearly it seems that when people attack me all the time because they think I am half-half and there are things in my life to be extracted by them when they want to be rich, a flashy little idiot will turn up maybe because he lives on an estate is really modern and loves his siblings a lot to ask me why I am fighting back when I should be doing what I am told lest I get into trouble, for there is really the question to be answered of what it is exactly I have got around here. It is not clear thus why they would be saying those things to me when they want to get themselves record deals and be rich and famous, it is however clear that the moderate versions of them cannot stop spending my wealth and health and the result of which is that I have created a more conducive country by giving those community people they trap me with access to their beauties, every time they appear on public places or I can just use it to clean up the mess that these community goons get up to in order to have a civil country while they can get as famous as they like. Yes they always say they are no moderate versions but that remains to be seen since letting the girls go first is not serving me because they have found a man who has property they can have whatever they want with, who is in a position that means he can be bullied. This is how it looks currently and I do not believe that my message about what will happen to those who mess with my office and finances whenever I am trying to work, to ensure that I am never in tune with my successes and therefore work excessively all the time, so I might look like I am half-half with things I can give up over all that has happened around and with them in this world so far.

Obviously they want to claim their right to dominate and surpass me but I fail to see how it is my problem anyway. “It is not clear why you think you have a cause to fight rather than give up what you are told to give up, for the question really is that of what it is exactly you have got around here.” When the whites do it, it is not surprising as such because racists are always white but when the blacks do it, you have your mind blown away because there emerges the big question: to what end?