The problem for most of the time is that assumption they make every time that I do the things I do because I like their stuff. It is not wonder there is a confusion as to when I am really in trouble and when I am not. The real issue is that Mr A and Mrs B who are Christian colleagues of theirs have no respect from them whatsoever and the reason for it is that they are iron clad certain that when they do anything to hurt Christians, no body will come to their aid and this is the only reason they do it but it is not a problem for we Christians do love being crucified as it were, the problem is that they then set out to isolate us and make out we are crazy as well because we have no friends and think with ourselves and this is where they had hit the limits on the credit card so to speak. It is the reasons they attack me until idiots turn up to force me to join a gang to protect myself and I make references to their Nazi and racist history all the time, the reasons they isolate me and I isolate them too. The thing I like the most about it being of course that I can isolate them from the Politicians but the racists always get their own Politics.

All their time and all their plans are spent on a process of barging into peoples lives and doing things in it which results in a condition where they over power them, so they have worked it all out already have connections with the worst of the worst of the underbelly of black culture and it altogether wastes so much and does nothing and there is no sense of respect for peoples property either. If they want to calibrate how angry I am, then it is as simple as the fact my life has been completely wrecked because somebody’s daughter wants to feel like everybody lives in a housing estate and she is the one that comes from a posh family and somebody will fall for it of a certainty. It is not a joke anymore and if they think it is, it is not funny at all. Yes I should not be fighting politicians and I say yes to it because I hear it way too often but didn’t the Politicians know that tax payers money is not their private funds? Didn’t politicians know that they are sociopaths and that sociopaths do nothing with their time but ensure that they are in some kind of relations with other people in which they were the dominant factor; what about when Politicians make threats at me and give them tax payers money to keep up with my earnings with?

I made contact with racists when they are white they claim is the reason they got so annoyed with a big mouth. Whereas was really happened was a confiscating of my work and then telling me to fight racism or I will never get it back and the longer I dabble on it the more the chances whether or not I fight racism I will never get it back as if I am their fucking mate. I mean what am I meant to have been fighting racism with homelessness and hunger? I don’t mind in any case I am very happy with sacrificing the Politicians for it, so when I say the reason I like the racists is that they always make their own Politics they can understand me clearly as well.

Of course they claim I would never live up to it which I have no idea what it means anyway. I am not trying to live up to anything I am trying to create the maximum amount of damage that I can do with it because people will not leave alone my income, otherwise I would never have mentioned it at all. The purpose of mentioning it is that people feel if millions died in the second world war we can get used to it and do it again and that is why I am being ethnically cleansed by Politicians while they tell me I cannot live up to my own threats. I am not homosexual, I have no business putting up with suffering which has to do with confusions about my sexuality and all I am doing with it is making sure that I am doing something about it and maybe selling some of the system and means by which I do, while I am able to do my academic work on the other hand and I deserve that.

I am not of the opinion that anything I say will be taken seriously by anybody and so they need to go fuck somewhere else. Not get around daily on my property with that stupid game of whenever I work for anything the income is gone as they control what people think and tell people I have already had my share and the rest is for everybody else feeling really big about the powers of the evil side of their societies and cultures. at the end they always say the reasons for it is that I excluded them from something in life they wanted to be part of and it is the reason I must always punish people for these things. For I can remember the last time I said something about the gospel and they became the superior men, I remember the last time it got to their hearts and made them think and they decided to gather it as I think about it, in order to change how people respond to it on media in order to maintain their superior men thing, it is the very reason people have access to my career and earnings like they do in order to lumber themselves with the why not question and me with the questions I can never answer for people to buy my books.

Of course because they have no compunction every stupid little bitch that always gets what she wants will latch onto it because she wants to have sex with me and it become a case where any attention is good attention and the only way to get me interested is wreck my book sales and do PR for herself on TV, from here it becomes a strange power fascist issue because she must get whatever she wants and I will die before I end up with another woman with a big mouth. They all have these their ideas about being women who have certain men do things which are beautiful and entertaining in a big way while business is going on in the country and the world and so they compare themselves to me and force me into a condition that they will be able to and that is why I will always need to see them at too as it were. I believe I had already made it clear where I stand when it comes to the fact they have no conscience and should watch what I will do with my mine since I have it. I have made myself clear about presuming to discipline me which has nothing to do with business but their cult of personality and the idea I said something which interferes with the way people know them and considering the above mentioned facts is clearly provocative enough too.

I have run out of ideas on how to tell them it is impossible to claim as their creation the literary archives of some Christian that was written within a period of 8 years before he started off his writing career but it will not work and I intend to cause pain and suffering as well so I am going after the beauty pageantry and the cosmetics and the shopping channels, they can start being Christians and writing books on that Christians write when they deal with issues keeping them from their work and share it with those who like them to earn a living and I can start being the insolent overlord of celebrity culture.

Where I fit into American things is a process where my work and office shows people other ways in which the law can be applied, of course there are thieves and idiots within the legal career in the US who have already told people I am their property and are trying to live up to it but I hardly figure how they will compete with the government over there, worse still bearing in mind their celebrity culture is making enemies with me on a daily basis as a result of such things. If I did say such things however, I would rob myself of the fun of being able to completely destroy peoples celebrity culture whenever I want and we do not get around saying things here which robs us of chances of doing things which are completely uncalled for because they doing them does not affect what we want and whether or not we get it.

Of course there is enough warning to go round over those things people do when they want to claim I am doing things they already grew out of because I never had the chance to see the world bearing in mind I come from a bad or poor background. All I can say to it is that I am a Christian not homosexual but I am already certain this will not be enough. It had not been for the last 11 years and everything they do with respect to it hurts me and they have not even shown signs of getting off my fame and my market place while they destroy entire economies through access they have because somebody unworthy said something which affected what they are stupid and famous for. Naturally the purpose of their racist bullying has now shifted to the fact they want to conclude what they have done with claims they want their lives back which I have disrupted. We cannot measure in numbers the number of times I have told them over the years to get off my fame because I have government work to do or the number times they have to be intimated to the fact I am a Monarchs High diplomat trying to get my work done. Now they want their lives back and I don’t want mine back as well, it never stops with them and always continues to escalate and get worse and worse and worse with that stupid celebrity culture, just like it was their idea to set about interrupting my work and telling me what to do until I have to listen to them for information which will also have the effect to detaching me from God, bearing in mind I am expected to work with my own expertise while they have to be told what to do on a job which then means they have become privileged since they cannot understand my suffering, the idiots now no longer want to carry on with the process where I wait for somebody to say something first before I do or say anything, they want their lives back. More so of which their cults of personality has now gained its self improvement but they want their lives back; all those things they do when they are not royal princes and have no right to do them, all those things they do when they are not royal princes who are also authors and have no right to do them, they now want their lives back. So this is my own overview of the way those things I do which interferes with the fame of what they are famous for knowing and having will go.

 So I am not saying that all those public media insults about how I know things about phone hacking but say nothing because it is how we royal are and there needs to be change is yielding results too; as I must now mention I am aware my privacy gets attacked daily. It started from the process of turning out to be the best man whenever somebody says a thing about the gospel and then progressed to the realisation that what I say about the gospel cannot be ignored and therefore how people respond to it must be controlled, which led to the privacy breaches to have access to and control how people react to it as I think about it long before I say or even write it and now it has ended up in a condition where they are better off earning my income rather than working for theirs and it is of course the Politicians that gave hem tax payers money to keep up with that income with, so they know all about the privacy breaches as well. I am not too bothered about it too when I say it, the reason I do is because they are not as clever as I am and therefore cannot mention the facts too. I am already very well settled on what I need to do to make sure people clamour for blood then sacrifice Politicians and media and Unions to get rich, bearing in mind absolutely no one is likely to get offended when Celebrities see these things and offer themselves to it because somebody else is suffering then complain about their privacy problems later on.Bearing in mind we have not even begun yet, telling them to bring that their stuff and keep it where it has always been where we have always had it.