The problem with the Celebrities are apparently that I claim to have Diplomatic Authority while what happens with my Diplomacy Authority is that I look after a Coven system which allows me to work from a Bed Chamber from which I tell the secretes that their big Government stupidities are hiding, so that they may be able to invent ways of blowing up the world while the rest of us are still sharing it with them and then people will build theatre and entertainment around it, such that the whole thing will culminate somewhere at the pinnacle when the various participants take part as the Royal Variety show is being held. Personally however, their need to solve my Public image problems for me and have their society goons with an imagination that goes up my anus all day as equally as their Media goons tackle my Book sales, generally means that I am about to take hold of their own and deploy it to solve some Public problems until I had wrecked it.

Eventually the tale of a lack of respect for women on my part sits in the middle of it but I really have no idea why people think I am vulnerable to the business of men who are set to protect their stupidities while they set out to decide I had to do some difficult work like a man and leave behind easy ways of making money for them to get by with anyway – wrecking my academic work to pass their own and get off on Media playing these games all the time could only have been possible because they were fucking around and if I do not want their jobs, livelihoods and industry to matter to me as well I can get fucking around too but in their case there is everything for me to play for because there is so much pornography around and it is there to trap moral people even when they know those who do well with it are people from financially well off upbringings who also have some sort of bad behaviour to deal with – I am not vulnerable to this nonsense in anyway. I would like people to spend less of their time getting involved with my concerns to make conversation about respect for women; it is an old story about how they gather themselves and form groups of people who build me a Public image that is about how I am a child and do not know that anal sex hurts men more than it does women but think I am so clever I am going to rule over my mothers who need my finances and livelihood for their own purposes and I am sure they realise that when they build me a public image that id to do with problems I have to deal with because I have not been having sexual experience I can only save one of the two, between the sexual experiences existence and the career alongside the living on the other, so if they are already complaining about the fact I cannot stand partying and booging in the underbelly of new York that spreads around Europe and settles in Japan and then back again, alongside the fact this is not the 1980s and 1990s, it should have been obvious when I speak about it I am not trying to educate them in anyway if they were very well aware of what they are doing and the prognosis of doing it is that I am being bullied like they have also claimed – I would fancy they heed my warnings, kept themselves away from my Books and stopped following me around. It has come to the point of having freedom from their stupidities so that when I organise my life and open it up to other human beings, such persons would be my wife and children and not a collection of idiots whom when done stir up the extremism alongside their slimy corruptibility goons passing around insults concerning privilege for women and lobotomy for moral young people all over the place like they can do and undo with their mates until somebody builds a public image over their stupidities and the resulting career is one where they are to head off to hell all together, as we all know only the extremists get enough respect from them to have them lay off and spend time talking about bad political movements instead; it has come to a point where every Public condition that builds up to the business of church people on one hand and the bachelor alongside that woman that will not let him be on the other has been completely destroyed and I wrote a Book they liked but attacked and destroyed because they wanted to be Celebrities that I was serving personally with my Books, hence now complaining more than everybody else about the results of tackling me with busy body opportunism when I defend myself from bullying that makes me smell in order to make themselves important because they do not like to bullying that makes them smell all together – so the bloody idiots have now reached a stage where it has gotten serious obviously. Usually for the most part however, they always say I am not vulnerable to it but I complain about it all the time which is utter nonsense, I hardly see what I have said here as a complain but with respect to the question itself; the main problem is what Politicians do with their stupidities and that was the concern of the Head of State not mine – however each time they forget I am an Arch Prince, I will build them an environment and set about finding out what exactly their problem seems to be as well; so as I have said before, when it comes to the sex issues for instance, they do have their type and this sets the template for the fact that I do not at this point think that their need to feel safe is an important thing either; the women need to talk about the respect that men are giving to women, with respect to the ones they are hoping to get from their own mates, as we can see that if I paid them to run off Publicity for me that is about problems I encounter because I am not having sexual experiences, I am not so certain that it would have been an agreeable career choice for their stupidities anyway. They do claim it is about putting me into the shoes that women have to fit into and its utter nonsense; they want to own my income, public image and family life because they are so stupid they can neither make their own money through deviance due to laziness all together – it’s about the fact they have breasts and vaginas meaning that my leadership makes me a great servant and time and again we have seen them fail to fare well in conditions where leaders minds have been turned towards teaching them lessons and making them solve their problems by themselves like mine has.

It’s really all about the sense of rudeness that exists because of diversity in the City Centres while people are not necessarily experts in the Local culture; so if they do not disturb me while I am writing books and their Celebrities are not making a mess of my Book sales earnings to get me working for them personally after years of insults by a stupid Media due to the cash flow difficulties they have caused, as stupidly as possible or disturb my movements and person for stepping outside of this Hermitage into the world of cynical busy body opportunism stupidities that they have built, I do not think there is probability of their insanity getting bothered as well anyway, it did get serious. For their part they have always maintained I may talk but these women know I am afraid of them but the reality has always been a matter of the sugar babies darting and shooting their insults all over the place because of bad men they can rely on and its purpose is to churn my tummy and ensure I do not smell okay – the problem really being that the Heir to the Throne has rather consistently for years continued to claim that their actions adds up the business of Crowds falling in love with Royalty while their cynicisms will not be employed at the Palaces all together, hence wondering which Royalty they are loving especially with an imagination that goes up my anus all the time after their insults make me vomit everyday and any time I have not had enough to eat, means I am just full of hot air. I do get told they chase me for a reason and I am aware of what the reasons they chase me while they hate my guts at the same time is and it’s the fact I had developed equities that investors could trade into at this Hermitage and they had stifled the sales of the products and sat about building me publicity that meant people could have it by alternative processes of gaining access to me and therefore be able to get rich and have been doing it over the period of the last 6 years  so far – the part where I shut it down and am off to find finances that will help me invest my equities by myself has become the part where I am about to learn not to refuse them; so I have not really seen anything this stupid all my life, the part that they believe is getting me into trouble being that they could have spent their time on more important things if I were so unreliable and I think that they could have too for my part; needs keep off my Books and stop following me around as there is really nothing that they can do about me.